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Anything that comes against the word of God is imagination. The devil will put imagination in your mind. Once you start thinking about it, you are in the enemy’s camp. God told me that imagination is an image of your own making. Filter it! The mind is the filter to the soul. This is where the battle is: in the mind. Imagination is the devil’s playground. We must cast down every imagination that comes from us or from the devil.

Read 2 Corinthians 10 and Philippians 4:3-9.

Let this mind of Christ be in you. The battlefield of Christianity is not carnal but it is spiritual. We must stand on the Word of God. We fight by being meek, humble, and virtuous. We fight by standing in righteousness. We fight it by not allowing the devil to get us to imagine his own things. Everything starts in the mind: thoughts, imagination, and lies. Once he gets them in your heart, he will get to your mouth. He always will try to get a bad thought about something or someone but our weapon is to cast them down really fast then arrest them and take them captive. What we allow as the truth will determine what we believe. What we entertain from the enemy will destroy us. We will have to cast down any offense that tries to get into our hearts and forgive 70x7. His biggest tool that the devil uses is offense. We fight by not taking offense and walking in love. This is the highest level of warfare.

Read Luke 6:44-46.

James talks about our tongue. Our tongue and our minds must be submitted to the Holy Spirit  ALL the time. Anyone that exalts himself or anything above the Word must be cast down! This is our temple. We must protect the gates. We must filter out all the lies from the devil and receive the truth about a situation.

Read James 3, James 1:25-26.

The devil is the father of all negativity working through pride. God says, “You are a royal priest,” and the devil will tell you that you are not. If you don’t cast down that imagination, you will be denying the Truth. The last thing the devil wants to get hold of is the tongue! Once you start telling others and yourself what he told you, then your tongue becomes a work of iniquity and is unruly and a fire starter for the other side. You will lie about faith, you lie about healing, and you lie about others. You become his puppets. Your mind was perverted and your tongue started directing you. It will rule the whole vessel according to James and then start defiling the Truth.

Satan starts getting hold of your mind first, then the heart, and then your mouth. What you think with your mind will go into your heart and then come out of your mouth. Once he gets your mouth, he gets your future. Because your future is in your mouth. We are to prophesy what God says, not the world, not the devil, not lies and not what we are thinking it might look like.

The old man has to die. Or the new man will never live.

Read 1 Corinthians 13.

Our biggest weapon is love and we must not take offense. That is the biggest bait of Satan that he uses to destroy our peace and our joy.

Love is patient and kind and takes no record of wrong, and it is not proud, and love suffers long. We say in our hearts and sometimes through our mouth these vows: “If this happens one more time…” or " I am never going to do this or talk to that one” and so on. When you start being provoked easily, you must do something really fast (repent). The devil always loses when we walk in the laid down love. We must guard our hearts by filtering first what is in our minds.

Have the full armor on. Read Ephesians 6.

This is how we fight, by standing in full submission to God and His Word. What He said and says is to cast down everything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God, and not let lies about you or God or others or the Word infiltrate through your mind – we cannot give Him our armor. When he gets in your mind, he makes you feel unrighteous, unsaved, and unworthy, then you give him your helmet and now hand over your breastplate. That takes two hands, so you drop your sword and then your shield. He takes the truth, strips you, and you sit naked and in guilt and shame and torment because you gave over to Him. We must not let Him in. We must not give him our armor. Cast down his lies.

Everything we do unto the Lord should be unseen, but if it is seen, it’s for the glory of God.

 Our warfare is to cast down imagination really fast. The Word of God says this and that.

That settles it! You know what happens. The devil comes and we say, “You are right,” and then we take off our breastplate and he gets to our heart. When prayer turns into whining, we know we are under his control. Many hide themselves under their own imagination. They isolate themselves. Forgiveness is the key to everything. The main filter is FORGIVENESS. You get offended, repent. You got hurt, forgive. How many times? Seventy times seven! In the spirit of meekness, not because you feel horrible. In meekness, not in anger. Follow the Word of God. You may feel stupid for doing that 70x7, but it is still the Word of God. If you don’t get the devil out of your life, you will be destroyed by him. When we want justice, it is a slippery slope. The other person that offended you doesn’t even know about it, and little things start piling up.

Jesus talks about offenses. He called the little child to Him and said if you don’t become like a little child you can’t get into His kingdom. Innocence. Purity. No evil heart. If you are offended at someone, you better repent really fast. God is the high power and the Word of God is our measure. Which one do you have directing your path: the devil or God? Let this mind be in you!

Go to your brother and seek restoration. If everyone does it immediately then this is how we fight. All in the Word – in love! This is the highest level of spiritual warfare, to filter your mind and guard your heart.

Read Matthew 18.

Woe by whom the offense is coming? Don’t keep that thing in your body! Cut it off. He forgave all of our debts. We must be forgiving all our debtors. God himself will let the devil have you if you don’t repent. God is expecting us to do everything He does and did to us to do to others. He called them wicked servants for not having compassion for their brothers. Do you want justice for your brother? God will bring justice on you. But God will always give grace to the humble.

Read Luke 17:1-5 and 1 Peter 5:5-9.

Take heed to yourself if any of your brothers offend you. You still need to forgive him even if he does not forgive you. Leviathan works with people’s seeds - in that stage of meditation.

Our weapons of warfare are not carnal. You can’t change your brother in the flesh. Cast down imagination all the time. This weapon is very mighty. Satan is the high thing that exalts himself above God with his lies and the twisting of the truth.

Gird our minds, O God. Let us think on things that are lovely. We want to see you and not what the devil wants to see or what we want to see. Mighty in pulling down every imagination! Sanctify my mind and my imagination that your glory will rest on us. Show us any imagination that is not of you, Father, and we take today our weapons and cast down imaginations and every high thing and thought and truth that exalts itself above your truth and thoughts. BY Shane W Roessiger




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