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Unmasking Jezebel is an ongoing thing since she is the daughter of Baal. He has a thousand faces so she seduces you by your flesh. She is always trying to sneak in to destroy the Prophet and the anointing.

Everyone with a Jezebel spirit will say that you are controlling her when she will not submit. She will say things that make you question that you are hearing God because Jezebel does not repent. When you tell her what God is saying, actually it is her that is trying to control you by making you look like you are not supposed to confront her or tolerate her, then she will present to you always a better way. Anything anti-the Word of God, anti-the way of God, is being led by Jezebel. If you listen to her, you are eating from her and will get spiritually sick and also can get sick in the natural. When I say she or her, I’m not saying men do not have this or cannot be used by her. I’m just referring to a spirit. You must listen to the full message on you-tube to get the anointing. Many are being set free by the anointing.

The Spirit of Elijah will always confront the spirit of Jezebel. Jezebel hated Elijah and went after him because he would stand for God and could not be bought or seduced. Jezebel is the queen of the doctrine of self. She is all over the mainstream church. She has found leaders who have the spirit of Ahab: self-seeking, self-centered leaders who are man pleasers and rather have popularity and charisma more than the anointing. She is also in all congregations with true prophets and apostles of God, trying to infiltrate relentlessly to shut down the voice from heaven.

We all have been raised up to die, giving up to what we do, to what we eat, to where we go, just to follow Him. Jezebel has a fire, but it is a strange fire. It has a desire to have its own ministry, its way, its own kingdom She loves to do her own thing right next to God’s thing. She refuses to submit to God or His authority, but she wants everyone to submit to her and all her ideas.

Jezebel eats things sacrificed to herself. She eats things that feed her flesh. It is all about what feeds her belly. She calls herself a prophetess. She has been teaching and prophesying to the children of God for years, always cherry-picking goodies out of the bible. They have been eating and following her prophecies. Until now. Her seduction has been exposed. She is the spirit of the world, the spirit of the age.

We all want revival but the Word of God talks about a falling away before Satan comes as the anti-Christ in the flesh according to Word of God. He is here in spirit since the beginning. This has been done by Jezebel. But the Word says, “Flee from Babylon.” Jezebel wants to make you a hypocrite so you won’t be able to preach the Gospel. She is Queen of Compromise. She takes your boldness, and then she takes your life. She uses emotional witchcraft for her own agenda. She draws people to her, not God. A lot of men out there have been prophesying for Jezebel: self-prophecy, self-motivation, self, self, self. Everything is about them! God will show you what you are going to go through for following Him. She tells the opposite. She is an ear tickler.

Satan’s greatest tricks are to make people believe that he does not exist. They say, “Let’s just talk about Jesus, love, grace.” In this, many are being deceived. Our focus is always Jesus, but we cannot ignore what God doesn’t ignore. This produces a false Christ and false doctrine.

What is Jezebel: self-gratifying, self-fulfilling, self-exaltation, self-glory, self-sufficient, self-led, self-minded, self-help, self-motivating, self-willed. Just plain selfish. She talks all about her problems, her life, her ministry and makes you feel inadequate, so beneath her. The minute you want to share, she changes the subject back to her. She has built nothing but a posse of eunuchs of hers that she flatters and builds up. She is a rebel because she won’t submit to the real fire of God and process. So, she is not healed and then runs and finds more wounded people to create her own network far out from the government of God. She teaches herself as she gleans from so many tables. This is referring to Christians with the Jezebel spirit.

How do you walk in the Spirit and not tolerate the spirit of Jezebel? How can you be meek and kind and walk in the fruits without tolerating Jezebel? The Spirit will show you the way. This is where it gets hard. This is the hardest thing because the minute you put your foot down, you are controlling, you are not walking in love. She makes boldness a bad thing. So, to obey Jesus in Revelation chapter 2, you cannot let that spirit tempt you. Jesus says shut it down. So, what happens is that carnal minded Christians all around and others make you look like the bad one as she plots her way then finds a negative agreement and adds to her network.

