Laid Up

Let us soak up the full counsel of God. God is not double minded. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Joseph brings a shadow of Yeshua. God used one man to save a nation. Then One Man to save the World. The beginning always reflects the end. From the pit to the palace, from the jail to the throne…God is always Jehovah Jireh to His people.

There was already a famine for two years. There was corn in Egypt. And who was running the store house: Joseph! Who gave the dream to Joseph? God. Who stored up? Egypt. Not Israel. Who did God provide for with no toil? Who actually did all the work for preparing for the famine? Who has the promises of God? Is your name Jehovah Jireh? Or is His name Jehovah Jireh?

We have to learn that God provides all our needs. God used one man, one person to sustain the whole nation. No matter what, God is watching a movie that He already made. He knows every part. When we walk in obedience and in Truth, He takes care of us.

So, who is Jehovah Jireh? God. Abraham was tested. So many are failing the test. Some so-called prophets are even selling stuff for survival. Without faith, you cannot please Him. Don’t follow any winds of doctrine to toss you, to make you to fear. Any theory that comes against the writings of Jesus is not from God. We need to smash every manmade wisdom and teachings.

How can I have faith in my own Kingdom and in my own strength? How can I build His kingdom when I am building my own kingdom? You will become anti-kingdom. Only one kingdom will stand.

The wealth of the wicked shall be laid up for the righteous. If there is no food, He would even take your hunger away or send you angels to feed you. Even ravens. God is God in every season, in every minute in all time. These merchandisers must be stopped subverting whole houses.

What are we supposed to be doing every day? Building the kingdom within us. You can’t take care of yourself and take care of His kingdom. First: His kingdom always! God will feed a whole nation using one man. God feeds His Church with One Holy Spirit.

Joseph is the representation of Christ. It was not about Joseph. It was about God’s purpose for that nation. What Joseph went through saved the whole nation. What Jesus went through saved us all! God is only pleased by faith.

What kind of relationship is this? When the Father is rich but the sons are broke? What did Isaac do in time of famine? Did he store up or did he sow?

Beware of the leaven of hypocrisy. God is your supplier or He is not. Don’t pretend He is when you really don’t believe. We made everything our god. They say one thing but they do another. If I preach Jesus, I better be eating from what I preached. Or I am a hypocrite! God is God or I better help Him.

Fear only God, not economy. Not the stock market. The very hair that is on your head, He knows it. God knows everything. He is testing your faith. Does the Bible lie or does it not?

We will have enough wisdom, and we won’t strive to get anything. Those who strive are rebellious children. Because strife comes out of rebellion and fear, bringing toil every single time as it shows in the Bible.

When we don’t trust Him, we deny Him. He said: Take the land! But people are looking at the land, at the obstacles, at the giants and are not obeying. We either see how big God is or we see how big the problem is.

Faith has a plus. Fear has a minus. It takes away everything: your joy, peace, favor.

If you confess God, He will confess you. He cannot deny Himself. “When they bring you, when they persecute you, when they come to get you…” This sounds like the end times, but He will teach you what to say, what to do, where to go. This is what He is building in you: a strong foundation!

Either the gospel is the gospel or it is not the gospel. False teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothes, are bringing this demonic doctrine! People are giving power to the beast through the fear that the beast puts on them. Store up! Give me a break.

God will have a ravens’ delivery service to the remnant. Come on Elijah, wake up! Perilous times will come. The Word talks about that, but this is why we have God. Sometimes God will tell you to keep now because you are supposed to give later, not because of fear but purpose. He said, "Do not lay up your riches on Earth."

The churches are trying to be a friend of the World and keep their rights. The Constitution will be burned away and what are you going to do? The government of this World will turn on you, whatever you have will be taken anyway unless you take the mark. How foolish to become a friend of the World!

A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of possessions. In the wilderness, there were no survival techniques; just follow the glory cloud by day and the fire by night. Expand His kingdom.

If you are suffering, it is not because of Him but because you are disobeying. We do not trust in horses, chariots, and on the government, but in the Lord - Jehovah Jireh.

There is no American dream in the Kingdom of God because the American dream is all about you and comes with a lot of strife. What is the kingdom of God? Joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit! To be in the Holy Spirit, you must come out of the spirit of this age!

You laid up your treasure for yourself, but you are not rich towards God. Consider the ravens and birds: They sow nor reap; Daddy takes care of them. You will be persecuted for all the blessings. You will suffer because of it. He is training us to be good stewards of what He put in our hands. You can’t add one cubit to anything anyhow.

How long is the famine? Do you know? How long will it last? Consider the lilies. Five barns, two barns, how much will be needed? Eventually we will all need God. Start today. Put trust in Him, not in your own strength.

Anything that comes against the gospel of Jesus Christ is the enemy of the cross, enemy of faith, and anti-Christ. He wants to give us the kingdom, but He is taking need for things out of us. All of our needs shall be added, if you seek Him first.

If your treasure is in the kingdom of God, your heart will be in it. Always seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness! There is no way to advance the Kingdom of God unless the kingdom of God advances in you.

He is not going to come when you think he is coming, but when you think He will not. Stick to the Word of God and be ready.

The miracle does not happen with the digging, with the toiling. The miracle happens supernaturally resting in faith. The Gospel is not a formula. It has rebuke, edification, and power. Faith is the only Gospel we should follow. Not fear.

What have you been laying up? The Word in 1 Timothy 6:19-21 tells us to lay up for ourselves a firm foundation against the time to come that we may lay hold of eternal life! Lay your treasure in the Kingdom of God. This is the kingdom of Faith. Seek first God. Seek Him always. He promises to be there for you whatever you go through. He knows! Let us walk in Spirit, not in doctrines of man and false prophets that lie to you and teach you to save yourself! There is only one strong tower, and it is not you. There is only one storehouse that lasts forever, and it is in heaven. Store up where there is guaranteed return, where you won't be stripped by the anti-Christ spirit.

Genesis 42 – 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 – Luke 12:43 – Matthew 6 – 1 Timothy 6:19-21

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