Are you Confident or are you Godfident?!
Are you relying on your own confession over your life?
Or do you rely on God’s confession for you?
Do you stir yourself up? Or does the Holy Spirit stir you up?
Do you run after Him? Or does He run after you? 

Every Christian says they have confidence in Christ, but do you really? Or do you have to constantly rely on your own work to keep you confident? Do you have to rely on your own strength? Confession? Track record? Ritual? Works to keep you confident?
Or can you stand today and go before the throne of God, with full assurance of faith and courage, knowing that whatever you ask, He shall give it to you?
There is a boldness and a confidence that comes straight from the Spirit of God, that is not built up from my own being, but given by the Holy Spirit. 
You may say, “Well, the blood of Jesus gives me confidence of my faith, right?”
YES and NO!

The blood of Jesus has power in our life when repentance has way in my heart!
If there is no repentance, there is no blood shed for you and me!
The Church in the book of Acts repented, and the whole Church was flooded with Holy Boldness! 

Conviction is a gift from the Holy Spirit, which keeps me in the Glory as long as I cling to it!
Conviction is there that we may know when our heart is out of line. That we may turn away from whatever the enemy is doing in our life! That the accuser of the brethren may have no power over our lives! If we cling to conviction and repentance, the blood of Jesus washes the enemy and our sins away that condemnation may not return to my life!

Now I can go boldly before the throne of God and have confidence but have Godfidence! Why do I say Godfidence? Because confidence is something I get from myself, but there is a supernatural confidence that comes from God, if we stay in line under the blood. 
Imparted Confidence from God’s Word:
Imparted Confidence from the Spirit:
Imparted confidence from the Blood of Christ: 

When we have open doors to the enemy in our life, the Fowler of the air (the devil) can and will try to steal the Word from the ground of your heart!
I’ve seen and heard people that believed in healing one day, the next day didn’t!
Believed in casing out demons and the next day didn’t!
Believed in following Jesus and the next day didn’t!
God forbid it for your life!

How long will those doors be open in your life? Or will you give in to the convictions of the Holy Spirit, and let peace, joy and righteousness stay in your heart!
When our hearts are clean, the devil will be full of steam because now he has nothing in you, and God is going to give you the Godfidence to cast him out!

Even though you may still have a flesh and be in the process of time, being delivered from old mindsets and past wounds, you are clean with God and you are hidden in Christ because you are covered by the blood. Now the devil no longer sees you but sees Christ and flees because you submitted to God and the love of God gives into the work of the cross, and now the devil has to flee!

Now no longer trying to confess my way into the power of the blood but divinely entering in because of these three bindings:
Repentance + The Blood + The Word = Godfidence
Divine grace to walk out this life in Christ without hindrance! 
Confidence given supernaturally naturally by the Spirit! 

When Peter looked to Jesus, he began to walk on water by the power and Godfidence of the Holy Spirit! When Peter looked down at the water and looked at the wind, the flesh kicked in, and Godfidence kicked out. Peter probably tried to look for confidence in his flesh but could find none. Trying to continue the work of God through his own confidence, he fell in the water, but if he would have looked at Jesus, the Word made flesh, he would have had Godfidence to keep walking on water.

When we believe the Word with a pure heart, pure faith can pour into us, faith that is not mixed with doubt. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Faith doesn’t come by our own strength and believing power. Say what? Faith comes by the Word of God. When we believe on the Word of God alone without mixture of flesh, mixture of hidden agendas which brings forth fruits of doubt, we can have faith without doubt!

Jesus said if you believe, you can cast the mountain in the sea without doubt, it will happen. If any man believes that what he says will happen, he will see it happen!
But if you have open doors in your life, you will never have the Godfidence to believe like the Bible says you should believe! Doubt is a streamline from the enemy, and the only way streams from the enemy can come in is when we let the devil have footholds in our lives. 
Remove the footholds! And you will have the Godholds! The Spirit and The Word are one! The Word keeps us in the Spirit and the Spirit keeps us in the Word!

When we have these two working together though the blood of Jesus, we can have full expectancy and Godfidence that we are the Sons of God! There is a place, the words of Paul bearing witness, that we do not have to lay again the elementary teachings of the Gospel, that we may move unto maturity! Unto perfection! 

A place where it bears witness in our spirits that we are the Sons and Daughters of God! And this is our helmet of Salvation! Our confidence forever!
1 John 5:14, Leviticus 8 & 9, Ephesians 3:12, Hebrews 4:16, Isaiah 32:17, Jeremiah 17:7, Philippians 4:13, Hebrews 6:1, Romans 8:16

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