Those with personal agendas will not stand in the days of evil. It is a delusion. Jezebel gets in the church, and she wants what she wants. Ahab wanted what he wanted out of lust, and out of all the women he could have picked in all Israel, he had to go to the world and get the daughter of idolatry. He picked the most demonic one: Jezebel. People get their Facebook platform and start feeding people, teaching people, prophesying over people. Their own group, their own ministry, their own calling. God is not funding that nor anointing it so they are always in struggle mode. He is funding the Truth, the Gospel. They will say, “I am anointed, too,” but they have been sealed by the strange fire, not the fire of God. When you have strange fire, you have strange voices.

Jezebel is also raising people up to fulfill their dreams, their passions, their obsessions so that we have an abundance of Christian music but very little music that takes you to the throne room. She does not want you to die to self but to be great and to be filthy rich. But she wants you to live for her and the world. That’s why we have 7 mountain doctrines of devils and dove awards. That’s why we lack power that the Gospel promises us to have. So, we have motivational speakers instead of Gospel preachers because she talks about Jesus not for Jesus. She denies Him by not picking up the cross. God will always encourage us to pick up our cross every single day. Jezebel can’t submit to the Holy Spirit. Those rebellious like her will only submit to her. People start selling their CDs, theirs books, and then their souls to Jezebel. People are selling themselves out because they still want to be a friend of the World. Ask Beyonce or any other one that were once found and got lost to Jezebel. It was Jezebel that caught them.

These have been sitting at her table and eating from her delicacies, selling out for riches and fame. They keep chasing their own self, coveting after ministry.

God has a hundred of prophets that have not followed her way. Elijah will tell you what God wants you to hear. Elijah cannot be bought. They may be tempted, but God will give them a grace until they are fully purified.

The church is eating from Jezebel’s table, listening to Jezebel’s prophets, following Jezebel’s teachers. God is not a god of our flesh. The god of our flesh is Jezebel. The daughter of Baal is so pretty and attractive and seductive, but she will kill you! Jezebel cannot be tolerated.

When you are on a sick bed, there is no prayer, no fasting, no strength. You only want to do what you want to do so you become lukewarm and apathetic and a compromiser.

Jezebel acts like she is not solo, but she is. That is why she is always trying to recruit friends to turn them into eunuchs. Her business is to draw as many as she can to self. Jezebel stirs up the flesh, your desires. She tries to resurrect what God wants dead in your life, giving you affirmation all the time. So even when God is saying, “Repent,” she talks you out of it.

Jezebel never repents. There is no submission at all. When you are under her control, you may be on fire, but it’s strange fire. Jezebel uses people that are strong in the flesh but weak in the Spirit. She wants to marry the anointed ones and kill them and deceive them. That’s why she is so attracted to anointing because like a spider, she sucks it dry as you are in her web. Jezebel will make others feel that she is being controlled, but that is her way to manipulate the one that has the power to kill her.

Jezebel’s will is destruction, so she will be in charge and in control. We are not called to counsel the devil but cast them out. The devil is unteachable. There is no latter time than now until tomorrow. This is the darkest time. Jezebel hates this kind of preaching. She always comes after and tries to come against. She always questions the truth and brings confusion to her eunuchs. She is always right in her own mind, and the man or woman of God is usually off.

We are in perilous times. Many are lovers of themselves. They bow to Jezebel and become best friends. We need the Holy Spirit to discern the Word. Jezebel creates the gospel of self.

She is a truth-breaker. They fight the Truth spoken by the prophets. Her companion is lovers of pleasures: using any anointing for their own selves.

Satan has so many demons on assignment. He is coming after you if you love the TRUTH. We need to get this! “We need to send these people out,” they say. Sending them out with what? With the Gospel of Jezebel? We are preparing people to stand in that evil day. Preach the Cross!

Jezebel killed hundreds of prophets, and she is still killing them today. If you get under her power, you will be never be able to fulfill the calling of God. She will introduce to you the prosperity gospel, the evangelistic gospel of say a prayer and you are saved, see you in heaven, never get converted, etc. Why does she not introduce to you just the Gospel with repentance? Because the Gospel tells you to deny what Jezebel wants you to keep: yourself and the flesh ruling your life! Slowly, Jezebel starts choking out the seed of the pure Gospel, and the cares of this life choke out the TRUTH.

