Scattered and Gathered

God is exposing the wolves that are scattering the sheep. The goats and the sheep are being separating by God Himself, but the wolves are scattering them all. If Satan can turn the real shepherds into a hirelings, it is a demonic strategy: it will scatter them from eating and from being led by the true shepherd. He uses fear and points out things, but He is a liar. He is after the little ones. 

 If you don’t gather with Him, you are scattering. Wolves have been feeding God’s sheep. Evil spirits are finding place because they are not being continually filled by the Spirit of God. False teaching and false doctrines are causing many sheep to fall into the ditch, to walk in darkness, and to drink from muddy waters.

They write books from Baal. They write messages from Baal. They prophesy lies. They are actors as they dress up for a party. They are not sent by God. 

The unbeliever Christians became wolves. The unbelieving Baptist or anybody that does not believe on the Holy Spirit became wolves. The unbelieving Jews were stirring the gentiles. It does not matter which denomination you are from; if you change any of His Word, you became a scatterer! They make the minds of the little sheep evil. Then they start questioning, rebelling, taking scriptures and twisting it to fit in their denomination, their doctrine and to their pernicious ways. So instead of gathering them around the shepherd, they are scattering them.  

The shepherd goes in one direction: One way! He will bring to the sword those who scatter His little sheep. Cities are being divided into truth or religion, compromise or loyalty to the truth. Part will go after the religious; part will go after Him! We are One Spirit, One accord, One fold following One shepherd! 

Not everybody can open the door of the fold. Only those with Jesus! Apostles and real prophets are porters to the door. We must eat from green pastures, drinking living water! We either are for Him - the good chief shepherd, or against Him. If we are for Him, we are for the sheep! 

Do you want the Truth? Do you believe the Truth? Real sheep will not follow man without Jesus or man without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us into all Truth; it guides us into all of Jesus. There are many actors dressed up as shepherds, but they are ministers of ministry, of scattering instead of gathering. They seem to be for Him, but they are really against Him, full of hidden motives. 

There is only one door to the fold: the Holy Spirit! The goats will follow the stranger because they will just walk after his voice. Just focus on the sheep and on the good shepherd. He will separate those that look the same, but they are not. They are those who dress themselves as sheep and shepherds but are ravishing wolves! Many false shepherds are really angels of light! 

Heresies causes division, but God will not allow His sheep to be divided as He divides goats, as He scatters the wolves. He will expose the prophets of Baal. He will make sure you don't follow any of them. A house divided by man can't stand. But a fold divided by God will remain forever! 

Many will hear again the voice of the bride is the voice of the remnant. God will cause them to come out of captivity back to the fold of the good shepherd. He will bring health and He will cure the little sheep. He will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth. He will cause them to return to the fold and will build them as at the first. They will hear the voice of joy, the voice of the bridegroom, the voice of the bride. The voice of the bridegroom is the voice of the good shepherd." By Shane W Roessiger

 “So many thieves and robbers will enter not by the door into the sheepfold but will climb up some other way. To get to God's little sheep, you have to come through the door. Jesus is the door of the sheep, and He only opens it up for those who have the fierce heart of Peter. "Peter, feed, take care, watch over My sheep..."

Satan is out there to get them. He is a thief and a robber, always trying to climb that wall. He finds hirelings. What should have been a divine choice, Satan turned into a job/career. When they see the wolf coming, they leave the sheep and flee. They don't care about them. They are all for themselves! For their ministry! For their lives! There are so many scattered sheep because of them.

At the same time, there are so many, many real Godly shepherds zealous for God's sheep that go out there, leave the fold after the wolves, forgetting that wolves walk in packs. As you are trying to kill one, many others are attacking the fold. The good shepherd does not go after wolves! They SEE them coming! They don't leave the fold, not even for a second. They protect the gates! They protect the sheep! They lay down their lives for them. Their eyes are on the sheep, constantly. It is a nonstop, 24/7 care!

The shepherd is always communicating with the sheep. They keep hearing their voices because it sounds just like the Father's voice. And there is no way to follow any other. The shepherd knows them by name, knows their weakness, also their strength. The shepherd knows who are his and who are not. No thieves, no robbers, no wolves can get into it because the gate is always closed. The watchmen are set on the wall. No way for them to climb it!

Jesus is the door of the sheep. If He has opened up that door to you, make sure you don't open it up to any other...” Marlene Roessiger

"Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them." John 10:7-9

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Word: Jeremiah 23, Luke 11:14-28, , Acts 14, John 10:7-9, Luke 20:1-8, 2 Cor 11:14

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