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One of the biggest demons dominating the church today is pride.

Pride is anti-revelation. 

Pride is anti-understanding. 

Pride is anti-Grace.

Pride is anti-anything that comes from heaven!


Because when something comes from Heaven, pride can’t get its stroke.

When we produce something from our own self, pride is fed. 

The roots of pride are this:

Man’s thinking, man’s ideas, man’s desires, man’s agenda, man’s strength! 

You have to kill the root if you want to kill the fruit. 

Though you can’t just rip out the root and leave the soul bare, now you have to fill it with the right roots. Now you have to let someone fill it with roots that are not from you.

You need to let someone else put roots in that you did not find, that you did not gather, seeds that you did not plant. When someone does something, we know deep down we cannot take credit for it because we know we did not do it.  

In the Kingdom, obedience is the only possible thing that could be accredited to us, and the only thing really that we will be rewarded for. Nothing inside of us is special except our willing heart to Him. To God, this is like most refined gold.

Obedience or Rebellion. This is the only thing that God leaves up to man. If there was no choice, the gospel would be a predestined Gospel. Even though God knows the end from the beginning, He has given us our free will from beginning to end. Anyone that tells you that there’s no freewill involved are people that want to protect their eternal security and still freely do what they will.

God is looking for a people that will obey Him and follow Him even when they don’t have to. Yes, there is a consequence to not following Him, but you still have a choice. And that choice is what will determine your pride.

Even Christians today decide to take the route of rebellion and they think they are following God. The flesh is rebellion against God, why? Because when you’re in the flesh, you’re looking at yourself. When you’re in the flesh, you’re producing from yourself. When you’re in the flesh, it’s all about you. 

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Galatians 2:8-9

For by GRACE ye are saved!!! By what? By GRACE!!! What grace???? He’s not talking about mercy!!!!!!! He’s talking about a work of His spirit! He’s talking about an empowering. That when we were yet sinners, Christ died and shed His blood so that we would believe, and that when we would believe, He would release His grace to save us from this wicked world. His GRACE to save us from our past! His GRACE that quickens us and made us born again! That filled us with His Holy Spirit!

You want to know where you can find the most prideful Christians??? Find a false convert! This is the most prideful. Who was the most prideful in the Bible? The Pharisees, the false converts of Jesus’ day. The Pharisees, the ones who acted like they were of God but were far from Him. The Pharisees, the ones who claimed to be saved but in their minds were saved by their works.

Not of grace, their works. And their works are what made them proud. You see, we need works, but the works that we need are the works of the Holy Spirit In us!!!

And when the Spirit is working in someone, then you know that person is praying. Then you know that person is obedient. Then you know that person is willing and pleasing to God. 

And their life is lived by God’s Grace everyday, not by works lest they would boast but by God’s EMPOWERING Grace. This is the grace that saves, that empowers us to become the son of God. If the church would covet this grace more than greasy grace, everyone would be on fire. 

People say, “Oh, by grace I have been saved, so don’t tell me to repent.” Well then, if you can’t repent then you clearly are not saved! What is He saving you from? The world! People think God just saves us from hellfire, and we automatically go to Heaven. Though the things of the world are what led to hellfire. So He’s saving you from the things of this world and when He saves you from that, He saves you from the punishment for the things and spirits of this world. 

Though when you go back into the world, after being saved from it...? What are you saved from now??? The Bible says as a dogs goes back to its vomit! 

It’s not a grace that is labeled mercy that says everything you do in the future is automatically forgiven without even requiring repentance. It’s a grace that says I forgive you, and not only do I forgive you, but I’m going to empower you to no longer let your past become your future. 

It’s not you that can stop doing what you’re doing, it’s Him. Yes you have a part, and that part is submission in spirit and in truth. Though the rest, the actual work that needs to be done, is the power of the Holy Spirit. All you’re doing is saying yes! And if there’s no power of the Holy Spirit , it’s a work of your OWN. And when it’s a work of your OWN, it’s a root of pride.

There’s only one thing that can kill pride in our life, and that’s the power of God. Revelation FROM GOD. Knowledge FROM GOD. Wisdom and understanding FROM GOD!!!! And this not of yourself, but of the grace of which no man should boast. 

Why one day are you walking in humility and another day walking in pride? Because one day you were submitting to Him and another you were submitting to yourself. 

Humility is when we realize that we only have human ability, and that God has all the ability that we need. Pride comes from your own ability. 

So when God comes in and shows what He’s capable of doing, there’s no reason to boast anymore. Because now, someone else has done it! And deep down we know that we didn’t!! Therefore, there’s no pride that can come up and now we can naturally walk in humility.

Now your flesh has nothing to be prideful about. Now what comes out of you actually humbles you. Because your flesh no longer has anything to boast about because it was not of you.

When it’s from you, boast and have your rewards. Though when it’s from Him, your reward is knowing that He is yours and you are His. 

Grace is our pride killer. Grace is what is going to rid us of ourselves. Grace that we would no longer be able to boast because it was the work of God. We should be walking in Galatians 2:8-9 everyday. Not just quote it when we talk about the day that we got saved. 

Some things you can look at in your life and boast about and some things you know you can’t. Though just know and remember that things you can’t boast are the things that were from God.

Grace is how you will be able to run this race. And Grace is how you will be able to see His face. And when your looking straight at Jesus, you’re no longer looking at yourself. And when I’m no longer looking at myself. There’s now reason to glory, because the glory is standing right before me. 

By Joe Pinto



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