How to Hear the Voice of God

Some people say, "How do I know it is God?” We all should know the voice of our Father. There is the known will of God which is written in the Word. The unknown will of God is revealed to every single one of us in a personal way. For example: marry this one, live here, do this, and that, but in both cases, when we were told to do something and we didn't do it, we can end up in the belly of a big fish. Some are blaming the devil, but where they are right now could it be the fruit of their disobedience.

Sometimes God told you to do something and you don’t. Then you end up in the belly of the big fish, and you think it is the devil, then he is tormenting you. It is pride when we blame the devil because we don’t take responsibility.

Pivotal things and decisions, we do and make by the will of God. In His will, there is peace and joy. Some people live out of the will of God, and they go back to misery, drugs, and distress. Backsliding is the result of not keeping and obeying God, and people will end up in a place that they never intended to be. This is why obedience is where the healing is.

We should know right in the minute that someone speaks from God if they are really from God or not. This is our portion not to be tossed, but you will never know if you are not in relationship with the Spirit and the Word.

The only time we can blame the devil is when you are possessed by him because you don’t have control, but for him to do that you would have had to do a lot of rebellion and fellowship with darkness. God is using elements of the World to bring you to humility. The written Word cannot lead to personal decision but to righteousness! The Bible does not say marry so and so, live here or there, but it keeps us on the path of God so we live in no confusion or divination. Then the steps of the righteous are ordered.

Our choices determine our future. Some people may say when they are on the wrong path: “God is teaching me something.” Yes, He is. He is teaching you to listen and to obey what He is saying. His heart is to have relationship with us. We were created to hear our shepherd if we are a sheep, not through a pastor only or a book.

The known will of God is for us all, but when we bring the Word they say, “No, no, this is not for me.” When you get out of the will of God, you stop hearing Him. “Where are you God?” He says: “I am right here where you left me. Come back to the path of righteousness!” When we are in the light, we see Him and hear Him. We have given our ear to many wolves and hirelings and our ears to their doctrines. We have given our ears to our own god as well, our desires and lusts. That's why Jesus says return to Me. Deception makes us think that we are what we are not. His voice is our compass.

We are each other’s door keeper as well! We watch over each other. Others will come and will speak, but they are the voice of the stranger! We should recognize the voice of the stranger! If you obey God, the devil cannot touch you, but he will if you do not forgive, if you do not obey when God tells you, if you do not turn left when He points it to you. A lot of our storms are created by ourselves because our will is the strong will. Our way is an easy way. He has better plans for you than you ever will. We have promises in the Word of God. Every one of them comes with the price of obedience. This is why sound doctrine is very important.

Hear the voice of God for yourself. For example: He said, “Stay in Jerusalem until you receive power,” but you also go and do everything He said in Mark 16, “Go and preach the Gospel.” So, the Word of God says both: wait and go! God uses the Word for directions as well as by illumination, showing one thing by the Spirit, and your spirit bears witness.

If it is the voice of God, your spirit will recognize it right away. The Word is alive, meaning for you now. If you are getting confused, you need more discernment. Satan is the father of confusion. That is why having a really strong Spiritual Body and family around us helps us to discern His voice. When we walk out of the light, it is almost impossible to hear God, but He will use a donkey if need be. God uses the Word to renew our mind and light our way. He will never tell us to do something against His word and own will, which is righteousness.

When He said, “This is your wife. Marry her,” your spirit confirms that that voice was the voice of your Father, and so will the Body of Christ. This is why Satan loves to scatter us or send us into the World or solo through offense and pride, but from Genesis to Revelation, God says, "Come out!"

The one that breaks the sheep’s legs is not the devil but the shepherd. He will do anything to bring you back to His safe place. My freedom is in staying with my Father. My God is holy. He says, "Be holy as He is." What true love really looks like: God chastens the ones He loves. Love doesn't say do what you want— that is false love.

Some people don’t tell the sheep Truth because they love popularity. They seduce sheep for money and a following because they love themselves more than God.

Everybody is running for a word from the prophet because they are not hearing His voice anymore on their own. His sheep always hear His voice. Why do we hear Him? Because we are His sheep! He said, "My sheep hear My voice," not may or could.

