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“I have meat to eat that you know not” …Verily, verily, verily, the Spirit is saying that “MY MEAT IS TO DO THE WILL OF HIM THAT SENT ME AND TO FINISH HIS WORK!” We should be saying the same thing. This is the Word for the hour: to do the will of Him who sends us and sets us free.

He goes on and started telling us TO LIFT UP OUR EYES AND LOOK AT THE FIELD. The field is the World. The World is so ready to be harvested. Those who reap and sow will rejoice together! We are even reaping from someone’s labor, and we are sowing and someone else will reap. We all rejoice! The harvest time is now! Go to the highways and byways! Compel them, love them, and tell them: This is the hour.

Let’s eat His meat and not your meat. We all should desire the same meat: HIS MEAT! God tells us to do things on a personal level and also His commandments that He told everyone to do: HIS WILL! HIS MEAT! We all have personal meat and corporate meat to eat. Corporate meat is in all Jesus’ commissions and commands.

We need to be eating the same MEAT. That is our main goal to hear Him saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You ate My meat. You did MY will.” God has been speaking the same thing that He spoke way back then. We must listen.

Who then is a faithful and wise steward? Those who He finds DOING. DOING WHAT? The will of the Father. Verily, verily, He said to us that He will make these people rulers in His kingdom. There is such a joy in the will of God. We must get our meat in due season!

His will: the harvest! His meat: the harvest! In the natural, I like medium-rare steak. In the Spirit, I am looking for well-done meat. He has given us the oil. Look at the woman in 2 Kings chapter two. She was selling the oil to pay debtors because her husband died. When they ran out of the vessels, the oil stopped. I believe that this is significant for our meat and life. We keep doing the will of the Father. We keep finding and filling vessels. The oil (anointing) keeps flowing. When we start to live for ourselves and start to be carnal and worldly, the anointing ceases.

“Go and get as many vessels you can,” Elisha told them. But who are the vessels? People! He is talking about the harvest. Go to the highways and byways and bring them in. Fill them with the oil, with the Holy Spirit. When there are no more vessels, the oil stops. When we start thinking about ourselves and our desires more than Him, the flow of the Spirit stops. Then what happens when we get the Holy Spirit? Jesus tells us to buy our own oil, a continuing infilling. To buy means: to gain, to achieve, to attain, to get! 

Think about the parable of the 10 virgins – 5 wise, 5 foolish. The foolish did not continue in the anointing, in the continued flow. They have the lamp but no oil. “When the son of man returns, will He find you doing?” Doing what? His will – filling your lamp, your vessel.

Let’s have our meat in due season. What is His will for us NOW? I can’t give my oil to you. Anything that comes from above, you have to get from above. You must buy it for yourself. Invest in it. Invest your time. Invest your every thing. You cannot get oil from somebody else. You must get it for yourself! When you stop giving it out, you stop getting it in. The oil comes when we eat His meat.

He shall gather all nations and He will work on people that eat His meat to do so. When was Jesus Christ hungry, in prison, sick, or thirsty? When we did not eat His meat. This is the real Gospel. Pure religion is to do the will of the Father. The anointing is for all. Purity is love and holiness.

The last Words of Jesus were not “be rich” or “have your better life now” or “ live for yourself”. He said: “Go ye into the World. And He that believes in the Holy Spirit shall be saved.” Being baptized in the Holy Spirit changes your life forever. Fill the vessels with the oil of the Spirit. This is the real Gospel. Then the Spirit of Truth works in and for you!

These signs shall follow EVERYBODY, not only the apostles or big shot positions, but EVERYBODY that believes! In His name, we will do many exceptional things! Greater work! This is the will of the Father. Don’t let anybody take your believing and turn you into a powerless disciple. A powerless disciple is not a disciple of Christ at all. The religious ones have a way of putting out the fire and the desire for fuel. They focus on the feasts, the roots, or the signs of the time, but all are knowledge-based. When Jesus said these are the signs of who believe...casting out demons, healing the sick, etc., these are the signs we should be observing, seeing, and walking in.

Jesus gave His meat to Peter: “Forsake all, Peter!” Peter went back to the nets and Jesus did not let him catch anything. All night! There was no anointing in his fishing anymore because he was outside the will of the Father.

Jesus asked them: Have you any "meat"? He was asking Peter, “Are you doing the will of the Father?” Jesus asked them for MEAT and not fish. The answer was NO. Peter was not covered. Peter had no meat. Peter was totally out of the will of the Father. Jesus helped Him to go back to the will of the Father and told him to cast his nets again. Fish came in. Fire was lit. Come and dine, Jesus said. All of these things and they are prophetic signs to show us but we need to catch it by the Spirit. No dead theologian that speaks surface only knowledge with no prophetic edge can produce fire inside of you.

Peter do you love me, more than your will (your old life/ your way of living)? Why are you choosing your own destiny? Peter was supposed to preach the Gospel. Remember His last words: “Go and preach! Signs will follow you!” “Feed my sheep” with the meat of the Father! If we follow His path, He will be with us throughout the whole time! We have our personal meat to eat. We have our corporate meat to eat. But the meat is the same: the very will of God! Let my tears be the fuel for the fire. Let us decree as His oil increases in us: Make us a faithful bride.

“Father, we thank you that your meat is our meat: To do the will of the Father! Our prayer is that we will hear these words, ‘Go and be a faithful servant! You did all I told you to do.’ Father, remove everything, any iniquity. Wash me, not only my feet but my hands, head, my whole body. Father, grab me, shake me, and put me back on the narrow way. I want to be well-done, fully cooked in your fire. My meat is to do your will, not mine. Fill us with that oil today. Let the logs be lit on fire again. Fill us with Truth. More Truth. Fill us with more of you. Empty us all of ourselves. We are in this world but we are not of it. We are only visitors. Aliens. Ambassadors from the kingdom of heaven. Let us all make a commitment as a Body of Christ that OUR MEAT IS TO DO THE WILL OF THE ONE WHO SENT US AND TO FINISH HIS WORK! Let the harvest come in!” By Shane Roessiger

Word: John 4:34-41, Matthew 24:37-51, Luke 10:1-3, 2 Kings 4:1-6, Isaiah 58:6-12, Matthew 25:31-46, Mark 16: 13-20, John 21:1-25

Watch the full message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1g3NiGjEFk


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