You got to see it

Write the vision. Write the vision. Write the vision. When God speaks, write the vision and make it plain, if you carry a mandate from God. It will surely come to pass. Wait and it will speak and loud. It will be. 

You can have a vision. There are two kinds of visions: one spiritual and one prophecy; both can come in the same way! So we all serve God. We are not serving man, but we are stewarding a vision. So it is God that we are serving. He is just putting pieces together. He is fitly joining every part to do His will on Earth. 

All these had a mandate: Moses, Noah, Paul, Jesus, Peter, Joshua, Gideon, David, and so many more. And they all had God working with them!!! Blue prints from heaven, carrying specific instructions from God. We all are instructed in the Word by God concerning our character, but He instructs the living alive in Christ now concerning purposes ordained from heaven. Religion is dead so everyone gets instruction from a dead letter and the end always will be dead works, but God has an end time purpose and it is apostolic. Those who follow that vision will be endued with power to accomplish it. 

John had a vision and released it to the Body. The book of Revelation is full of it. We are tarrying for that now, but God also gave Paul His own personal will and instruction, and up to this day, many are following it. 

We submit to the vision, but if it is not of God you better run from it. Brick upon brick: that is God establishing a vision. When the blueprint does not come from heaven, the vision surely does not come from Him. Nehemiah was restoring the gates, and God is using the apostolic to restore the end time bride - the Church. The biggest enemy of God’s plans and purpose is religion. 

Paul had a mandate. He had to do it exactly how God told him to. Whatever He told him to do, he did it, not more, not less. When we decide to do it God's way, there is no division among us. God is gathering. What is the vision for the bride down here: to destroy the works of darkness, to walk in the full measure of Christ. He gave this mandate to the apostles for the end times. 

When we are together, we are protecting the heavenly vision. Be faithful to what God put in front of you! Serve that! We serve God, and He has His mandate. Organized religion has a form of God but lacks the anointing and the power! 

We are in Christ. We are seated with Him in heavenly places. God is making us ready for persecution, betrayal, attacks, but keep following the heavenly vision. If you don’t have a heavenly vision, what are you going to do? Everything will vanish away. Only the eternal purposes will be left. Everything else will burn away. 

The Bible never said, “Be nice but preach the Truth.” People that really want Jesus will look through your flesh, and they will see your passion and will give attention to what you are saying because it comes from a real place. 

Man can promote you, but if God has not promoted you, you have gone nowhere. Stick to the heavenly vision. Get with a vision and that heavenly vision will keep you. God will sustain you. 

Itching ears messages will fill the building, but the building is missing the One. God is not even there. But God has a vision. He set the apostles first in the church because they carry the vision. King Agrippa, whatever you said to me it won’t matter. I will be faithful to the vision given by God to me. It doesn’t matter about Pharaoh or Caesar. It is about the King of the World. "Nebuchadnezzar, I bow only to one master..." 

Winds of doctrines are blowing all over the internet. It is attacking heavenly vision. A term I hate that the spirit of religion uses is, "We all have different tastes. Not everyone likes chocolate, pick your flavor." Give me a break. God is fitly joining us together. He is the master builder. If He does not build the house, we labor in vain. He has One Spirit, One doctrine, One church, and ONE FLAVOR. Religion always cuts up the Body and gives people what they want. Denomination comes from this apostate thinking. Then the devil will say, "Can we just agree to disagree?" NO. I only agree with God. What if Noah’s sons would have said, "Father Noah, this is a better and faster way"? Would the boat float in times of rain? Noah got the blue prints and the vision and His entire family obeyed it, and all were saved. Stick to the vision.

Make sure you do whatever God tells you with zeal. We don’t hold back the truth because we have all the light the World needs. Or all you will be doing is self help. That has nothing to do with the cross and its power and for the Truth. Religion is backwards because they want to control. They take from God becoming Jezebel instead of the sons of Noah. 

Mandate is about a vision. The Spirit will tell you directly who, what and how. This is not our home, so we need a heavenly vision for down here. Stephen was a deacon, anointed, but he came under apostolic vision and got killed because of it. But he did it. Because He came to serve the vision he moved in the same power as the vision stewards. 

We need to understand the difference between organized religion and purpose. Now to move and to manifest His kingdom will be only those under the heavenly vision. The vision cannot be accomplished in the flesh. Rejoice that we are one with Christ. So we have only one vision: HIS!

 If you don't have a vision, don't make a prostitute with a gift. Connect with a vision because that is why you have that gift. Then you will see the anointing like never before. Your gift connected to a heavenly vision will birth destiny. Your gift on your own will birth a life of striving. Be free and see, get on His vision. You may lose the vision if you don’t have your eyes on Him. Keep on watching. Keep on praying. If you have the mind of Christ, you must think like Christ. What is your mandate? What is your vision? It better be heavenly. And if it is, surely it shall come to pass, but first you got to see it. 

Habakkuk 2, Acts 18:5-11,  Acts 26:16-20,  1 Corinthians 12:18-21, Zechariah 4, 1 Thessalonians 5:11-24

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