Some say: “Tell me plainly. I don’t understand,” and the Lord is saying: “I did.” But we believe not! Those that are not following the Word may not be His sheep. Few shall follow Him! Few shall follow the Word. Many followed Him no more because His Words were too hard, but many are saying, “Where should I go, only you have the Words of life?”

The Holy Spirit will never come against His own Word. How do you know that it is not of God? Because my spirit always bears witness with the Truth! What is Truth? Jesus is the Word. You follow the Word, and you will be able to be led by the Spirit and be hidden in the perfect will of God.

Don’t rely on dreams and visions or revelatory gifts only, but don't despise them either. Just follow Him, His Word. The minute you are out of His will, you will know it. God corrects us by people out in the World beating us up, by dryness and the way things get hard. He will use anything to chastise us all. If you are apostles but are rebellious, you will spend your entire life in your living room doing nothing. It is not our calling that blesses us. It is our obedience! We all are His sheep. We all have Him, and He is faithful. All His promises are for all His sheep, and they are yes and amen!

It is not wise to measure yourself among yourselves! Measure yourself to Christ, and you will stay always in that lower place. Let Him exalt you! The porter (the gatekeeper, the seers) opens the door, and the Spirit leads them into the Shepherd! Peter heard the Father clearly because He was His sheep. Peter did not get it from man. The Father Himself gave that to Him because Peter was part of His fold. Jesus said, "You did not get this from flesh and blood." So, we all have access when we follow the shepherd, the living Word.

“Feed My sheep.” Don’t feed the goats or the wolves! “Feed His sheep:” Those who listen to His voice; those that follow Him. God has appointed people to protect His own. If you are not gathering, you are scattering. Jesus is gathering people unto His Father. There are many sheep caught up among the wolves. The good shepherds go there and rescue them all! Real love lays down his life to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

Nobody is born into God from natural birth. Everybody has to go through the cross, eat the lamb, repent and be born again. Then you enter in!

No self-help can help you to enter in. If you use these carnal new age formulas, it means that you need to help yourself because God can’t help you anymore? No courtroom in heaven can help a disobedient son and daughter. In Christ, we are free. Don't let religion separate you from Him with steps and formulas and rituals.

If you are really of God, you would love Truth because Jesus is Truth. Jesus always restores our souls. Our spirits are not victims or have any wounds, but our souls. When you hear His voice, you get restoration. The glory of His presence will do it! He is a healer!

When you really hear God, people try to make you confused, asking you, “Do you really hear Him?” "Are you sure?" If you are a sheep, you will hear your shepherd. If not, you will hear another. His sheep will follow His written Word.

God is giving us all discernment to recognize the voice of the stranger immediately. We should never follow it. Satan is like, “Let’s hope they will never get hold of the Truth!” But we have it! We eat it! We follow it! We don’t get offended at it! No matter what it sounds like, we know the sound if we stay in the Word.

The prodigal son in His Father’s house heard His voice every single day until He decided to do his will, his lust! It was when he wanted what he wanted for a season; his freedom was fun for a minute, but eventually he ended up with the swine. Go back to the Father's house. He has a robe, a ring, and a big hug for you. Don't waste another day!

Many don’t know what they are doing, and God is saying, “Repent! Seek Me and repent!” God is a God of infinite chances. Hear Him. Follow His voice. Obey it!

The voice of the stranger can be speaking words to your personal situation from the Bible - out of context - but they don't come from the Father or the Spirit. Just because someone posts scripture does not mean it’s His voice for you now.

We want to follow only the Father’s voice! Dine with Him! Sit with Him! Father, open our eyes! Jesus in us all should bear witness of the Truth. This is for now! Everyone that is of the Truth hears His voice! Pilate and many are asking: “What is Truth?” Look at Jesus. He is the Truth. Hear Him.

If you are of Truth, you are His sheep, and surely you will hear His voice! No matter what, if you are the older brother or the wayward, He has all we need. Obedience is the key to breakthrough, not a meeting at a conference, not a “Hearing God’s Voice” series for $49.99. Lord, help us! "Father, open my eyes and ears. Show me. Heal me and deliver me. I was born to live in my Father's house and to hear clearly the voice of My Father." Shane Roessiger

Word: Psalm 119:104-106, John 10:1-30, John 8:30-59, John 12:35-50, John 18:37-38

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