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Many people waste their inheritance because they leave their father’s house. Some people are in a building but they have left the father’s house. I am speaking of someone in the church congregation that has lost their first love and was spending all of their inheritance on earthly treasures and pleasures.

This man in Luke 15 wanted his inheritance before his father died. Too many Christians are living wanting just like that son. He had a very wealthy father. Our Father is the richest one. It is said that He owns all the cattle in the field.

In this story, the focus is not on the son but on the love of the father. If you don’t see the Father’s love, you will live with the swine forever because the devil will make you stay in shame and in condemnation if you don’t really see the love of the Father. The Bible says that it is this love that brings us back to repentance. When this man thought that being a servant in his father’s house would be better than the condition he was living in, he came back to his senses (when he came to himself). He thought about the servants that had more than him. He was hungry, sorry, and being fed by a fleshly message, dying of starvation when he could be fed at the father’s house in the Spirit. Let’s think of feasting on eternal life (Christ).

This man was so broken, lost, and then he started rehearsing about what to say to his father. He began his journey back. When he was afar off, the father saw him and was ready to embrace him. The son was afraid of the father when all the father was looking for was repentance. The father was not concerned about what he did wrong. He was concerned that he was doing right as he was repenting and turning back in the direction he turned from.

The father did not beat him up. He kissed him. He celebrated that his son was lost but now he was found. What did the son do? He went back to that place that he left: the father’s house. Humbly, he was ready to restart. He did not care what status he would be, he just wanted to come home. He had a Godly sorrow, not an earthly one that brings death, but one that brings repentance.

The other son saw a party and got mad. He would not enjoy the party. The legalistic, self-righteous, those that look at your words and actions and not your heart, can’t ever enjoy the party thrown by the father when one repents. They are jealous. One was dead but became alive. When we rejoice with those that repent, when we see the good and don’t focus on what was done wrong, we prove we have the heart of God.

How many run out of the house of the Father? They are in the house of God on Sundays but run away during the week. How many of us do the same? How many have joy, peace, and righteousness one day and they waste their inheritance on their flesh? How about you just plain left your first love and so many other things became your lovers?

If you walk in the flesh, you will end up dirty. So many are wasting their heritage. How many are wasting the true riches of heaven? You have wisdom and revelation but waste it. You have left your first love. You have left the Father’s house. Repent and come home. The Father is waiting for you.

Believers need to be in the house of God and eat the tree of life! That tree of life is Jesus. Eat my flesh. Drink my blood. This way we will have life! We can’t live on yesterday’s bread. Give me today my daily bread. This must be our daily desire to have Him first. He will not settle for any other thing but you. He is a jealous God for you! The church must be filling their lamps with oil. That heavenly substance is God.

Even being in the house of the father, we must listen, obey, and submit to His guidance. If you can’t keep that conscious thought of how horrible it is to be living in disobedience, the pride of the religious, the pride of man, and the pride of life will keep us away from the Father’s house and will steal our inheritance (joy and peace) and our heavenly identity.

Our flesh is always going to fight against the Spirit. Did God really say that? Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted to prove Himself – to prove that He was who He thought He was. Jesus could not sin. He faced all the things we face today, but He never left the Father’s house. Hide yourself in the Father’s house. Hide yourself under His wings. We must repent every time we even think about leaving His house. We must come back to our senses before we are thrown in with the swine. Esau gave up his birthright. Though he was living in sorrow, he never repented and lost his inheritance with this earthly, fleshly (worldly) sorrow.

You can be crying all day and never repent. People go days and weeks away from the Father’s house. Repent and run back home, quickly (boldly). The Father was looking for the prodigal, just waiting for him to repent and to come back to his senses. If you draw near to God, He draws His heart to you. He will run to kiss your neck.

The Word really tells us how the Father is, but we don’t believe. He did not talk about all the waste of His inheritance. He just grabbed him and had a party. Clean your hands. Rend your heart. You must run back to Him. He will take you out of the pit. Condemnation will keep you away from His house. Don’t keep living in the pigpen. Get rid of your wants and you will get all you need. You will find in the Father’s house: HIMSELF! Is He not all we need?

Cut off anything that keeps you always from Him. Esau never got back to his senses. No repentance. No changing. No turning around. Godly sorrow and fleshly sorrow: Which one will take you back to His house? It is not believing in something but doing that something that you believe that counts. Many say they repent but never came back to their senses. Feeling bad about what we are doing or did is not enough. We have to turn back completely to Him.

People get sorry but continue in the same direction. Paul was talking to a church that was filled with the Holy Spirit but they lost Him. My job is not to make you sorry but to show you where you need to repent. Altars are filled with people who are not filled with godly sorrow.

God wants us back to His house. First step: REPENT! Stop feeling sorry. Come back to your senses! Ask Him to burn all things that are keeping you away from Him. Godly repentance will bring you right back. Godly sorrow works repentance to salvation. The sorrow of the flesh works death. Esau was sorry but found no place of repentance. This is why repentance must be preached!

Father, show us in our hearts and minds anything that displeases you, things that you have told us. When you are in the joy of the Lord, the flesh does not even attract you anymore. Let our testimonies be sure and strong throughout the whole week. The Holy Spirit is saying, “Come back to your senses.” There is rest in Jesus. There is rest in the Father’s house. Show our hearts right now, Father. Bring us back to our senses today!

Word: Luke 15:11-32, Revelation 2:1-7


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