Truth can you eat it ?

The Old Testament is for new believers to see Jesus and walk in the liberty that He has called us to. If you don't see Him in everything you read then I question if you know Him. The system of that time was just like the system now. They had the Word but some saw Him, some did not see Him, and some said I see but they were blind. Those remained blind.Jesus said since you say you see you will remain blind. Blind pride is what im talking about. You might know the scripture or verse but does the scripture or the verse know you? Jesus came for many reasons but He came for reasons. The one that changed the world was truth, mercy and love.

I warn you, if you take the old and mix it with the new you are asking to be put back in bondage Trying to mix the law and grace is like trying to mix oil and water! We are sons and daughters of the free woman, not of the bondwoman! Read Galatians 4, 5, and 6. Don't let anyone entangle you! A little leaven leavens the whole lump! Everything we need is in Christ! I’m seeing so many being pulled down into low level Christianity by mixing covenants. A double minded man keeps the law and tries to walk in Grace, but it’s not going to happen! The law could not do what grace does, perfect love. Do I become your enemy because I tell you the truth! Paul, even he would rather you separate from them because if you did not they would eventually exclude you because some people cannot wrap their minds around freedom. Freedom is not pagan.

Freedom is not does list of don'ts! Freedom is dying to self and full submission to the power of God perfecting us in righteousness by His Grace! Freedom is not lawlessness is is full OBEDIENCE to the Holy Spirit! Flesh profits nothing, meaning I cannot do anything apart from God and God is Spirit. God did not write the New Testament to be a secret mystery to you! These were believers being persecuted, burned alive, and decapitated for their faith! Paul cries: Stop trying to be a Jew, stop trying to observe things! Stop the works of flesh! Come into a higher level of son-ship. Grace is a higher level than the curse! Where we cry, Abba Father! These things are causing division because those who have tasted freedom in Christ hear God and will die before they get yoked to bondage again. My God! Jesus took the needle out my arm not to preach the old letter and its Jewish roots and traditions! It was so I can preach Christ, Him crucified and resurrected!! The cross means nothing to them that are perishing but to us who believe it is the power of God! If He did not rise from the dead, it’s all worthless! There is no power in knowledge.

There is no reward in observing the letter! We are justified by faith and without it, it’s impossible to please Him! Get it! Stop causing confusion. Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand! Grace is the power to become sons of God! The law is fulfilled in truth, grace, and love Bind it around your neck brethren, walk in your new creation status and take your city! Pleading for your life! You will die in the letter! We are redeemed from the curse of it PRAISE THE LORD!

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