Once you knew which gospel you were preaching, now you don’t know anymore. Because Jezebel made you confused. And suddenly you started being seduced by her, and your light goes out. You get a strange light.

Jezebel always wants to be the center of attention or make you the center of attention, using flattery. She will flatter you, trying to stir the pride in you when God wants it dead. She tries to get inside information, and she will use it against you. Interest of subjects! This is what she does. Always stealing your anointing. Chopping your head off, Christ’s prophetic unction.

Samson gave his will to her, his hair to her, his secrets to her, and at the end, she took his anointing and all his strength. She was also a daughter of the philistines the world. So, he lost his power and became a slave to the world! Look at John the Baptist. He as well lost his head to Jezebel. She seduced King Herod to have her way. He had to keep face because of the people. Jezebel entrapped him by seducing him by the flesh and lust to do what did not want to.

Some people don’t even see when they are being Jezebel. They keep recording someone’s wrong doing so she can use it against someone. She has inner motives. She finds no place of repentance, never asks for forgiveness. Because to forgive, you need to kill yourself. You need to admit you’re wrong, but she is never wrong because of pride.

Here are characteristics of Jezebel:

· Jezebel does not repent. She hates to submit and repent to the Holy Spirit. When we submit to Jezebel, she makes you sick spiritually and in the flesh!

· Jezebel runs with false accusations!

· Jezebel always has a better way of doing it.

· Jezebel uses men and women strong in the flesh but weak in the Spirit!

· Jezebel cannot submit so she will make others feel that she is being controlled, but she is the one controlling with that “poor me” manipulation. She uses emotions to entrap you.

· Jezebel always wants to be above, wants to dominate in any relationship. Jezebel refuses to submit to authority. She hates authority and headship! Look at Ahab. She used witchcraft to take him down!

· Jezebels are very, very intelligent and will store up information for years before using it against their victims.

· Jezebel only looks out for its own selfish ambitions.

· Jezebel is a helper today just to gain the upper hand tomorrow.

· Jezebel killed hundreds of God’s prophets. She is still killing God’s prophets!

· Jezebel is a self-centered spirit. It will blame others, and it will promote self all the time!

· Jezebel will accuse others for the same thing that she is doing!

· Jezebel is very defensive and very emotional and will gain control by making people feel sorry for her and, in that, making them vulnerable!

· Jezebel in the church will promise you if you follow Jesus, you get everything but the cross!

· Jezebel always wants to be the center of attention!

· Jezebel is under the control of new age, self-love, and is anti-Christ and self-manipulation!

· Jezebel agenda is to demasculinize men and masculinize woman!

· Jezebel finds your weakness so she will use your weakness to dominate you! The devil uses it to come against men and leaders to pervert God’s order in churches and in families!

· Jezebel will play mind games that bring witchcraft! They flatter then take away! It will work back and forth until it has worked you into her submission!

· Jezebel will gain inside information to retain to use later to trap you! She will ease drop or dig out information that is not her business and use interest in the subject as she is prying it out!

· Jezebel works to undermine your authority, so she makes you feel insecure and normal, stealing your identity and anointing when you are a child of God and the head not the tail!!

· Jezebel lusts for possession and wants what you have she also lust to be the head! She uses emotional manipulation!

· Jezebel will make others think she is victim, but she is the victimizer. She will spin a web like a black widow and eat her prey! She catches her victims and wants to kill, steal, and destroy!

· Jezebel is all about herself but makes you think she is all about you and for you!

· Jezebel makes believe you need them, but in all reality, they need you because they feed off you when trapped in her web!

· Jezebel never gives credit or gratitude and hates honor other than only her.

· Jezebel finds eunuchs or minions to accomplish its agenda!

· Jezebel wants to dominate and control in the spiritual realm!

· Jezebel refuses to admit when she is wrong!

· Jezebel always wants to be the center of attention!

· Jezebel will not repent! She is prideful, demanding, manipulating, and very judgmental!

· Jezebel has hidden motives and agendas!

· Jezebel does for others to gain for themselves!

· Jezebel has a very, very hard time to forgive, even a harder time to ask for forgiveness!

