Truth that Lies

People have been sending me videos of so called prophets from all over the world, some with millions of followers. It makes me nauseous because all it is is a show. All they do is prophecy. Do you realize how accurate fortune tellers and palm readers are? Do you realize if you can learn to hear from God (Holy Spirit), you can learn to hear from the devil (unclean spirits)? When some claim words of knowledge come from God, and it’s from the devil, it’s called divination.

Do you know that the devil and all his army know your entire past, every relative you ever had? Do know He knows more about you and your life, even more than you especially if you are following Jesus, because we are told not to look back? Do you know that just because someone says something that is true does not mean it comes from the Spirit of TRUTH. Remember the woman with the spirit of divination? For three days she was saying the truth, but it was not from Holy Spirit.

Real prophets get stoned in the so-called church while these ravishing wolves become idols. Real prophets preach the Word of God line upon line. These soothsayers barely ever open the Bible. Soothsayers put on a show to get everyone entertained and lift themselves up on how accurate they are. Real prophets point out sin in the church and sin in the lives of those who are in the fold.

False prophets dance around and ignore sin and boast on how anointed you will be. They tell you every secret ambition and idol of your heart and give a holy interpretation to make you believe you can be worldly so God will use you in your will not His. False prophets and soothsayers are always pointing you to their gift, not to Yeshua, pointing you to how accurate they are and always having to prove they are from God. Gifts don’t set you free. The Word in POWER transforms us and changes us from faith to faith and glory to glory.

Real prophets point you straight to the cross, straight to Jesus and Holy Spirit. They actually cast out demons and don’t entertain people with demons.
Real prophets are about God’s business. 
False prophets are about show business.
Real prophets point to the cross.

False prophets point to gifts and manifestation, taking the glory.
I have news for all of them: Elijah is here! He is going to put a show on, one show: He is going to expose all the prophets of Baal. He is going to lead the remnant into Daddy’s arms. All of them that love the wages of Balaam and hold these doctrines, unless they repent, will also be removed. Time is short. Judgment has been released on all those that love eating at those tables. Repent for the kingdom of God is here.
Shane Roessiger




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