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Leaven and the Law

What does the Bible say? Is the Bible contrary to the Spirit? Can it be impossible to understand the new covenant? Well, it will be to the carnally minded. If God is Spirit and the Bible says that our carnality separates you from Him, you cannot understand what the Bible says apart from Him. Theologians and lawmakers and law-abiding Christians think that they can follow God with just a letter, with just a list of rules. Impossible!! Not realizing it is GOD, Jesus is the word made flesh. They could not even understand or see Him even in the flesh, so you think they can see Him as He is invisible in the Spirit? But they do all the time. Funny thing is that they think we are trying to get out of obeying Him or walking on the narrow road....Mind you, there is a false Grace message and movement that does this...But why are they attacking the TRUE remnant? Their blindness means that they have no revelation! What is one of the names of the Holy Spirit who is God? (wisdom and revelation). Yes, so if you are only carnal under the law, you are blind as a Pharisee and a SAD-To-SEE. You are at enmity with God, meaning no wisdom and no revelation, so who and what are you teaching? What I don't get is that God expects way more out of us now because Jesus died on the cross!! So what they are not getting or seeing is TRUTH that Grace is the power to be perfected!!! Grace leaves no room for sin ...Grace says you cannot even look (lust) or you’re already guilty!!! Grace says you cannot even think about hate or you are a (murderer)...So it’s the power of the cross that changes us from Glory to Glory, not the law that is dead. So without the blood of Jesus, we are all as lost as lost can be. I don't care how many scriptures you know! Are you in the Spirit? Are you in God? That's the question. But the wonderful thing about Grace is that He is always there to convict, rebuke, guide, and comfort us to make us rend our hearts and not our garments! So sad for these ones who are always kicking against the pricks...without Grace your righteousness is as filthy as a rag full of filth. I don't care if you stand on your head all day, every Saturday, and fast, or read the Torah from sun up to sun down! You cannot please God without faith in what God did. What you do doesn't move Him. Let’s join our works with this amazing grace and have our faith perfected in Him and we will do and accomplish all He commands us to do in Him!

Shane W Roessiger

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