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Exposing Cain

Cain is a religious spirit!
It is a spirit of competition, debate, hate, and dishonor.
It is a spirit of pride, rebellion, and witchcraft.

The end result for this spirit is murder! Who did the Bible say Cain’s father was? We see this spirit at work. It was on Judas, was on Saul, and it was even on Saul who became Paul before His conversion. This is a spirit that holds the letter and that kills and denies the Spirit that heals and guides us to all truth in the fruits of the Spirit.

This spirit is always right, always confronting, and always critical...I do not care: TRUTH IS A TRUE Prophet with the Spirit of Elijah who does NOT sit all day pointing out everyone, every day, every minute, and every post. True prophets are still pointing to Jesus 90 percent of the time, not 10 percent of the time. When God uses a Prophet to expose, it’s in the Spirit and in humility knowing only by the grace of God. We can see, and it always carries mercy and brokenness. Not the spirit that Jesus rebuked them in Luke 9:49-56 when He said you don't know what spirit you are entertaining! That was that spirit! "Cain" – competition and confrontation. When Jesus confronted, it was always after He was opposed. You never see Jesus going around picking fights or running after false teachers and religious devils. They were always showing up in His meetings or His ministry after a preaching, a teaching, or a miracle. Study the Word. These same religious spirits will always use phrases like “I am a Berean” or “the scripture that says rightly dividing the word of truth.” The problem is that when you try to divide the letter that kills without the Spirit that guides and heals, you just become a double-portion murderer and a religious zealot. These are spots in our feast. They are silly women laden with sin. The easiest way to bring confusion and witchcraft is by using the Word of God out of the Spirit of God. I am always exposing error but it must be by the Spirit of God, just as God is exposing the religious spirit and the spirit of Cain right now, bringing our spirits to awareness and allowing the Holy Spirit to show us deeper. These spirits cannot even pay for their light bills at home and are always in need, always in want. This is a vagabond spirit and submits to no one but their posse, just as Korah (or Core) in the book of Jude speaks about.

Warning: Do not entertain this spirit because if you have open doors, it will take you out and make you just like they are. Remember, only those that are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. Those who are led by the spirit of Cain have become messengers of Satan. Jesus clearly shows us this one spirit God will not tolerate. I tell you to ask for discernment and block every spirit of Cain. There is no place for division that’s from the devil. RE- SHARE 

Shane W Roessiger

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