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Sons of Fire

By Joe Pinto

Jesus is the fire! Wherever the Spirit goes, so does the fire. The Spirit is The Fire! We need men and women that will follow that pillar of fire. We need a generation that will be so in tune that they become that fire that they follow, that they would become a pillar of fire. Jesus was a follower of the pillar. He followed that fire even if it took Him in the wilderness, the glory, the persecution, the Pharisees, or the church. Wherever that fire went, He went. Wherever the Father desired Him to be, He went. Whatever the Father wanted Him to say, He said.

Jesus told the Pharisees, “I don't do what I want but I do what He who sent me wants.” Christianity isn't about a bunch of people becoming better people. Christianity is about becoming a sent one. It's about literally being possessed by God and His plan, Jesus was a man possessed by God’s blueprint. All of His time, all of His thoughts were dedicated to being obedient to the mind and heart of the fire of God. His being was dedicated to the fire of God. He became the fire. He wasn't just the first Adam. He was the fire, the son of fire!

So engaged was He, so locked into the burning presence of God. Moses was scared of the fire, but Jesus became the fire. He became the bush. He became the material that God would use to burn and to confront the followers of Moses. And just like Moses, neither could the Pharisees and the religious people of that day handle the heat. How many today will be able to handle the heat? 

Religion is worthless because they talk a good game but they don’t want to even touch the fire. Beware of those who have a form of godliness but deny the power. Beware of those that are religious but lack the oil. And they lack the oil because they lack the sacrifice. Beware of the Moses that runs or questions when the fire of God comes down.

God is roaming the earth looking for fire carriers that would become bushes. That would become the material that the fire can rest on. That would not be consumed by the fire. That would not be burned by the fire but would be a manifestation of the fire. Daniel’s friends were in the fire but were never burned by it. The burning bush was on fire but never burned by it. Many get burned by the fire of God because they don’t embrace the fire. God put the fire on a bush first because the bush didn’t have its own will. Many get in the fire of God, but then they start to resist or have their own will, and it leaves a burn mark on their heart. When we embrace it, we become it. Daniel’s friends came out of that fire and had no scent of fire on them, but they were a flame of fire within. Elijah’s enemies were consumed by the fire because they tried to have their own gods around the fire of God. 

We need a generation that would become that fire and radiate the brightness of His light. That would confront the Moseses and the religious people of this day. That would confront the ungodliness and have a zeal for His people. Where are they? Where is the FIREBRAND!

Where is the generation of people who will take the name of that brand and leave an everlasting mark on the hearts of every soul on Earth, and even if people believe or not, this brand will shake them to their core. These people will swipe them with a dose of the throne room of God. The hardcore follower, not followers that just carry around beads, bibles, and tracks, but hardcore followers that literally give all their time, thoughts, intentions, and desires to God and say and do whatever He pleases! Set me ablaze for you! Consume my life with yourself. Consume my footsteps with your path! Let me be possessed by every thought that crosses your mind. Burn my will and thoughts of my own to ashes! Let every word I say proceed from out of your mouth. My heart can’t have a burn mark if my heart is a flame of fire. It’s only when the fire of God leaves that the burn marks exist. Blessed are those that get in the fire and never leave!!

Father, let me become a spoke on the wheel of God, that wherever your Spirit goes, that wherever those four living creatures go, that wherever the whirlwind of God would go, I WOULD GO!

Let me become like the founder of the firebrand, Jesus. Let the life that Jesus lived, that fiery heart He had inside Himself that burned to please God down to the core, live in me. That heart that He had that sought God in everything, that heart that searched out God NONSTOP, total nonstop zealousness for God. Jesus never got weary, in the sense that He never got tired of chasing God in a rageful, zealous way. Someone said to Jesus, “Lord, I will follow you!” And Jesus said, “The Son of Man has no place to rest His head.” This man was totally abandoned of His own life. Totally sold out to God's will. Committed to never doing what He himself may have wanted, but to what God wanted every second of His Life.

And for those that want to become the image of fire for this day requires the same. As He heard, He Judged; as He saw, He did; as He felt, He moved; as He was led, He went. Faithful until the end to the will of the Spirit. Seeing, hearing, and feeling what God was doing next and doing it with Him!

He was a man of fire, so on fire for the Father’s desire. Where are the ones that will bring back that inferno? Where is the firebrand? God….. Bring the manifestation of the sons of God. Bring the Sons of Fire...

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