Spirit of Balaam Works Hand and Hand with Nicolaitans

"Who really wants the real Jesus (truth)?"I know just a few. Hope it’s you!

We need to study the heart of Balaam to understand the spirit of it! We are already seated with Christ in heavenly places. Beware of men who try to say, "They are taking people up to the heavens!" Beware of the doctrines of Balaam. Beware of doctrines that come from man and strange fire! He taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel! Jesus says that the same spirit is here in the end times as it was in the beginning times according to the book of Revelation! What did Balak want Balaam to do? To curse the blessed, to use him to come against God's elect, to try to curse what God has blessed. Balak represents the enemy in our ears and the path of those who prophecy and preach not the cross and separation. He is using seduction.

Revelation 2:14-16 King James Version (KJV)

“But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.

So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.

Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.”

Balak was king of the Moabites. If Satan can get you, the blessed, to curse the blessed, you can become like Cain. In this message, we will focus on the heart of the blessed and also on how the blessed can become cursed with the cursed if you allow your heart to become hardened or tempted to come against the ways of God.

The works of the Nicolaitans, doctrines, and the ways of Balaam are prevalent in the system we call charismatic or denominational clergy or the hierarchy pastoral church, the order of Constantine. The works of the Nicolaitans is a clergy setting and paganism mixed with the called out, holy and set apart Gospel. They are run like the world! Worldly focused!

Balaam was the prophet of God who compromised and fellowshipped with the enemy of Israel. We see him now as the devil!!! He was being manipulated to curse. When we start to be tempted or to move in the flesh and become like the world, we will begin to act just like them and sooner or later get deceived like them.

Nicolaitans and Balaam work hand and hand! You see that if he could curse, he would curse, but HE COULD NOT CURSE WHAT GOD HAD BLESSED. If he could, he would have sold out. Balak tempted Balaam with fame, riches, and much honor from man, like some Christian TV, but God kept on blessing Israel. As long as Israel did well in God’s sight, no one could touch them.

Balaam became a prophet for hire. So it is the works of the Nicolaitans. It’s a system for hire, a system of religious clergy and hierarchy run like the business in the World. Not Body ministry where every joint supplies to the Body of Christ moving in the Spirit, but it is a gift to show man. I would say itinerary prostitution looking for work and not advancing God’s kingdom but advancing their own wallet.

Prophets for hire are all over the place. It works fluently in the denominations and in the system of the Nicolaitans, what we call organized religion. It is not apostolic but are pastoral clubs helping the needy, doing works of justice with no power. God brings these together because in Revelation, the church of Pergamum worked hand and hand with the works of the Nicolaitans. You need a system to promote or pimp your prostitution. It is not heavenly ordained but man made, run by hired employees not by God ordained gifts, running in power just as a form of God but absent from God. They hire people to grow churches. Their networks and church growth steps are all carnal.

The church is not a place where you get promoted because of your degrees and knowledge. We need to make sure that our foundation is sure and sound! What you let in your heart will contaminate your gift. So if you have an assembly in a city and run it like a business and not a body and a family, you are operating in the works of the Nicolaitans. God says He hates this work. That’s pretty heavy to ignore! The world system produces the spirit of Balaam. The apostolic is God’s system and structure where the fruits are more important than titles, where gifts edify the body and are not showcased, where we freely receive and we freely give.

Balaam really wanted that money, fame and honor of man, and popularity but was not able to curse Israel, so he explained to the king how to get God’s people cursed. All the king had to do was to make sure the Israelite's intermarried with other tribes (world), which is something they were not supposed to do, and then they would lose the favor of God on their lives. So, while he didn't curse them, he wanted to. He explained how to get the job done; like always, the lust of the flesh. Satan uses temptation. When we eat it, it brings compromise. This is why the cross needs to be the focus.

We are not a business. We are a body ministry. All have access to God. All are priests and kings!! This prophet went to the mountain of Baal and made sacrifices with the enemy. Prophets of God who are turning into prophets of Baal; they are all around us. The enemy tempts you to do what you are not supposed to do. You become a worker of iniquity. If you curse your brother, you become sons of iniquity. Because of compromise to fame and fortune, God’s prophets are becoming prophets of Baal and teachers of Baal. If we seduce and use a gift to make gain, we will become just like Cain.

