Risen Truth

Risen Truth

Jesus was the greatest worshipper of God at all times, even though He never wrote one song or played any instrument. I come from a nation where people export music. There is music and rhythm in a Brazilian’s veins. But I have seen many Brazilian believers have music as an idol. I have seen and was part of many moments when I did not know what I know now. I would call revival, but a “revival” where the music is the foundation won’t last. David Quinlan, Veu da Noiva, Casa de David, and many others brought a whole generation to an incredible revelation that we are His bride, and we should honor them for that, but the ones that were weeping lovesick for the bridegroom today have betrayed Him throughout the years. Years pass and today I am looking for something that will sustain me until He comes. Many think that to worship is to cry or to dance. No. Worship is to obey. You can lead someone through music to cry at the feet of Jesus with your music, but they may get up and go their way. Many times, by God’s grace, He let us all experience a second of His presence. But to live “Diante do Trono,” you will need more than music.

The revealing of Truth is something that lacked throughout many revivals. If up to this day, music is still the leading, if you want to connect your friends to your workplace, grab your guitar and sing. They will go through the cycle and will come out the same. A soulish touch from music can’t save people from hell. All the music concerts… Soulish. All the laser lights… Soulish …All the talking trying to convince you to give your life to Jesus…Soulish. Many soulish “worship leaders” leading the soul of man. My main point is not to criticize. God is wherever there is a real hungry heart. But if we want to be part of the greatest and last heaven touchdown, we need to think about what we have been doing since we were born again.

There is a huge mistake about the concept of worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth. Many think that that means sincerely. But what is the Spirit? What is the Truth?

The Truth made the hearts of two men burn on the Emmaus road. No music. No dance. No lights. Just pure Truth. The Truth brought revelation unto them. The Truth opened their eyes. The Truth abides with them. The Truth opened up their understanding. “Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures? “ Matthew 24:13-35

When Truth speaks, fire is ignited. Sometimes we don’t even know why and what is happening. Some of my remarkable moments with God were not even noticed at the moment. Today, when I look back, I see in the simplicity of it how deep it was. So, these men at Emmaus road were sad and had lost hope, but Truth came and walked side by side with them. When Truth comes, it comes to stay, unless you don’t welcome it into your house, to the bowls of your being. 
In the days ahead of us, Truth will speak louder than music. It will burn until it consumes all that want to be consumed by it. God will send right next to you a preacher of righteousness with the revelation in their mouth. Your eyes will be opened. Your heart will burn.

When was the last time your heart burned with fire? When they sang your favorite song? Or when Truth spoke? I have experienced moments when at the hearing of Truth’s voice my bones starting melting. Oh, this revealing season can be endless if we keep pursuing Truth.

Truth has risen indeed. Make sure you don’t despise it. I trade a preacher of righteousness for any “anointed” worship leader. Because where I want to go only Truth can take me: TO THE INNER BEING OF GOD HIMSELF! And Truth is the only way. I want to be a witness of the Truth. I want to recognize it right when I meet It.

“What is Truth?” Pontius Pilate asked when Truth was right in front of him…

Once I was like him. I was so naked and never saw my shame. I was blind. But today, I can’t live without this constant revealing of the Truth. When a righteous preacher comes my way and opens his mouth, I open mine and say: “Come, Truth and fill mine. Come Truth and feed me. Come Truth and be my bread. Come Truth and sit with me. Come Truth and explain things that I don’t know. Come Truth and break the bread with me. Come Truth and open my eyes. Come Truth and expound unto me in all the scriptures from beginning to the end all things concerning Jesus Christ. Come Truth and abide with me forever. Tarry with me, day in and day out.”

It is the Truth that sets you free. Not the Truth that you sing about but the risen Truth that you not only know but have fellowship with. 

Marlene Roessiger


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