Submission Vs. Control

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 Why is the church acting like the world? It’s a Jezebel spirit. The church has opened doors of pleasing people! Satan is seducing people with their idols and using flattery and false fruits. When you do not obey the Word of God, you make yourself an open target for deception. Let me show you! God has divine order. Even the world knows about order. They stole it from God. Order keeps the peace; order protects people. Yes, when you have bad and corrupt leaders or authority, you begin to be controlled and dictated, but this still does not make God a liar or give you a right to dismantle His ways. Satan makes God words into bad words! The world does the same. It’s called anti-Christ. It’s a spirit of perversion. It perverts the right ways, twisting order and twisting scripture to make it what they want.

That is why you see lesbian married woman now in leadership in some so-called churches. They call themselves apostles, but they are not. The women's movement and equal rights were really not good for women. There is a war against God not woman. We have the same movement in the church, with Jezebel and independent spirits. What happened every year in this country since this movement? We have become more perverted and immoral on a drastic scale because it was breaking God’s laws and making submission a bad word. Now we have false freedom maverick movements. Well, women carry the same mindset in the church; so do men! They say I only submit to Jesus. That's good, but you really don't. Why, because His Word tells us to submit to the gift in the body and to one another! So, the same perversion creeps in the church, and most churches are run by the Jezebel spirit and so many only submit to people that think and talk like them. It’s called rebellion. The world saw a false love rebellion movement in the 60s that caused false peace and false love. It’s in the church, and it’s called apostasy now. The only authentic peace comes from submitting to Jesus and the truth. False freedom is you do whatever you want; you become your own God. It’s the anti-Christ spirit, but real freedom is submitting to God and receiving His true love and peace. This is a false grace, hyper grace movement. But judgement starts in the house of God.

Genesis 3:16

Just because there are religious tyrants does not make us have the right to protest against God and His Word for faulty liars and false leaders. Where there is counterfeit, there is real. God is alive; so is His body. Rebellious Jezebels will usurp authority. Then they show corrupted reasons why to follow their pernicious ways. They say, “We are free,” meanwhile being deceived while they put fear on you that God and man want to control you. This is what they did to destroy marriages in the world. Males and females are coming under the power of Jezebel to seduce you to eat her fornicated teaching and cherry picking doctrine to allure you to her table, then cutting off the head and protection of God in submitting to God and His Government, taking our trust in God away! What Satan had to do first was to make the word submission a bad word. Remember, we were all in the world before we were in Christ, under Jezebel’s teaching with no anointing. So, if the mind does not get renewed it will continue to think like the world. In that, you are bringing in your rebellious behaviors because of wounds and hurts, and you have been controlled by them and have made vows against men and leaders. For example, you say, “I will never listen to a man,” or “I will never let a man tell me what to do.”

Let’s see the difference between controlled and submission. One is bad; one is good; but Satan made them both bad and both to mean the same thing. He is a pervert from the beginning.


The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

Awesome, so we submit to God and yield to His Word and then we are protected and shielded.

Controlled, controlling:

To exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command.

So, if Satan can make God’s children make submission look like control, he has you rebelling against God and His government. This brings anarchy and division.

The funny thing (NOT!) is that this is what he did in marriages, wanting to be equal, and we are, but we are not (equal because we are made in His image, and we are loved the same and are his children but different in the roles that we play and live). God has order. So, look at what happens when Satan perverts order. Jezebel makes Ahab out of the man, actually controlling man with seduction and enticements and makes herself the head and wants you to submit to false freedom. This is what she wants to do to the head, Jesus. We are the bride of Christ, but Jezebel wants to make leaders like Ahab to be man-pleasing and to control and pervert the ways of God saying we are all equal. It’s true, but it’s not.

Just like Satan twisted (perverted) Eve in the Garden saying you’re missing out, God is keeping you from something. You can be like God, and you will not surely die. Satan was perverting the ways of God from the beginning. We, as the body of Christ, were formed and made to fit into our position. When we want to change ourselves into what we want, we pervert the right ways of God and then come out of His protection. So, if the husband gets out of God’s order, meaning becoming Jezebel in the church, there is no hope. Then the wife has to make sure that she is submitting to the Holy Spirit, almost double honor! But if the husband is not in church, the woman can be under God’s protection! Genesis 3:1-6

It’s the same for the body of Christ. When you misplace yourself or usurp authority, you actually become a pervert. In church, in the world, and in a marriage, whether you sleep with a man, or are a man with a man or woman with a woman, in action and mind you are fornicating with rebellion and end up sleeping with Satan. Then you eat from Jezebel’s table, not the table of the Lord in sincerity and in truth, turning truth into lies and lies into truth, good words into bad words and Gods ways into your ways.

In the Kingdom of God, there is no male or female in the Spirit. 

So, this spirit (Jezebel) can be also for men and women in the church. Let’s make submission the good word, order and protection, and God’s covering, instead of what Satan has deceived and made into control and domination. He is a liar from the beginning! Live under an open heaven where truth, revelation, and blessing flow. God Bless. 

Word: Gen 3:1-6 Gen 3:16 Ephesians 5:20-33 Revelation 2:19-21 
Hebrews 13

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