Balaam could not curse Israel so he found a way to put them under a curse. He tried to get them fornicating with the heathen. Mixture! When you stop fearing the Lord, you start cursing your brothers and sisters. He was supposed to be God’s man, but he became a double agent, working with the enemy because of greed in his heart. He wanted to sell books and CDs for profit (NOW) and to be on Christian TV for personal gain. That’s how he rolls today, bringing mixture of the world into the sanctuary of our hearts; prosperity prostitutes running church to church, venue to venue, for offering and gain, under the covering of 5013c pastoral Babylonian settings, being pimped by Nicolaitan foundations, false apostolic networks, always offering the next new revelation or program or impartation and selling their personal encounter. The only thing we need is the Word in power with the Holy Spirit. In their hearts, they say, “If I can get on Sid Roth, my ministry will take off.” Works of the Nicolaitans is married to paganism. Selling the anointing does not affect them. Then they lose it.

Israel fell by the lust of the flesh. It married the things of the World. You yoke up with unbelievers. One sure sign of a Nicolaitan preacher is mixing paganism and the calendars of the world in with their messages, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter. None of these are in the Bible, so why would you use them in preaching or honor them in the assembly? Selling a prophetic book and selling a prophecy, is there any difference? Only in our Nicolaitan (GREEK) mindset, but that’s why God is renewing His bride, giving us the mind of Christ.

We are not business. We are a Body ministry. Stay under the blessings of God, and don’t fornicate with any things of the World. Stay in line with the Word of God. Stay in Him! Whatever comes in must be holy and sound. Remnant will be attacked; many will try and curse it; stay holy and set apart.

Nobody in his right mind does not want money. If you don’t, you are religious. If you don’t, you missed a few things in the Word. You need money to advance the Kingdom. It’s the love of it that we need to be delivered from. Love of the world is the root of all compromise.

Market place ministry is operating in the spirit of Balaam. Deep down it is all about money. We are already seated in the heavenly places. We already have dominion over all kingdoms of this world. God has given us back garden dominion and authority. We need to learn how to use it!

You want the blessings? Pick up your cross. If you pick up your cross, you will deny yourself. If you deny yourself, you will love your brother. If you love your brother, you will do well. There is plenty of scripture about who is from God and who is not.

Is the reason why you publish books because the last one made tons of money? Here is another tactic of Balaam: “Let me give you a chapter, then you buy the rest.” Is it not because you want to set the captive free? Is it not because you want to edify the Bride? Is it not because you want to reach many with the Truth? So your motivation is all wrong! You are merchandising of God’s people. Then you have gone the way of Balaam and are not an asset but a stumbling block. The cross is the only access to God and prosperity.

Jude 11 King James Version (KJV)

“Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.”

The Lord knows how to deliver the Godly out of temptation. All of us are being tested by fire, even many in temptation around us. But if your heart is pure, if you are not following the corrupt desire of the flesh and not despising authority, if you are not presumptuous or self-willed, He will know exactly what to do to get you out of temptation. God has apostolic order on the earth. God’s government does not get permission from the governments of the world, neither begs for handouts. God’s government is the head and not the tail.

Don’t forget the right way, the narrow way, and follow the way of Balaam. What is the way of Balaam? – Running with greed, great swelling words of vanity, soothsaying, ear tickling, compromised messages, absent from holiness.

Outside of Christ is deception. This world is condemned. Stay in Christ, casting out the rudiments of the world. Be loyal to God and His holy Word. Keep speaking what He tells you to speak only. Do we think that outside Christ you are stronger than the devil? Be loyal to His Word. Be loyal to His love. Keep on speaking whatever He tells you. Keep on loving whoever comes against what you are speaking. Keep loving and blessing whoever comes against you and what you are speaking. Bless and curse not; repent often; check your heart daily. Let your meat be to do the will of the Father, the creator of all things. Shane W Roessiger

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