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“The most characteristic trait of God is LOVE. The gifts and the calling are without repentance. God does not take it back. We can’t be fascinated by them but by your love walk. Love is the foundation of who God is. He is love. People can do a lot of things in the name of love, but if there is no God, there is no true love. You better test the spirits. People think they know God but they don’t. They have not experienced Him for themselves. They are missing His DNA because they are not really born of God. We have so many claiming to know Him, but we are not only called to know Him but to be known by Him. Our guide and definition of love must be found in the scriptures.

If we hate our brother, we do not love God. When we love God, we love the children of God. All of them. And by this we know, if we keep His commandments: love.

DNA is self-replicating material! GOD in you! LOVE in you! Don’t bite and devour one another. But love one another and then you will see the fruit of HIS DNA in you.

Provoking – jealousy – arguments – reveling – strife – debate – murmuring – mocking …all of these are works of the flesh. Those who do that will not inherit His kingdom. God’s love is in obeying His command about loving all the time. All the commandments hang on these two: love God first, and second, love your neighbor as yourself! If you walk in love, you will fulfill His heart and His ways. If you love God, you obey Him.

We can live in the Spirit and not visit the Spirit. A lot of us live in the flesh and visit the Spirit. But we must turn this around. Live in the Spirit, and if we do visit the flesh, we must get back in the Spirit real fast. Walking in the Spirit is supposed to be normal for us. Imagine this scene: You left a place and God sends His angels to investigate what type of DNA you left behind? Yours or His? How much of Him will He find left behind? Will you be guilty of being at the scene? Will they find traces of your DNA from heaven?

Here on Earth, what DNA are you leaving behind? The new man? The old man? Why are many leaders compelling people to live like the old man when the Word of God compels us to live like Christ? Remember: If we are not producing the DNA of God, God died in vain. If we are not producing the life of Christ, God died in vain. Jesus said that we will be known by these fruits: the DNA of God. This must be our purpose and passion. Gifts and revelation are amazing but you can do that in the flesh. God wants to be glorified and He does. You be His eternal exchange. Don’t let religion or man tell you who you are. Let His DNA prove who you are in Him!

I am alive in this mortal body, but now, Christ lives in me. His DNA is producing His life in me. Religion wants to separate you from the life of His DNA.

DNA has nothing to do with what you do outside but who you really are from the inside. When we say we are of God but have no fruit that means that we don’t have His DNA inside of us. You shall know them – His disciples – by the DNA. They are born from above. What DNA are you leaving behind after you pray, after you minister, or after you leave the room? Let the DNA of God be the one. Let His love be manifested in us, through us, and around us.” Shane W Roessiger

God is love. He is not looking for perfection, but love in you. If you keep looking for perfection in you, you will never see God in you. But if you look for love in you, you will see God. Because He is love. You look more like Him than you think. Any ounce of love in you is the characteristic of God – your Father – in you. You look more like Him than you think. But you can’t see because all you want to see is perfection. His DNA is inside of every born again child. It was placed inside of them just as it was placed inside of the womb of Mary. We must water the new man. We must feed Him.

His DNA is stronger than death. His DNA is stronger than the old man’s DNA. His DNA is taking over our whole old self. His DNA is stronger than a cancer cell. It will take over you. It will take over every old man’s cells in your body and mind. It will expand. You will see it. He put in there – inside of you. Whether you see; whether you don’t. Whether you look at yourself in the mirror and see Him or not. Whether people see Him in you or not. That cell is His DNA and will not return back to Him without bringing His very divine replica of Himself: Christ in you, the very DNA of God in you! Marlene Henrique Roessiger

Word: 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:19-21, 1 John 5:1-8, Galatians 5:13-26, Galatians 2:14-21, Matthew 7:15

Watch the full Message: https://youtu.be/41WbdjN7Bo8

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