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Faith Is Knowing

What is faith?

The Bible says, "Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen."

We live in a dying world but we have a Hope, one who promises to save us, one who will deliver us every time and all the time. BY FAITH!

Faith is a SUBSTANCE; it’s EVIDENCE!

What is substance and evidence? Those two words mean proof! Proof that something is real. Unshakable, infallible! This is something we must understand because there are two types of faith circulating out there! Religious people have faith that is not actually faith. It’s just hope! There's a difference between hope and faith.

"Oh, I hope I get saved."

"Oh, I hope Jesus delivers me."

This is not faith! Faith is knowing, knowing that you are saved, knowing He will and is delivering you, knowing who He is and who you are! The Bible says that our spirit will bear witness with His spirit that we are a child of God. We will bear witness, meaning, we will know, not hope that we are His child but know that we know that we know that we are! 

Hardcore evidence!

To have faith in Christ is to KNOW Christ. You can’t have faith in someone that you don't know. Many people in the religious system say they believe in Him. They use the most famous verse, John 3:16, but if they don't know Him, they don't really believe in Him. They believe in a God of their own making! The Bible says that there will be people in the last day that say, "Lord, Lord, we did this and we did that!" and He will say to them, "I never knew you!" They didn't know Him because they never really believed in Him, and they never believed in Him because they never knew Him! Believing is a gift! How? Because all who believe have encountered Him, have had their eyes open! They have seen Him, they know Him, therefore, they believe in Him! You can’t believe in something you don't know or haven't seen with your spirit!

Jesus said blessed are those who have believed without seeing! He's talking about with their own two eyes in the flesh. But blessed are those who have seen Him and encountered Him in their spirit! When they told people to believe, they were also telling people to be baptized, why? Because we cannot move in or know the kingdom without the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

Without the Spirit of God, there is no encounter with God. Without the Spirit of God, there is no Jesus, because Jesus' spirit was the Spirit of God! He is the Holy Spirit and He is God, the Trinity of one being! So, through the Spirit of God, we know Jesus, and because we know the Spirit of God, we have faith in Him. The Lord told me this, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, that is where faith is!"

Faith comes from God! The only way we can have faith to do something is when God is doing it! Whatever God does and says breathes faith, spiritual ability, and confidence to walk out what He is saying and doing! Whatever God does and says is Truth, therefore, faith is the witness of the Truth, the knowing of what truth is! So, faith is how we know that we know what Truth is, knowing from the Spirit of God!

When we receive the Kingdom from the Spirit of God, we will know things by the Spirit of God, a knowing that cannot be shaken. Jesus said any man that has faith, WITHOUT DOUBT, WILL MOVE THE MOUNTAIN! Our Faith is proven by our works; in other words, our faith is proven by our FRUIT! Did the mountain move? Then there is proof that your faith was real!

I’ve seen people who try to command gas in their tank or try to command clouds to move by faith, but if it’s not faith that is given from God, you will be standing there all day spiritually tired and discouraged wondering why faith is not working for you, but you’re really just moving in your own faith. Though God can give you faith to do any of those and more according to His will!

Many are trying to move in faith but carry doubt with it, that's not real faith! How can I move in faith and not move confidently? It’s called flesh. Hyper faith! Sometimes we try to do things in the kingdom without God, and because of that, we cannot move in TRUE FAITH! Where God is, faith is!

Faith and doubt are called a double minded man, and if you’re a double minded man, your spirit and your flesh are probably talking at the same time! From my own experience, I have seen God still move in His mercy and grace even when someone has doubt. Though I tell you this, God is saying to most of us, “It’s time to take off the training wheels and purchase REAL FAITH!” Faith that shakes nations! Faith that when God speaks to me, I KNOW it was Him. My sheep KNOW my voice, and when you know His voice, you can do what He says confidently, having evidence in the faith of your spirit that HE said it!

If you have something in your spirit, and you don't know about it, then you don't know it, and you need to acquire faith, KNOWING from the Spirit. If you must strive to believe something, then you don’t really believe it, because you don’t know it! Sometimes we make up our own ideas and understanding of the kingdom and it creates false faith! Then you find yourself striving to believe! There’s no striving when you really have faith because you have evidence from heaven bearing witness in your spirit!

We may have a Word from God, but don't know about it yet, maybe it’s because we don't have full understanding. Maybe we don't have full revelation! When we have something from God but our understanding of it is half-baked, we won’t have full assurance of faith to move on it or speak it, but we KNOW we have something from God so we still have to let God build the foundation!

The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing the Word!” The Word of God, the foundation is what we need to walk in the fullness of faith! As we are moving from understanding to understanding, we are moving from faith to faith!

You want more faith? – Faith that stands like a rock, and when the waves come, it can’t be wavered? You want that?

YOU NEED THE WORD! More word, more faith! Faith that is REAL! This Word will sharpen us to recognize faith in us, and instead of taking in a false kind of faith, a striving faith, we will learn to receive and wait for real faith to come from the Spirit, real Word to come from the Spirit! We are moving from faith to faith. God is the author and finisher of our faith! So, stop stealing the pen and let HIM make you an epistle read by men, a foundation that cannot be shaken!

Hebrew 11:1, John 11:6, John 3:16, John 2:8-9, John 6:29, Matthew 21:21, James 5:15, James 1:2-8, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Roman 1:17, Romans 10:17

Click here to watch the full message:https://youtu.be/qf4hPd-Ch_k 


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