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The Call to Hatred

Everybody wants to believe in Jesus, but no one wants to be hated. You see, this is the problem with Christianity today: No one wants to be hated! So we change our church, how we operate, how we preach, what we preach, what we do, how our service goes. We want people to like us!

Meanwhile Jesus says, "Woe to you, if the world speaks well of you!" Woe to you! Meaning cursed are you! You don't like being hated? Well, guess what, you signed up for the wrong God, because the Bible says that we should believe AND suffer for Christ sake, meaning be hated for Christ’s sake! We are not called to just merely believe, we are called to HATRED!!!

We should be expecting to be hated by all men. If not, then we’re probably believing the wrong gospel. The Bible has it written all over it. Jesus said, "If they hate you, remember, they hated me first!" Then he says but, remember, no one is greater than their master! In other words, He's saying, if they hated me, what makes you think they won’t hate you! They hated me because they hate my father! They hate my teaching! They hate the Truth! If they loved you, they would obey my teachings!

So, really, why are some pastors loved by so many? Because in actuality, most of them are not even preaching the real Gospel, and the minute they preach a little bit of the real Gospel, they get scared because they know half of their congregation would walk out if they let the Spirit of Elijah preach. Then they feel like they have to apologize to people because of how hard the truth cut because people get offended! If you have to apologize to people because of truth, you better turn around and repent of the man pleasing spirit! Jesus never apologized for the truth and didn't man please a single soul! He was only here to please His Father. Now you, being a son, what makes you think you can be any different!

You want to be Christian, get ready for even those who you thought loved you to start hating you. Get ready for those you once called family to start hating you over the truth! Did you count the cost yet? Jesus said he came to bring division. He's dividing, families, friendships, marriages, to set apart the sheep from the goats, the tares from the wheat, so that He can take His people and make them a family set apart! Or even those that are even amongst you, other sheep: They will love you one day and hate you the next day. And then love you again! You want to lead the real congregation of God? 


Let’s look at Moses when he was leading the people of God. He was loved one day and hated the next, and even he went to God in his frustration about how they were acting!

Everybody wants to be a leader, but no one wants to be hated. Well, guess what? If you can’t drink the cup of hatred, you’re going to become a wolf. Welcome! Because this is your calling: TO BE HATED!

Some are called to be apostles; some are called to be prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors, BUT EVERYONE IS CALLED TO BE HATED. Why? Because the world loves lies, and the remnant love Truth! 

The Truth is of the Spirit and the lies are of the flesh. The Bible says, “The flesh and the Spirit are at enmity with each other.” They are constantly at war with each other! When someone is walking in the flesh and you’re walking in the Spirit, the flesh and the Spirit are at war with each other; therefore, you and that other person walking in the flesh are at war with each other spiritually. Yes, you both can even have smiles on and talking, but your insides are warring with that other person’s insides. Whether we see it or not, we can’t avoid it, because it’s going on in the Spirit! 

Why do some Christians hang out with worldly people? The Bible says, “What does the temple of idols have in common with the temple of God?” How can you be the walking Truth, walking with someone who is a walking lie, and even have any type of agreement? I tell you this, if you can hang out with worldly people comfortably, you’re either a baby Christian or you’re not even born again. The Bible does not lie! Two different kingdoms cannot have fellowship. When Jesus sat down with sinners, it was with purpose, to save them, not hang out with them! And yet we have many believers today saying, "Jesus hung out with sinners," and God says only a fool would have fellowship with the world! 

We are not of this world, and yet we prove by our works we are of this world with a title that says born again! It’s called religion! And pure religion is to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Yet most of the church looks like the 101 Dalmatians with worldly spots all over! This is not a game! Many Christians are going to hell because they signed up for their best life now! Who’s going to sign up to be hated, to be slandered, to be lied about, to be reviled and physically hated with real stones? You ask that question to people and the same moment occurs when most of Jesus’ disciples walked away from Him because they could not drink the bitter-sweet cup! Christianity is not a social club! It’s the group of people that the world calls a hate group, that the religious call a cult. Yet, it’s none of those. It’s God’s kingdom and glory manifested on earth!

