The Spirit of Korah

Korah, a man of God, an Israelite, a Levite, a set apart one, a leader to the congregation, a worker put in place by God, rose up AGAINST Moses. Moses and Aaron were representing God’s Government! With Korah were 250 Israelite men, well-known community leaders who had been appointed members of the council. They came as a group to oppose Moses and Aaron and said to them, “You have gone too far! The whole community is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them. Why then do you set yourselves above the Lord’s assembly?” When Moses heard this, he fell to his face! 

Korah was a man deceived by the vanity of his own heart!

Korah really thought in his mind he was standing up for God and his people. Though in his heart was condemnation because of his lust to be at the top of the platform. This spirit is designed to denounce and take down God’s government placed in the church as a gift for the saints, to build up and bring the church to the full measure of Christ! But wait! Korah believes in Christ?? Korah talks about Christ in himself all the time but never about Christ in others. Is it really about Christ? If you cannot submit to God’s government order and body, you are denying Christ. Christ is in you, but he's also in the one in front of you, in the one behind you, in all those who are after the Spirit of God and not after the flesh. The question is, “Are you looking for Christ? Or are you focused on man?” 

The spirit of Korah, will say, “Well, I don't submit to man!” And God says, “It’s because you can't see the heart of a man!” If the Corinthian church did not submit to Paul's gift set in place by God, they would have perished! They were ready to go fornicate with people in their own family! Why does this happen and even happen in the church today?? Because there is no order from heaven in the church. We have leaders, we have pastors, we have ushers, we have fundraisers, we have coffee and tea, but we don't have set and sent ones. The majority of the church has no clue of the authentic five fold ministry. Why? Does God not want to send his government to the American church? No! You know why? Because the American church does not want it! They just want to know that Christ is in them! They think that are blameless in God’s sight, and they are going to heaven! 

 This is not the Gospel! Jesus didn't die for us to pretend! He died for us to know Him and to be restored as sons and daughters! The remnant is set apart from mainstream Christianity. They shall know him and receive the gift of God’s government so that they can grow into the full stature of Christ. God has made and designed these gifts for them! O precious remnant! No longer being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine! Korah is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine! Why? Because it's doing everything it can to draw attention to self, to make its own ministry, to be the next hip Christian entertainment of the day! 

Korah believes that Jesus died for his sins; therefore, he is holy and perfect before God, and because of this, he doesn’t need to receive from anyone else! He doesn’t need to assemble together with the saints! Because he's got it all in him! But Korah is a presumptuous fool! Why? Because he has failed to observe and come into agreement with the very things that were set by God to protect him from losing all things inside of him! Korah says that God will never leave him or forsake him but doesn’t realize that he can leave God and forsake God! Korah professes all the truth, and even the truth that you speak.

Though he does not really believe it all, he believes it for you! To appease you! To please you! In the end, to cease you! To his own deception! So that you may become an audience member to his ministry or become a giving partner to support himself. In Korah’s life, it seems all about God though it's all about him. Korah will tear down any leadership of any kind, because it believes it's a free for all. It will tell you, “Yes go all out for the Lord,” but it is out of order, losing mindfulness of Satan’s demons entering his own life. In Numbers, Korah accuses Moses of the very thing he is guilty of. He calls Moses prideful, lording over others or self seeking; meanwhile, Korah is guilty of these things, even though Korah has such a good front put up, such a good false character, such a powerful display. Don't be deceived! Korah is a showman! So much to the point that he gets real anointed men and woman of God to question their own walk and identity! 

 We must have sharp discernment, or else we will not identify those who say they are what they are but are another person inside. Therefore, it shall deceive us with its false outward person. Meanwhile, the inward demons of Korah are feeding us its spiritual garbage. Pay attention! You may think she or he is on fire for the Lord, though they are ready any day to use you and abuse you and to make merchandise of you that they may sell you their false Christianity. The root of Korah is this: Easy believism. Telling Moses, “… but we're all Holy!” Moses said, “Let me show you who's Holy! When we both enter the presence of my Father, who will still be standing? The one who only believes or the one who knows him?!” Today Korah and Moses stand before the Lord, but only one will stand before the Lord with his works burned by fire and the other a recompense for glory and riches in the heavenly realm to come!    

 Don't be deceived by this spirit that you would become a maverick or a Lone Ranger. Do not rob yourself of what God has set in the church for you! These Korahs are out there in the majority church! Or they are out there in the lonely caves, that they would take you in and make you just like them: To rebel against the Lord himself!

Jesus said I am the Word! So what does that mean? If you come against God’s Word and order, you are actually coming against God Himself! Don't become a Korah and have your works be burned by fire! To have your altar and incense to the Lord shut down and covered up that you would be veiled from the father again! 

When Joshua led the Israelites into the land of Canaan, the sons of Levi were the only Israelite tribe that received cities but were not allowed to be land owners because the Lord Himself was to be their inheritance. Will God have to put you on the shelf so that you can learn to covet Him instead of your ministry? May God have mercy on you, so that you may be counted worthy to have Him and lands (the inheritance) on this earth, in this time! 

Korah will be swallowed up by the Earth and its fornication, but God’s government and Body will live on!

 Where do you stand today? Serve God or serve Baal! 

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