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"Stop devouring one another and especially those I have put over you to help you grow and change," says the Lord. "I know what I am doing and you do not. Lean NOT on your own understanding...it will only get you in trouble because your mind has been seared by the devil and the past. Hear the voice of the ones I have sent to you and get free. This is my love speaking...You don't see it as love because you have a filter of pride, rebellion, and hurt that is causing more pride, rebellion and hurt. But you are only hurting yourself. I have given you the life preserver and the way of life and you are rejecting the very ones that are holding out the answer and the very way that I have ordained it to be. This is pride and rebellion. Open your eyes and see Me. This is love."

I'm not sure who else this is for but I know that God is speaking to me. Abuse, hurt, wounds can no longer be an excuse for resisting God's ways and God's anointed ones that He brings into our lives. We can no longer rebel against authority because God's authority, the ones He has given us, speak truth and challenge us to see our own faults and change so that we can be free. It's a good thing.

God is SCREAMING...STOP IT! I WANT MY SPIRIT TO RISE UP IN YOU! Let the pride go...let the rebellion go...KILL IT!

He gave me this vision of roaches. I HATE ROACHES. I REALLY HATE ROACHES...In the vision, I was killing these huge ugly roaches with a sword. I was stabbing at them like crazy. Blood was going everywhere all over me. It was gross. I was like, "What are you showing me, Lord?" He said those roaches are PRIDE. KILL IT!!

I believe He used roaches in my vision because he knows how distasteful they are to me. Gross!!!! Can you imaging how distasteful PRIDE is to Him then??? HE RESISTS IT!!! He is speaking and we better listen...So let's kill the pride and rebellion today and be at peace. And get on with the Kingdom...

And I prophesy this over your remnant, Lord! We will move on from the dead places, the pride, the rebellion, the hurts, wounds and childishness of the past. We will not return to the vomit, to the roach pile. It is a NEW DAY and a NEW TIME. The winter season is OVER. We will move on to do everything that You have called us to do and our destiny will be fulfilled. We will hate the things that you hate and love the things that you love. We will not stay stuck in pride and rebellion. We will bear one another's burdens in love and gratitude. We will take our truth and correction. We will not fight You and those you have sent into our lives. We are not children of the devil and darkness but are your children, children of the truth and light, and we will move on. No more fighting You or each other...only fighting the pride...

Thank you, Jesus!

Elaine Powers


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