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Faith is the absolute assurance of the outcome. We cannot put our strength in our own power. We cannot put our strength in our might. Some of us got saved and started putting our trust in our flesh. Paul said he had all the reasons to boast in his flesh, but he told us not to. Nothing else was important to him –he counted it all dung. Paul had to disown everybody and everything to follow Christ. God wants us to lose something today to gain Him and to be found in Him.

Every time we try to become righteous in our own strength, we become self-righteous. All is done by faith. Our outcome is secure because of faith and not just works. God wants us to know the power of His resurrection. He has given us all the power, and now we just need to subdue it. Your works should determine your faith, as well as the words we speak.

There is no way to move forward if we keep looking backward. Keep looking at the outcome. Let faith move you towards His final goal for you. Faith convinces us of the power of the cross. Be totally heavenly minded so you can be so effective down here on Earth. When Peter was out on the boat and began to see someone. He thought that it was a ghost, but when he heard Jesus, he said, “Lord, bid me to come. Tell me to come.” So he was saying, “On Your word, I will come.” Faith in the words of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Word. As Peter kept his focus on the Word and Christ, he was in the supernatural. He was doing something that is not logical for a man to do or comprehend, but when his focus got off of Jesus onto his surroundings, his faith started to fail him. Peter asked, “Is that you, Jesus? Upon your Word, I will go.” We have to have the same tenacity concerning our walk of faith. Peter walked on the water even before he spoke in tongues, even before he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He did it before his conversion. Imagine what we could do if we really believe and do not doubt, if we have that faith that is an absolute assurance. But when he saw the wind, the absolute faith was gone. When did he stop walking on the water? When he took his eyes off the Word. The Word is Jesus. If Jesus said to come, you must go. When Peter started paying attention to his circumstances, when his carnality and reality came in, he sank.

“O, thou of little faith?” Wow. Two, three steps on the water were not enough. Jesus did not rebuke him because he only took a few steps on the water, but because he took his eyes off Him and started to doubt. Many start to do the same.

In our walk, we must have our eyes on Him all the time. Some people take one, two steps looking at Him but they start sinking because they lost His eyes. Sometimes, God sends storms in your life so you can see where you are in Him. Jonah’s storm was sent because he disobeyed him. Peter’s storm was sent because his faith was being tested.

Remember: during the last storm, Jesus was sleeping on the boat. He woke up and rebuked them. After that, He calmed the storm. Now, I believe God sent them out on the boat alone to test them again. The test of faith.

I believe God is testing us all the time to see if our faith has increased. Jesus rebuked the disciples in four areas: fear, clothes, food, and power and authority. In Luke 12 and Matthew 6, Jesus spoke about worrying about tomorrow and He rebuked them about lack of faith. “How much more He will take care of you, you of little faith.” He did the same with the raiment. He mentioned about clothing the grass that is here today and cast into the furnace. Also, he rebuked about having no bread right after the miracle with the multiplication. “Ye of little faith.” He was trying to tell them all the time that faith is an absolute and without it, you can’t please God nor can you move Him. He rebuked them for not casting out the demon from the boy who was vexed, knowing that He gave His disciples all authority in His name over Satan and over the storm.

God wants us to operate from a heavenly perspective. We must have our eyes on Him. Forget those things behind, and remember what He has done in our lives. Don’t keep remembering how the enemy deceived you or your failures but set your eyes on Him. Paul called his past all dung – works of our hands.

Many say, “Jesus, I will follow you,” forgetting that wherever He goes, we will need faith to follow Him. We must UN-follow the world and our old life and stay on the course until we see the outcome of our walking. The winds and waves obeyed Him. Until we get the absolute assurance of the outcome, we will never live in peace. God wants us to depend on Him all the time. Jesus put a gold coin in the fish’s mouth to pay for their taxes. What is the difference now? Our level of faith. Our purpose and what we desire. He said I will make you fisher's of men.

God will not pull the trigger so you can boast in your self and strength, but He will do so because of His glory. The devil will depart right out of someone when we pray if we keep our eyes on Him.

When God calls us, God calls us now. He called Peter and Peter left all for His sake. So Peter could have walked all the way to Jesus but something happened. Don’t let your circumstances ever dictate your faith. God is calling you to come and walk out on the water with Him! You must have faith and the assurance of the outcome. Watch and see what God can and will do for you!

Word: Hebrews 11:1, Philippians 3, Matthew 14:15-33, Luke 12:18-31, Matthew 16:7-9, Matthew 8:18-27, Matthew 17:15-18, Luke 9:57-62

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