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Anyone who claims to love is a liar, only one is Love, and that’s God Himself.

It’s time for God to blast another level of pride today. Religious demons carry the highest level of pride there is. Why? Because they think they know it all, they know Him, but yet they are far from Him and everything they produce is from themselves.

Most religious people are all about character and image. There’s nothing wrong with good character and image, but these types portray Christ but it’s actually the anti-Christ spirit. They think they are so loving and so kind, yet it’s all carnal.

It’s funny how focused religious people are on their character because their character is actually the worst thing about them. The character that God is looking at is the way the heart is held. The way we carry ourselves within. Our attitude, our intentions, our desires, and so on. The problem with religion is that they portray the fruits of the spirit, but it’s so fake.

God works from the inside out. There’s no way we can change ourselves on the outside without the Grace of God. When we focus too much on character, we actually cover up everything that’s hidden and focus on what’s shown. Meanwhile, the things that are hidden are the things that actually produce what’s shown.

Religion always tries to take the easy way out and curve around God. Instead of tilling the heart, they act on the outside as if their heart is tilled. Beware of those that when they minister or come around others, they always shift. All of a sudden, they are acting more proper and upright. If they are not like that in secret, then what they are in public is fake. 

We need the Grace of God to change us. If someone is so adamant and focused on how loving they are, then you know they are far from Him. Sons don’t focus on themselves; they are focused on Him. You cannot fix the flesh through the power of your flesh. God is love. The definition of God is not love, though the definition of love is GOD. You want to know true love, well, it’s God. All love flows from Him. And how He operates and what He does is all the ultimate form of love. Everything about Him is what love looks like. Even His anger is love. He by Himself IS love.

So don’t tell me that you’re walking in love if you’re not obeying and submitted to God!!! If God is love, and you’re not in fellowship with Him, you’re a liar! The Bible calls it the fruits of the Spirit! So how can you tell me you walk in love if you’re not walking in the Spirit? The root is the Spirit and the fruit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.

You claim to walk in any of these but without the Spirit? .... Well then, your fruit is definitely artificial. Many cannot even tell the difference between real and fake because most aren’t even walking in the Spirit themselves! You cannot even walk in the gifts without the Holy Spirit! And if you are, then I know that your gift is contaminated!

Why do we always try to do it on our own? We focus so much on the good things that we actually miss the one who is good!

“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.” 1 John 5:3

That’s the definition! Do you obey Him or not? Cause if you don’t, The Word of God says you do not walk in love!

Give up the false person on the outside! Stop focusing on the outside and focus on Him! Even focusing on trying to fix ourselves is already driving us from God. I don’t care how many mistakes you make, if you never focus on Him, you will continue falling. We become what we behold, and if we continue to behold ourselves, we will stay the same.

Don’t let that guy or girl that you see every day that has the fake smile on trip you up! If you’re focusing on them, you’re idolizing them. Then a human being has now become your standard instead of Christ.

We need to behold Him. We need to focus on Him. And as we do our whole body will be full of light. Our insides and outsides will look like Christ. The funny thing is Christ was rejected, so when you start walking in the REAL character of Christ expect the religious people to push you away even more. You’re either going please man or please God. And to please God is to be hated by man. Man seeks man, but the Kingdom seeks God.

Religion is looking for the next happy-go-lucky polished piece of meat, but God is looking for that heart of gold. There’s ONLY ONE that is love, and that is God. When I walk with Him, I’m walking in love. There’s only one that is good and that is God. No man is any of those things apart from God. When we walk in those things, it shows that we are from God!

By Joe Pinto


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