Expecting God

 " If we are not in a posture of expectation, we are on the edge of becoming ritualistic. Whatever we do, we should expect Him. Expect Him in everything we do. If you lose expectation, you will start doing everything in His name but religiously. Without expectancy, you will become ritualistic.

 Then we become complacent and apathetic. Every single minute of our lives we need to see Him, believing He will show up. We need to have a testimony on our lips daily. When we expect Him, He always shows up. This is how we are to live, like this normally.

 Expectation brings desperation. If you know that He is a rewarder, you will expect something from Him. God always happens. We are the ones that always stop happening. Then we think God stops moving, but He is not a man that He should lie. Could it be that we stop moving towards God?

We need to keep going after God, diligently. That is desperation. His reward is HIM!

You may be doing something with a Godly form, but you are really denying its power if you don't expect Him. You can sing, go to the altar, do this, and do that, but are never going anywhere because our hearts are not expecting anything.

They that come to God must believe that HE IS – a reward for those who seek Him; with persistence, without being weak, without giving up. Seek after Him, hard, or you will begin to be dead.

We do things having a FORM OF GODLINESS but there is no power, no evidence, no manifestation. Our hearts cannot deny His power.

I can’t have faith for tomorrow. I have to have faith now because if tomorrow does not come, I will faint, but now is here, and it is for NOW. Or you become religious and lukewarm. We should not come together because we have to, but when we do things together, things happen because He is the midst of two or three gathering in His name.

Compromise produces apathy which produces unbelief. Expect always something to happen! Expect Him showing up!

We are in transition right now for greater things. You should expect His reward every minute, every second, every day of every week.

Here is another thing that kills expectancy: it is familiarity! Jesus wanted to do mighty things in His city, but they did not believe. They thought, “He is just a carpenter.” There was no expectation. He marveled at their unbelief. Then He left His town. Jesus healed a “few.” It was not a good day for Him because He wanted to do so much more. But no faith. No expectation. Start expecting, and you will see great things happening. People did not really believe. They were looking through their flesh. The kingdom of God is within you.

In Mark 6:32-36, there are people – sheep without a shepherd – expecting the great shepherd. The meeting happened right there because they were hungry. They got the best food of it all. They all got lunch. They all saw a miracle. They were fed inside and out because they were following Him, diligently seeking Him. He fed them with 2 fish and 5 loaves. He fed thousands!

Some people hear a preaching without expectation, and nothing happens inside of them. Go back to that place of expectancy, and you will see what happens. Our reward is just Him!

He looked to heaven! He expected Daddy to move! Jesus Himself expected something from His Daddy. Getting into the natural will stop you from receiving the supernatural.

Sometimes Jesus does great things but suddenly our hearts get hardened. Right after, Jesus went and rested after feeding thousands. Then their expectation ended. They did not consider what He did and let complacency take place. Then they were fearing for their lives and were toiling to get to the shore. Jesus came to walk on the water and could not believe that their hearts became hardened so fast.

But others heard about Him who did not even know Him, and their expectation moved Him. The disciples should have expected more than anybody else, but people that were not even His disciples were hungrier than them. Let this not be us. Let us not get familiar in a way of losing our wonder!

We need to expect HIM, every day! Or we will come together, do this, do that and get nothing. Our hearts full of unbelief will cause you to not expect any more. You need to peel off the flesh and see the Kingdom of God inside of every one of us! Expect that kingdom inside of your brother to manifest! When you stop expecting, you start living broken again. When we get old in our complacency, we need to be fixed by Him!

He wants us to be desperate for Him, every minute of every day, not just one day.

You have a name that sounds powerful, but there is nothing there. He wants to strengthen what is about to die. When we starting dying we can’t see right. We lose our senses. He is the God of the living not the dead, so expect Him to move because He is alive.

And if He is not moving, He is not dead, YOU ARE! Sometimes we know that He is in the house, but we don’t seek Him. Come find Him! When your heart diligently seeks Him, you will find Him! You go and find Him! Get out of your place, go and find Him! He is here! He promised He is here! I will find Him! I will go and find Him! Sometimes we stand by the front door, and He is in the back of the room. You need to go and find Him. He is in the House because He cannot deny His Word.

He may come when you are not expecting, but you are not expecting anyway. When we come together we need to seek Him. People were thronging Him. They were pressing upon Him to touch Him! Sometimes your words, your actions, your thoughts will push Him away because they are not full of faith. Be like the unbelievers that believed what they heard about Him. Even before they met Him, they were expecting from Him because of rumors they heard of Him.

It just takes two, in agreement, touching anything, it shall be done, if we are expecting. There has got to be faith in that agreement. Two or three in His name, He is there. If you are gathering just because and that is what we do, that is religion and just ritual. He is not there. When we gather expecting Him, He will not give us a stone or a scorpion. He is in the midst! He is in the midst! Be filled with expectation. I am not talking about works in the flesh but hunger in the Spirit!

Diligently seek Him full of expectation! The yearning! The longing! Going after Him! He will always reward you because of your faith. Faith is the evidence of your own expectation.

Let the dead bury the dead. We will not be complacent. We want Him every day of the week! Heaven is the limit. There is no limit with you. But don’t listen to voices, or they will kill your expectation. Don’t let religious chatter deceive you.

I believe that HE IS! He is I AM – not me – but HIM! Because He is! He is! He is! The gift of faith will come up in you like Samson! Strength to believe! Strength to seek Him, diligently! He will reward you because He is." 

Shane Roessiger

Word: Mark 6:1-6 - Matthew 13 – Mark 6:32-36 - Mark 3 – Matthew 18 - Hebrews 11:1-6 - Revelation 3:1-6- 2 Timothy 3

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