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To my Sisters in the Church:

God said to me this morning: “My daughters are majoring on the minors.” That means you are taking a minor thing and treating it as the major thing; in other words, focusing on the wrong things. The only focus is the Cross…

I don’t usually feel led to speak out against these things but my heart is so grieved by what I am seeing and the Holy Spirit is very, very grieved…

I see so many lone sisters out there who are lone rangers, mavericks with no home, no head, who are focusing on doctrines of devils (distractions like blood moons, the lake of fire, etc.) and even using scripture to defend their own self-righteousness. I even saw a sister who posted about forgiveness with no repentance and understanding of it at all, using it to bring attention to herself. Anything to avoid the Cross and facing their own sin and wretchedness and need for Him!

Our righteousness is as filthy rags. Don’t think you understand anything without true repentance and HIS righteousness! Don’t think you are going in the right direction if you are not running to the Cross. Don’t think you are in the right place without repentance, covenant, and submission to the apostolic. You are just a maverick.

He is saying STOP IT! You are going in the wrong direction, even to the point of feeling a false contentment that is deceiving you from repenting and getting you back on the narrow right path. But God is calling you back home!

Don’t you realize that it is your character that is most important to Him, so that you can be His arms and legs on the Earth and BE the full manifestation of HIS character on the Earth? It is NOT about you! We are created for Him and Him alone and His purposes but we cannot do it alone. 
And we better get ready…because He IS coming and before He does, the Bride needs to rise up and take it’s place on the earth and if you want it to be YOU, then HEED the trumpet sound…the sound of HIS voice calling you back…

AND SEE POWER WORKING THROUGH YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE! His Church will be glorious and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I want that to be ME, don’t you?
It is not too late…It is the time of the trumpet sounding... Calling you home!
Find your place. Find the apostolic and an apostolic Body, not to use for your own pleasures, but to die and go through the fire and stop running from it. It is your only HOPE! Let that flesh burn so that you can stand in the days ahead and not be deceived and not take the mark of the beast when times get tough!
My Sisters, you are deceived! Come back to righteousness, sound doctrine, and TRUTH.
With the fear of the Lord and the love of the Father.

Your sister, 

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