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Watchman on the Wall

Are you a Watchman on the Wall?

Or are you full of Gall?

Are you a Watchman on the Wall? 

Or are you part of the Fall?

The Bible says there is a great falling away coming to supposed Christ followers in this last day. Are you going to be a part of that fall? 

Or are you going to Watch and Wait for the sake of your own life!

 Most Christians think they are one and done, meaning they said a prayer and they don’t have to do anything anymore. They are going to heaven! They believed once, and there is nothing they have to do!

These kinds of people, I ask you to heed today. They are not Watchmen on the Wall, and because they are not, they will be found without oil when Christ returns!

Nobody is saved yet! If you turn away from Jesus tomorrow, you’re not saved! We, as born again believers, are being saved in the process of time, following Christ until the bitter end! Being delivered from worldliness and religion! Why are we being delivered? Because if we don’t, the things of this life will swallow up our faith, and we will be good for nothing! Lukewarm! Spit out of the mouth of God! So what does this all mean? It means that we must gird up our loins! Pull up our pants! Put our armor on! Put on Christ! Watch for our lives! Lest Satan steal the seed of God in us through open doors that we allow! 

How can we be Watchmen for the church, our brothers and sisters, when we can’t even watch for our own lives?

The book of Nehemiah is a shadow of God’s apostolic church in this day. As we go through the book of Nehemiah, we see types and shadows of Christ and His church and apostles being sent ones to put the church in order, not just in the flesh, but especially in the Spirit: Setting leaders, driving out spirits, building foundations, building walls, building temples of God, equipping the people and to this importance: setting Watchmen. Watchmen are one of the most rejected in the church today! Why? Because most churches are run by demons, and people with sharp discernment will point those devils out! Everyone is called to be a Watchman, whether it be in the Church, with friends, your home and family, but most importantly over your own life! Not everyone is called to deal with spirits in the church, but everyone is called to grow up to get their spiritual senses sharpened to discern spirits in and around them. Though how can God trust you to see amongst brothers and sisters around you when you can’t even see spirits amongst your personal life! 

God is saying, “Awake, Awake, O sleeper! Jump back on your post! Prophet, get back on the alarm post! Watchmen, get back on the Wall!”

Nehemiah placed Watchmen on the Wall and Israel’s enemies aborted their plans to infiltrate. Why, because the Watchmen were watching, and if they sounded the alarm, Israel was ready to fight! This made the enemy of Israel defeated prematurely until Eliashib, the Watchman for the innermost temple of God, allowed in Tobiah, an enemy of Israel! How many Prophets and Watchmen will we have that watch for the enemy but yet will compromise with the enemies of God? You know what is God’s number one enemy? Carnality! And Eliashib allowed it in to the innermost temple of God!

In the book of Ezekiel, the Holy Spirit speaks about the Watchmen and his or her responsibilities as well as consequences. “When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand” (Ezekiel 3:18).

How many of you today were supposed to warn a people, warn a brother or sister, or warn your family but didn’t because of man pleasing? Man pleasers are not Watchmen, and man pleasing is not love. Reproach, rebuke and correction are love, and if you cannot mix that with your edification, souls will be required at your hands. When we allow those amongst us to continue in sin without warning them by the Spirit, it is the same as if we sinned! 

Many pastors will be responsible for the deaths of many in the Day of Judgment. They have a smiley face on, but I tell you with all fear of God: There will be no smiles in Hell. Oh no! The magic word, “Hell.”

Yes, Hell. Many Christians will end up there because their pastor wouldn’t preach the truth.

Some Watchmen see too much for them to handle, but just as God told Ezekiel: Son of Man, write down the vision! Daughter of God, write down the vision! Remember what this is all for! For the protection of the church! For Christ to be formed in all those that follow him! For the captives to be set free! For the backsliders to slide back into repentance! For the church to rise up and the gates of Hell prevail not against it! You are on a mission for the great commission! Not to condemn, but to see! That the sons of God can return to the Father! The spirit of Elijah is coming to the Watchmen to confront and convert! 

What people will carry the anointing that was on Elijah to turn the lost to their true Father? 

Awake, Watchmen on the Wall, that no one may fall! 

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