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ALL or Nothing

Are you ALL in? Or are you half in? Are you all in, or is there that one part of your life that you cannot forsake?

Jesus told the disciples to forsake all that they had, all that they were! All that they want to be! His words have not changed! Have you counted the cost? The cost is everything! Either we're going to go all in and give up our whole lives for Jesus or not! There is no middle ground! If this generation wants to walk in the fullness of God, it's going to cost them everything they have and everything they are! 

Everybody in America today preaches a Gospel of The Cross, but the cross is only half the Gospel. The full counsel of the Gospel is this: to deny yourself, leave everything! Pick up your cross and follow Him! Not just put Jesus on the shelf so that you can make it to heaven. Rather to give up this life, the desires and entanglements of this world; that you would be counted worthy to receive all of who God is and all of what God has! That you may know Him and know His destiny for your life! Heaven is great, but this is not about making it to heaven!!!! This is about becoming one with the Father forever! This is about God becoming our father and us becoming his true children! This is the central reason why Jesus died! We cannot just say a prayer to have the fullness of God! We need to forsake all! Jesus said if any man cannot forsake house, father, brother, mother, sister, and all that he has for My sake and the Gospel, he cannot be My disciple! 

Are you ready for that? People today ask, “What must we do to be saved?” The church tells them to "say a prayer." A man asked Jesus the same question. Jesus told him, "Sell everything you have," and the man was grieved and walked away because he had great possessions. Are we really preaching the Gospel? Or are we selling people short from truly knowing God because we are worried about numbers. Most people that Jesus preached to walked away. There were only few that really followed him, and today there are still only few! Are you one of them? Are you a remnant or are you like Lot’s wife who followed Lot and Abraham out of Sodom and Gomorrah but kept looking back because she loved the world? If you love the World, the love of the Father is not in you! Today we have many people that want to follow Jesus, but they love the world. Lot’s wife turned to stone because she loved the world, and we have many in the church today that love God but love the world, and they’re spiritually stuck: Lukewarm, destitute, dry, watered-down, powerless, DEAD! 

Love God or love the world! Serve God or serve yourself! Will you be like Ananias and Sapphira who couldn't forsake the love of money, which in turn they were struck dead by the Holy Ghost in a New Testament church? Will you be like Judas who followed Jesus, but because of his love for the world and material possessions ended up betraying Jesus? It’s all or nothing! Many today will go all in for Jesus or even follow Him even though they leave out one part of their life and ultimately that one little part eats up their faith, leading to their spiritual death.

What is that little part of your life today? Is it your family? Possessions? Job? Money? Friends? School? Or is it your own way that you can't forsake? You want to follow Jesus but you want to do it your way. You have your own ideas. You have your own dreams and aspirations, your own desires. Even the things of the heart on the inside, we must forsake. It's time to receive a new heart! Birthed with God’s desires! God’s wants! God’s intentions! God’s will and God’s vision for our lives! 

If you want to follow Jesus truly, you must give up your own will! Self-will is the heart of all sin! Will you give up your dreams? Will you give up your own visions for your life! If you can't, Jesus says you are not worthy of Me. Who will be worthy of Christ today? Those who give it ALL! Can you say boldly right now that you have given up every area of your life for Jesus? The funny thing is that people don't want to give up their life for Christ, their things and desires. The funny thing is that Jesus said whoever leaves all for my sake will receive 100 fold, houses, brothers, mothers, sisters, and lands in this life and in this life to come! The whole point is He's trying to remove your soul tie to these things, that He may remove the heart after the flesh and give you a heart after the Spirit! Most people have soul ties with their family. Jesus said, “Who is my father, brother, mother and sister? Those that do the will of the Father! Are you sure you want to be like Jesus? 

It's all or nothing. Give it all or give nothing! Be cold or hot, but do not be lukewarm or else He will spew you out of His mouth! 

The church wants to be on fire, but because they can't forsake their own lives, they will always talk about being on fire but never attaining it! 

Forsake all, and you can have all the FIRE you want!





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