WELCOME! When the last days come, and the world is killing Christians everywhere, then we will find out who is really of God. People are going to sell out so they can live when Jesus says, “You must die to live! Die to this world!”

The Bible says, “If you’re not being persecuted for My name, YOU’RE NOT MINE!” Those are pretty strong words! If you’re not being hated for preaching and standing on the Truth, you haven't even reached the first rung of Christianity!

Embrace the hate!

When you preach or speak the truth, and you get intimidated by faces or reactions, you hate being hated.

If all you think about when you are going to post on Facebook or what you are going to say or do concerning ministry is what people will do or say, you hate being hated!!! 

If you have to fluff up your message or lighten the blow or change how you speak, YOU HATE BEING HATED! 

Don't soften up God’s Double Edged Sword! How dare you! That's not love!!! That's called selfishness! That's cowardly! You are trying to save your own life. You are trying to protect your own image before man. Love is Truth! Because He was and is the walking Truth! And if we don't worship the Truth in the Spirit of the Truth, we’re not worshipping Him! Some of you are reading this and saying no, we just have to use wisdom. Give me a break! You’re scared! It’s fear!


If they love you because they love the truth, then Glory! Though I tell you, those people will be few far and between. Otherwise, get ready to take on your large portion of people getting offended with you, gossiping about you, bitter with you, uncomfortable with you, strongly disliking you, these are all forms of hatred! Get ready to be a confrontational person, because Jesus, the one you are called to be like, HE STIRRED EVERYONE UP! Everywhere he went! The cities were always in an uproar with the members of the church in the book of Acts! Are you ready for that? To be in the middle of confrontation in the Spirit and in the flesh everywhere you go because of the power and truth! Get ready for religious people to go after you, slander you, spit on your name, to make YouTube videos and Facebook posts about you, telling lies, all because of their hate for the Truth. 


Legalists are hated for their stupidity and hitting people over the head with the Bible but not with the Spirit. Legalists won’t be hated for the truth. They will be hated because they are self-righteous and hate people!

People are going to hate you because of the Truth and the Spirit, especially religious people. Though you are going to love them still, because you desire them to repent and be set free. You shall love your enemies, bless and not curse the ones that revile and curse you. You shall bless them with the serving of the kingdom of God and the hope for their repentance. You shall pray for them anyway!

You need to brace yourself to be hated! This is your cup to drink! And if you can’t drink, you can’t be saved! It says all those who believe and suffer with Christ WILL endure to the end. Who’s preaching that? Everyone is preaching believe and get saved, but no one is preaching believe and be hated and get saved! If you deny the truth, you deny Christ. If you deny Christ, you deny the Father! Being hated is a part of suffering for Christ. 

"Well, I'm sorry, God, but no one hates me!" Yea, because you’re not preaching the full counsel of Truth, nor are you walking in it! 

If you still object, you are calling Christ a liar because He said it would be so. He is the all knowing God, and you’re going to tell Him? Really, if you’re rejecting this right now, you’re basically saying that you are greater than God himself, because they hated Him! What makes you think you are greater than your master! What makes you think that you will really be loved by the world or religious people? Only the father of lies and deception can get you to believe that way.

But for those who are willing to embrace their calling to be hated by all men, they will be blessed! Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake! These will receive the overflowing rivers of the ANOINTING! You want the blessing? Come and be hated with those the world sees as scum!

Drink your cup today! This is your key to the blessing! This is your key to be filled with oil! Then God will back you up all the time with POWER! This is your way to beat the man pleasing spirit once and for all! GET READY! Because the days are coming where the body is increasing in truth and power, and as that's happening, the hatred the world has for us shall increase! Awake and drink this cup of hatred, and YOU shall be FREE!

John 15:18-191 John 3:13Matthew 5:10-12, James 4:4, Luke 6:22Matthew 24:91 Peter 4:12-14

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