A House of Sacrifice, By Marlene Roessiger

The fire of God does not come down from heaven so we can feel something or call it revival. The fire of God always comes down to burn something: a sacrifice.

A place where the fire is not needed is a place where there is no sacrifice. Your sacrifice and your offering attract the fire of God. The carnal religious system made us think about money every time we say the word offering. But I am not talking about money. The fire of the World system can burn that away. One day you have it. Another day you don’t. A man that has never received this deep revelation in their inner most part is the one that will keep tipping God with their greedy 10% calling that tithe. But no. I am talking about Us being the offering. Us being the sacrifice. But if there is no offering, if there is no sacrifice, there is no need for the fire of God.

Do you know that when they sang, “for he is good and his mercy endures forever,” they bowed their faces to the ground as the fire burned the sacrifice and His glory filled the temple? That lyric was not a product of a radio station song. It was a product of a sacrifice, of His fire, and of His glory.

Sacrifices and offerings automatically spark the fire of God. And then here comes a blaze trail for the glory of God. Let’s go backwards. You will never have the glory, without the fire. You will never have His fire, without a sacrifice and an offering unto the Lord.

Some people look at others and all they see is the fire. But they never see what causes it: That man is a house of sacrifice. That man is a smoke house. Always burning because he is always offering Himself up unto the Lord and His glory fills and follows that man. The more sacrifice, the more sanctification; the more sanctification, the more glory. Simple as that.

So today, bring your offerings and sacrifices (you) unto the Lord. Watch and see the fire coming down from heaven and a weight of glory never carried by any human man. That one may be you!

Always remember: if the fire is not burning is because there is no sacrifice... 2 Chronicles 7:1-7, Marlene Roessiger


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