· Jezebel uses jealousy to put out witchcraft!

· Jezebel will counterfeit your ideas and your vision, steal your ideas and style, and sabotage your identity and then put her name on it!

· Jezebel cannot celebrate others blessings!

· Jezebel brings a lot of frustration all the time because she is self-focused!

· Jezebel wants to advance her kingdom, not God’s!

· Jezebel can work in a man or a woman.

God wants us to present our bodies as living sacrifice. Your ambition can’t be you but the Cross. Reasonable service is just to present ourselves holy. Do not come under the power of Jezebel that is taking over the World and the falling away church. That is the goddess of self. Jezebel hides behind vanity. She is a self-junkie, loves photo shoots and selfies. But what is God’s perfect will for our life? Our sanctification and our obedience to Him. We must be teachable and humble to receive the blessing of God.

Jezebel is evil. She will tell you what you want you to hear. Let no man deceive you. A falling away is here. A great gathering is the apostasy, one world, false love religion. It is not the narrow way. It is a false Christ, one that does not talk about repentance or hell. We all are being raised up to be a witness. A witness is not someone on the street preaching. A witness is a martyr. But we can’t die in the hands of Jezebel. The messenger of end times will have to survive the power of Jezebel. Who exalts itself above all that is of God? Self!

The Word of God is a hammer to break down every idol. This is what this word is doing right now. Smashing the head of the goddess of self! We cannot survive with milk and cookies, fake hugs and pats on the back, and self-help groups. We need the anointing that breaks the yoke. Those that want to eat at Jezebel’s table, they will hate you because they are drunk with the cares of this life. You are a trumpet that will not let them fall asleep, and they want to slumber, so you’re like a noisy alarm clock they want to smash.

There is a difference between preaching the Gospel and living it. There is a difference between reading the Bible in church and preaching the gospel in a congregation. Believe not the lie. Some people can’t handle the truth, and they start preaching their own Gospel created by them and for them and at Jezebel’s table.

I am calling for the hammer of God to break down every single idol. God said His word is like a hammer, in this nation, in Brazil, in my heart, because we need the fear of the Lord. It is time for consecration, a purification from any idolatry. Let God kill that beast, Jezebel.

There is a joy in the Lord. We don’t want to be ruled by the flesh. When you are in the Spirit, you can be in this World but not of it, and you are not led by her seductions. Your mind is set on heavenly things, and nothing down here attracts us anymore. But if we stay under her self-power, we will be hot, cold, hot, cold, going around and up and down. There are some things that we need to do to mortify the deeds of our self, called the flesh. Then we will be able to endure until the end.

The fire of the Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will help to sustain us in the days of evil. We are not being raised up for our own self. We want to work with Him. He will cleanse us today to say what He says. The righteous are as bold as a lion to say what He says, to go where He goes. We cut off every strand of Jezebel, her manipulation, her control and perversion and witchcraft that feeds the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, and everything from the spirit of this age. Father, wash our garments, clean our minds, give us clean hands and a pure heart.

Our promotion will come from Him and not from Jezebel. Give us a mouth that is sure on His Word, a ready tongue like the pen of a writer for God. Jezebel, we throw you unto the dogs and all witchcraft that comes from the dark places of our soul and wounds of our past. You are dismantled. We charge you not to come back. God, put eye solvent upon our eyes so we can see, our ears so we can hear. Father, take the coals of the altar and put them not only on our lips but on our hearts and eyes and ears as well. We want to be a sweet incense to you.

We want to fulfill the good pleasure of Jesus Christ and never to compromise the Word of God. We want to be one with Christ, one flesh, one spirit, one accord. This is what you want us to do. Holy God, baptize us in the Holy Spirit and in fire! Let us burn again with passion for you and you alone, God. Let God be our God and not our self! Shane W Roessiger

Word: Revelation 2:18-25 – 1 Kings 18:4 – 1 Kings 18:19-29 – 1 Kings 19:1-2 – 2 Kings 9:22 – 1 Timothy 4:1-2 – 2 Timothy 3:1-13 – Luke 9:22-27 – Romans 12 – 2 Thessalonians 2

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