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Master of Puppets

By Joe Pinto

The goal for Jezebel is that she wants you to worship her!

And you worship her by submitting to her ways and desires. And in the end her vision of how she wants her life to be would be fulfilled, and you’re just the puppet in her puppet show. A story that she created, a life that she envisioned for herself. When the creation is creating and not receiving from the creator, there is a big sign of jezebel.

We see this spirit working in all facets of life. The Jezebel spirit is all over. She's on every mountain, working to take everything over for Satan's agenda. She's the devil’s little workhorse. She is a puppet of Satan the master, seeking to fulfill his agenda to bring more characters to the show. And she will use her seduction, use her flattering, and use her body to seduce you and abuse you. She abuses you by using you, and she's using you so you can join the puppet show of her life. 

Jezebel is everywhere: The media has become a puppet show, the government has become a puppet show, the entertainment and arts have become puppet shows. Think about any of those areas in the world. Someone is always being controlled and manipulated by somebody. Someone is always being used to complete someone else's dreams, imaginations or lusts. Someone is always just a character in someone else's story.

There is always supposed to be someone in control, but if that control is not righteous then Jezebel will be in it. What is righteous control? Well, God is righteous and all righteousness and purity flows from Him. So when He is in control over an area of life, it is freedom because no darkness runs amuck. The ultimate goal for Jezebel is to make Lucifer God over everything. It is to fulfill her master’s agenda and give him the life and world that he wants, and for all to serve darkness, which he is the god of. It all trickles back to him. 

This one controls that one, that one controls this one, and Jezebel controls them all, and she is controlled by him Lucifer. When you’re controlled by Jezebel, you’re fulfilling the life and world that Satan wants, and eventually, he has your life in his hands. Then you start carrying out his work and making people puppets in your life because you’re now connected to the master of puppets. Your either going to be under control of one or the other. There is no middle ground. God's agenda is to give you eternal life with Him and Satan's agenda is to get you to burn with him in the lake of fire forever. With that being said, in the world or the flesh is prone to carry some sort of Jezebel spirit. Open your eyes or else they will take authority over your life, and the darkness in their lives will start to become the master of your life.

The fight for control comes down to what we just stated. Eternal life with Him or eternal death with Satan. This is why control is so important. “Well, Jezebel is in my life but it's no big deal.” It is a big deal, because besides the control, it wants to take you under through someone's selfish desires. The end game of that spirit is to suck the life of God out of you. 

Just ask Adam when he listened to the Jezebel spirit in his wife. After that he was separated from God. And then instead of walking out the Will of God for your life, you walk out the will of your spouse, friend, parent, boss, or whoever it is in your life that is controlling and manipulating you.

For the average person, the most important area to watch for would be the Church and the Family. Every believer is a part of the Church of Jesus and the majority has a family. This may even apply in regular relationships like friendships. It's all about Satan making you, your family, and friends puppets to darkness. And if its one person that is jezebelling everyone else, if that spirit is not defeated in that person, it will make all the family and friends subjected to life that the one person wants to live. And the role you play is however that person desires you to be.

Jesus is to be the head of the Church and He has an order and vision. And through man's selfish desires and agendas, Jezebel creeps in and starts invading the church. This is why Jesus is looking for a bride without spot or blemish. Or else the spots and blemishes will spread and ruin the plan of God.

I had a dream and in the dream I was in an underground subway in New York City, and I was writing on one of the blank billboards down there and it read, “Jezebel is empowered in the church through false doctrines and false teachings.” The subway represented traveling or forward movement and NYC represented Babylon, or in other words, the world, Satan’s land. And Satan is trying to make the church like the world, and false doctrine is how he gets his agenda and ultimate goal in forward movement to takeover the church.

The devil can't just come in and attack the church like he seduces the people that are of the world. People in the church usually know better when it comes to obvious lures of temptation and deception. And that's why he uses the word of God instead to attack us into his seduction and plan. Satan comes as an angel of light. He will use the nicest and sweetest little Christians you know and love. And he will trick you. 

Their selfish desires have become a breach in the church and the body of Christ, and now deception is looking to takeover the rest of the body. We must close up the breaches. The enemy has so many breaches in our lives because he slipped in through one area that you couldn't crucify. Now the rest of the body has to have their eyes open because someone opened the door to the flesh in their heart. And this is how Satan gains a voice in the church. That is how he creates false doctrine in teachings, mixing man's desires and lusts with the word of God.

This is how the master of puppets gains control of all the systems. This is how he takes control of your family and most importantly the church. Don’t be a slave to the bondwoman and her son anymore. Let them walk back into the wilderness. Run away from the puppet show! Don't take part in its seductions. It promises you pay, it promises you greener grass, but the grass is never greener without God. And if it is, it’s artificial. Satan is using his favorite controlling spirit of Jezebel to take it all over in the endgame, but you are the answer for the nations. Now feed Jezebel to the dogs and disarm the master of puppets.

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