What is True?

So many are false. So many are real. But without humility you will never see it. Where there is holy, there is profane. Where there is true, there are lies. Where there is truth, there is false. Where there is real, there is fake. Where there is counterfeit, there is authentic. Where there is the fear of the Lord, there is false grace, false love, and man pleasing.

Man Pleasing and God Pleasing are two different Kingdoms. Two different gods. One is from The Kingdom of God and the other is from yours or from the spirit of man!

So, it is impossible to please man who is carnal and please God who is eternal! You will despise one and cling to the other!! The spirit of religion HATES brethren walking in truth because they are compromisers so they get on them the spirit of Cain! The spirit of Cain hates brethren that chose God over man. They hate people who reverence God and the Word of God because they themselves are compromisers, so they don’t get received and anointed.

False fruits have no salt because they use fruits to direct men to them! Real fruits get hated, killed and persecuted. Religion hides themselves in false fruits like fig leaves but stands naked and is being revealed in this hour! The remnant has been chosen. Just because you hang around the remnant does not make you one of them. Remnant does not man please but God pleases only! Remnant do not live on the fence holding onto religion and pretending to be free. They eat the Word. They live the Word. They are blessed.

Any doctrine of man is another gospel! False fruit movements eventually turn into lasciviousness. They all are nice, but they are not of God. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it is death! Man pleasing will turn grace into lasciviousness. It will not correct, will not stand for one position, but will bend with every wind.

Love is not moved by emotions. It is a fruit of the Spirit! Love must be righteous, led by the Spirit of God, or it is counterfeit. Religion has a bunch of counterfeit fruit! These man pleasers are cursed children because man pleasing is a spirit of self. They are nice to everyone, but they are not salt.
Being all things to all men is not being like them as many come to falsely confirm nor is it sinning with them! Becoming all things to all men does not mean becoming a chameleon. Jesus hung out with the sinners, but He never sinned or approved sin. People don’t take the full counsel. How can Paul become a Jew if later on he said there is no Greek or Jew, that he is a born again, a citizen of heaven. Paul came to them in a position that they could understand him. So, he brings the pure gospel so they could understand. He still got stoned but not for man pleasing but God pleasing.

People use their phone as their pulpit. Everybody is right. Everybody is hearing God when they are not. Everybody is saying, “Thus saith the Lord,” when He has not said anything to them. Maybe God Himself will shut down Facebook and social media so the nonsense preaching will stop. There are so many making themselves Facebook pastors, flock followers, because all are agreeing on what they like. They all like the same cherries that are being picked. I am doing spiritual warfare. We have to eat the whole tree!

Paul did not get his Gospel from man or from himself but from God. If you don’t know the Truth when the Truth was spoken, you are in a very bad place. God has somebody out there preaching the Truth! If everybody is wrong, God is wrong. When you come against the government of God, you are coming against God Himself! I tell you this: Everyone is not wrong and there is Truth in the land, not private interpretations. God does have people ordained to speak for Him. Then you have people speaking for God but are not sent. It is in the book of Jeremiah. They ran but I did not send them. Jeremiah 23:21: “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.”

Love corrects His children. Or you are a bastard. Maybe the anti-Christ and the false apostles are working hand and hand and nobody knows! Seers see, but you say don’t show us. This promotes confusion. They call themselves apostles, but they are liars because they are man pleasers.

God pleasers are zealous of His presence! Of His truth. Of people that are lost. Of whom God is zealous for. The zeal of the Lord shall consume us all! The fear of the Lord keeps us. There is too much religious manology being mixed in the Truth. How many have set themselves up?

How about the ones that said: My Words are from God when they are not! Do we have enough discernment? If you don’t, you will be joining them without knowing. God does not tickle ears. He cuts off man pleasing, fleshy motivated word, with the sword of the spirit. He cuts them off and gives you ears to hear

These false leaders will find baby born again believers and make religious man pleasers like themselves. Liars, hearing not from the Holy Spirit, not moving in power, not sent by God but popular among the man pleasers. Spiritual warfare sometimes is just a matter of turning them over. God is about to move on, but many will be stuck.

God’s sword will knock the sword of man out of their hands. Anyone that has not salt in themselves can’t have peace with one another. We are the salt, and we are supposed to enhance anything we touch, but if you are man pleaser, you cannot enhance anything but your own agenda. You have not salt in yourself. What difference do you make? Is your agenda to be loved by all men? Are you ready to be hated by all men? God pleaser is the only one ordained.

Make us true conduits of Truth. Iron sharpens iron. Anything else will dull our swords. Father, help us to not be offended. We break all unclean words, anything that is not of you, any chatter that is polluted. Guide us into all Truth. Your Word is Truth! We will not look at their faces. We will speak without looking at their faces. Clothe us and reveal us to ourselves that we may be clothed in your righteousness! Ground us in your Truth. Ground us in true love. A man pleaser can never get a hold of what is true because it costs everything, and everyone wants a cheap gospel. But treasure is not cheap. It is glorious. Deep calls!

Word: 2 Peter 2, Galatians 1:6-15, Mark 9:34-50, Jeremiah 23:21 word byShane W Roessiger

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