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This is one of the most favorite verses people like to say: “Judge not.” Those who say that are the ones in condemnation most of the time. Interesting that most unbelievers – all over the world – know this scripture. Not many realize that this command to “judge not” appears in the Bible only two times and the command to “judge” is in the Bible over 200 times and the word “judgment,” over 400 times. People love to quote Paul but don’t like to quote Jesus but love this QUOTE. We need the full counsel of His Word. People love the, “Judge not,” and the other favorite is, “God so loved the World,” scriptures. We must know that there is a very big Bible but we cannot divide the Word with a specific quote.

Paul said, “If anyone preaches another Gospel, let him be accursed.”…. So Paul judged you all about the type of message you preach. How would one know it’s another gospel unless you know real one and then judge it? So people promise you a good coffee, an uplifting message, and a parking spot when you visit them. Tons of sheep are drinking from this fountain and people tell me, “Judge not?” How can I not? Now, to be a minister I need to look cool with skinny jeans and a tattoo or I won’t attract people to Christ? Today the most wanted and preached message is an uplifting message! God tells us to preach the gospel.

People make a huge mistake thinking that judging is condemning people, but it is not. It is discerning. It is testing. It is judging. The type of judging that Jesus told us not to do is the kind that gives the final sentence or one comes from self-righteousness or the flesh! Jesus told us if we judge, let us all judge rightly.

Can you see a wolf in sheep's clothes? That is the type of discernment we must have. A man will make you feel good about sinning, but there will be no repentance. When Paul preached, people really got saved. Actually saved. Saved because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. They promise them abundant life and tell me to judge not. There is no abundant life living in active sin or without the cross or without submission to the Holy Spirit. Many are realizing that that is not real. They look at their lives and they are not satisfied because they are living scriptures out of context. That is not the Gospel.

Many people judge by the flesh, but we ought to judge by the Spirit. We must judge that way. The things of God are known by the Spirit of God. We must have the mind of Christ. What do you think all the prophets of old were killed and stoned for? I can tell you that it was not for an uplifting message. Those with a carnal mind will tell you that your discernment is wrong. Until we know that we know, we should not talk or judge. But once you know that you know that means that things have been revealed to you by the Spirit of God. This is Truth, and the Truth is the Truth. The righteous are as bold as lions. We must love and not forget to preach the Truth.

A lot of people in the church have the spirit of the world in them. Greater is that in them and not Christ. When you are not standing in righteousness with Him, it is in sin. You better “judge not” anything or anybody because you will be like the hypocrites. But once you go back inside His righteousness, you must judge, test, and compare things by the light of His Word and His Spirit. We are commanded to judge. Do you not know that every one of us is judging all the time? When we go to the store, we go to the fruit section and we “judge” /discern the fruits. Good or bad?

Discern things. Judge things. Test things. He that is spiritual judges ALL things. “Can I eat this?” Yes. “Can I eat this?” No. You should not. So, I have just judged what you are eating. Is this God? Yes. Is this not? Yes. Prophets in righteousness – with spiritual maturity – will judge what is error and what is pure. We are not here to bring final judgment on people. This is a job for the final judge, Jesus Christ, for the end of this age, but we have a job to protect, to inspect, and to discern every spiritual matter.

Jesus discerned and judged the matter with the woman caught in adultery and the people that were judging her. He discerned (“judged”) them all. They were convicted in their own consciences and they could not throw a stone. They all judged her but not one of them condemned her. None of them. The final judgment was not done, not by the religious folks or by Jesus. See? We must use words as what they really mean. Many words have been changed. Jesus was the one that said we should not condemn. Maybe if it said condemn not it would make more sense. That is correct in every one of us. Condemn not lest you be condemned. Wow! That makes a lot more sense. Is King James the author of the Bible or the Holy Spirit?

Some of the “judge not” club will stop you from using the gift of discernment and from obeying the Word of God when it says, “Judge all things, all matters.” Many will drop the stones when you pronounce a right discernment (“judgment”), not a quick judgment. Jesus Christ had perfect discernment. He knew who had a devil and who did not. What a judgment! Why can’t we discern the same way? Well, we can. We are supposed to and we will. But never have the final judgment on any man. It is God’s job.

Wrong judgment is the judgment done by your flesh. Spiritual judgment is done by the Spirit. Whatever you listen to today you must judge. You don’t condemn the soul that is deceiving and being deceived but you do judge what they are saying. You have to judge. You have to test the spirits.

On one side is a legalistic and self-righteousness people judging everything and everyone in the spirit of condemnation. The other side is liberal, judging nothing and nobody. Jesus Christ stays right in the middle. Very balanced judgment is the one done by the Spirit. You can discern who have repented and who have not. It is easy to see for someone who has the gift of the Holy Spirit – One of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of discerning of spirits! Does everyone have it? NO. That is why you need to hear from those who can discern things better than you can.

If those say, “That is right and that is not,” don’t say, “Judge not, brother.” They are doing you a favor pointing you to the way of righteousness. Some people stand up for what they believe even when they are believing a lie. That is pride. These are “self-proclaimed watchmen on the wall,” but watchmen on the wall are appointed by God. The forerunners always get the first stones. When you never hear a true prophet, you will be hearing a false one. Watered-down message/gospel for your whole life will stop you from really believing the Truth and growing in discernment. In the last days, MANY will seek itching ears' preachers and uplifting messages. Don’t turn a lie into truth. Judge the lies. Can you see it all? Not all can. But listen to those who can so you also can judge rightly. Learn from the Spirit. Carnal is worldly-minded, but we are supposed to have the mind of Christ.

Preach the cross and the crowd will leave- John 6:66. Judge by the Spirit and they will stone you. Or they will regroup and come at you again and again with religious legalistic judgment.

Let the stones come at you. Judge. Judge. Judge. Judge, YES! Be on guard. Be aware. Be cautious. On the lookout! On the alert. Keep your eyes open. Take care. Take heed. Discern the matter. Stay in righteousness. Judge. Judge. Judge. Not by the flesh, not out of a wrong heart or spirit but in righteousness. Be aware at all times.

BY Shane W Roessiger

Word: 1 Corinthians 2, John 8, Like 7: 33-50

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/Bfi-huA2iLs?t=5384

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