The Kingdom of God is like

The Bible says that the Kingdom of God is like a lot of things. It uses examples to tell us that it is within us and also shows us how to make it grow, how to make it expand, and how to release it. Religion robs the living because it is dead. Theology without revelation of who and of now is dead. Nothing grows without life. Birthing, growing and dying must occur in that order. That is how creation runs. God gives us creation to see His glory. Jesus defeated the second death so we can also live forever. So what birthed in the natural will all die. The Kingdom of God will never die, neither will your spirit and soul to us who been born again.

Today marks 9 years of birthing. We keep birthing what God has placed inside of us: His seed. Let God continue to birth new things in us and around us that we will live forever. It just happens that God has birthed a baby in Brazil this year. Nine years of labor is birthing something stronger and greater in Brazil. Life starts at conception. And life starts with His Word! He spoke. It is conception.

Who is really speaking today by the Spirit of God? Who is going to prepare you for what is to come? Every person that thinks they are in the Kingdom and does not bring fruits of the Kingdom is not really of it! Any other fruit is birthed out of doctrines of man, you being your own God. This New Age filtering in the church: self-help, self-motivation, but it is actually not His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is a taking over of self.

The Gospel and the Holy Spirit are in the World to convince and convict us of sin, to change us. Jesus prayed to the Father what He wants to be done down here. His kingdom! His will be done! On Earth! In our lives!

Give us today our daily bread! Ask for your spiritual man to be filled! Don’t ask for natural things. Deliver us from temptation! From the temptation of having itching ears. Preach and obey the Gospel of the Kingdom. In the real Gospel, you have to buy oil, you have to give up, to gain, to die is to live.

When Jesus preached, demons manifested and they were cast out. In the religious system, demons manifested but they never go away. They stay where entertainment of the flesh is present. Are they preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom? Probably not. Jesus not only cast demons out, but He also charged them to never come back, and they never came back in some cases. The man dropped as dead as seen the power of God. We see this today in our meetings. From manifesting kundalini spirits to aggressive flailing, convulsing to falling unto the power of the Glory of God as one calm and dead, but free. Not in Word only – in power!

Satan has no authority over your life unless you give power to Him. Some kinds of demons will never come out without relationship and sacrifice (fasting and prayer). We need to be close to Him, and there will be a sign of the Kingdom: deliverance and freedom.

Sometimes the Kingdom of God does not look fair. “Why, God, is this so hard?” They start complaining. They feel weary. Everything He gives to you now is for eternity, but if you don’t accept it, you walk out of His kingdom. Some people say, “We have been doing this for so long and nothing is happening,” and they give up. You are looking to the wrong thing, comparing yourselves among yourselves. It is not wise. God keeps His Word and remembers your yes!

Did you not tell Him, “Come into my heart,” and He is saying to you, “Come to My cross?” On the cross you will see His kingdom, and you will enter in! Did you read, "Pick up your cross?” Did you read, "Forsake all?” Much is being given, much is required!

It works the same today! Repent! The kingdom of God is within, ahead, and is for now! How greater is He in you! Or how greater is he that is in the World? There is no other Gospel. He is expecting increase because the Kingdom of God is a kingdom ever increasing. His kingdom is opposite of the kingdom of the World. The last shall be first! The first shall be last!

If you think just because you are predestined you won’t be left out, you are so wrong! You better do His will. You better not be a trouble maker to Him. You better walk in the narrow way. Remember: Only those that are predestined do. God has seen who are doers. You must being conformed.

The kingdom of God comes in a small size, but it takes over. It grows. It is always growing. God starts little and takes over. It is not for your job, your family, or yourself. It is all is for His job and for His family. You are here to finish what He has started! Wake up! Be a son! Be a daughter! God sent more people to the vineyard, 3rd hour, 6th hour, 9th hour. He is the penny. He is the reward. Be steadfast. Don't be weary in well doing.

The Father, for His own good pleasure, decided to give to you the Kingdom!!!!!!! He delights in giving you the Kingdom!

Birthing. Growing. Dying. We all are supposed to live these 3 stages throughout our Christian walk. It has nothing today with your process but with your surrendering. The Kingdom of God is not in bad shape. So let the Word of God sharpen you. You must be growing.

Many are called to work in the vineyard, but few are chosen. No one should be doing what you are supposed to do. Advance the Kingdom! Nobody really wants to do it His way because it takes a lot of dying, surrendering, labor pains. The real Gospel works in power.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will never be the number one book seller when it’s preached alive! Nobody will want to pay the price of it. Anybody can buy a Bible, but to have it written in you, you will have to die! There is something about when the Master spoke. It is so powerful! You can’t deny the red letters. Serious Truth! Jesus is not a man that He could lie.

You have to be watchful, as if a thief could come and break into your house any time of the day. We all need to take a nap sometimes. On which shift do you want to sleep? That is why we need each other: to watch and to pray. We need to keep each other awake! Don’t be a gambler! Did He really mean what He spoke? Some people may question concerning His hard words, "How can He be so loving and say these things?" But I am not going to reason with His Word, but believe. It is all the Truth! Every single Word He spoke! I need Him to do it!

There is still work to do! So much more to do! God is giving us the kingdom! Do you want to labor in the vineyard and get paid in the end? He is not a man that will rob you. He gives what He promised! It is going to be worth it all! Don’t live for now! Don’t build your own kingdom!

Many will be thrown in hell because they are not watching! You were living in the Kingdom but suddenly started building your own! The more Word inside of you, the more Word He is expecting out of you. The more presence in, the more presence out! The more oil in, the more oil out! The more money in, the more money out! He only expects you to give you what He gives to you. No way out of it. Much is required of those who have the Kingdom inside of them!

There is a price. What do you mean? Jesus paid the price on the cross. Yes. Now you pay the price as well. Pick up your cross. Get your own oil. Obedience waters the kingdom of God! The disobedient live in a dry land! God is saying: "Obedience waters your kingdom seed and yielding brings growth."

Go back and look at all the parables about what the kingdom of God is like: Parables of farmers, fishermen, jewelers, businessmen, etc. This one thing He wanted: all of us to understand and believe! Let us pay the price. Buy the field. Have peace, joy and righteousness in Him. Let the kingdom expand within you. See it. Water it. Manifest it! Let the World see what the Kingdom of God looks like! Shane Roessiger

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Word: Matthew 3 – Matthew 6:9-15 – Matthew 9:35-36 – Matthew 12: 28-29 – Matthew 13:31-33 – Matthew 13:31-33 – Matthew 20:1-16 –Luke 12:31-59


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