Love Works

If I speak in tongues…and If have the gift of prophecy…and If have revelation…The word of 1 Corinthians 13 is a direct word to those filled with the Spirit. You can be doing works of justice, give to the poor but still not walk in love, in the character of God’s heart. You can see, you can give your body for religion but not be in love. Paul completely just lays it down. Love has all to do with the edifying of another. Basically, it is selfless love.

Love has no rights. When you want to be right, want to be heard, and want to have it your way, that is not love. You can’t truly love until you are truly dead. You have to fight to do the opposite. If you don’t abide in Him, you will not be able to manifest the Kingdom of God.

Faith. Hope. Love. The 3 cords that will preserve us until the end. They are not just about gifts. When we move in the gifts in love, the kingdom of God will manifest.

A peacemaker is not the one that pleases man. It is a man that speaks Truth in love but avoids the conflict that comes from argumentative reasoning. Bless those that curse you, pray for those who misuse you, keep walking in love. When you are persecuted for doing right, you are blessed. Even when you are right, you don’t have to try to prove you are right. Then love is dying because you are now defending you. Love does not do that either.

How are we going to love the World rightly? We all have to come to the same measure of love. He will use anything around you to perfect love. You keep putting away childish things. Then you become like a mature man in Christ. So Paul was saying: When I was a child then I acted like it but when love is manifesting that means – God has raised me up. If I do not allow Him to be perfected in me, I stay as a child.

You can lose your saltiness. How? Falling out of love. Put some salt (love) in the Truth you speak and in the things you do, but speak Truth. Without love, Paul and Jesus say you will profit nothing! Paul was not accepted by the disciples for years during His conversion time! People back stabbed him, left him, spoke against him, but he decided to walk in love beside them all. Then he had the world looking for him, arresting him, persecuting him. He saw the power of love. He saw the Kingdom.

Bind mercy and Truth together. The woman caught in adultery found mercy in Jesus. Truth, grace and mercy met her that day. She was the first to meet with Truth and condemnation at the same time. She felt hopeless and condemned. Then she looked up and found the Truth, grace and mercy. She found love. She found forgiveness. She received it. She still knew she was guilty, but her life was saved and changed. Truth and mercy told her: “Sin no more.” 

If your light goes out, even though you might have the Holy Spirit, nobody will see Christ in you. The love in the World always has a hidden agenda. The whole agenda is to advance their own kingdom and selfish motives, but it is not the love of God. You don’t give love because you get love back. You give love because it is His commandment. We freely receive. We must freely give.

Jesus did not go around seeking for attention. He got attention, on the cross! When we love purely we receive everything purely from the Father. He got attention when He rose from the dead. He got attention, not because His heart was seeking it, but because He was love.

You don’t need to recite the 10 commandments because love never breaks them. We can be in danger of judgment if we don’t walk in love. Leave your gift at the altar and reconcile with your brother or he won’t receive you. People are still mad at their father for years and still go to the altar like it never happened. We want to see God when we preach, when we do this and that, but we won’t if we are not walking in love. So, make it right as soon as possible. We can be put in spiritual prison if we don’t walk in love. Satan has dominion to speak in your heart and mind because of that. It becomes rebellion. It is demonic! He will use offended people to attack others that don’t even know about their hurt.

Most people don’t ever know they offended another. Satan takes territory in Christians if they don’t obey the Word of God. It is all about us going back to the cross! Doing that, He will always accept us. The cross is where we die and He lives. People who focus on the commandments are Pharisees and Sadducees. Why? Because Jesus, time and time again, said all the commandments hang on these two: love God with all your heart, love your neighbor. So focus on God. He is love. What He is saying is that if love and perfect love is in you, you are fulfilling and obeying all the commandments. So the Kingdom of God hangs on love. Let the Holy Spirit perfect this, and you will manifest God on the Earth, and you will be perfect.

If we don’t repent, Satan will start using us. He is the father of lies. God does not want a civil war in the Body of Christ. Satan will take you out and turn you over to his kingdom. His kingdom is darkness with no salt. If you keep focusing on the commandments, Jesus said – you will not be able to keep them. You perfect love and you will be perfected. He was not abolishing the commandments. He was showing us how we can actually be perfect.

People will turn on you, but you can’t turn on God. Love works. If people allow offense and evil thoughts, you will become victims of hate! So love them and let them go. If your brother hits you, don’t hit back. Turn away. Don’t pay evil for evil. Repay evil with love. You will see heaven and earth moving. You will see so many turning to Yeshua. Is that not our assignment? We all called into to that ministry called reconciliation.

Jesus always put people’s focus on the little children. Why? Little kids love perfectly. They don’t hold offense. They have not been poisoned by the World. They may fight one minute and the next minute they are playing again. This is our prayer. That we will love like them. You can never hear enough about love. Jesus said this is what my kingdom looks like. Study kids’ behavior: they don’t worry about food or clothes. They are just playing. Their entire dependency on needs is mom and dad. They know they got it covered. Be perfect in this love! Be like these little ones.

Then you have the young rich ruler who kept His commandments (law) but lacked one thing: love! Jesus wanted His love to be perfected in him. He wanted his trust in the world to be trust in the kingdom of God. Yep. You self-righteous. You lack one thing: sell all you have and give all away and follow Me. Totally abandoned to love. He went away sad that day. If he had a good heart and it was good ground and he got the word, who knows what that man did years or weeks later.

Your heart will always accept love or reject it. It will receive change or will reject it. We need to say NO to temptation and run to Him. The enemy will cause you to believe that you don’t have to, but you need to run for your life! One that has been forgiven much loves much! Sometimes we think “we are good” and Jesus is saying, “No one is good, not even Myself.” There is only one good! The Father who is in heaven! He was saying, meaning until you die, you are always being perfected. God does not say good is enough. He says, “Be perfect just as He is!”

In your heart, you need to take that low place even if you are right. Jesus was killing them with love, mercy, and truth. They dropped the stones, they left mad, but He told the woman to sin no more. He did not say, “You just broke the law number so and so.” So, all the law hangs on love. That is why it is the first commandments. We know He was talking about the 10 commandments that Moses got on the mountain because He said it. Religious people make it to look like a big mystery, a list of commandments secretly in the torah.

Everybody wants God to tell them what to do, what commandment to obey. To be made perfect and all that He said is to LOVE GOD and your NEIGHBORS. Why they are in the first two, because if you do this two things you will never break any of them. Everyone wants to go back to the law because law is easier than perfection, but the law is low level. Love is the way, the most excellent one. Love is the Truth. Love is the life. Love is the way and that is who God is.

My little children, sin no more but if you sin there is an advocate always available. Love will always answer with humility. Love will always resist the proud.

If you say I love Him and don’t love brothers and sisters, you are a liar. And the Truth (love) is not in them. The Truth can leave you and your conscience is seared. Some people can hold the Truth years ago but today may be in error. Error comes later because of lust! WE need to be baptized in the fear of the Lord so love can be perfected. Love keeps and obeys the commandments. Grace is higher level. In the law you have rights. In grace and love you have none. You can’t even look at a woman, forget about touching. His perfection is His commandment.

Every man that has this hope purifies themselves. The World loves its own. That is why many places are full of error. They say nice things but not the Truth. Always have a smile on your face is not love, that is false if there is an agenda. We are not supposed to love in words, but to love in deed and in Truth. According to our master and teacher, there is a worldly love that is false. False love. False peace. False unity. False and anti-Christ.

When we love His way, we know that He abides in us. Let us love one another because anyone that loves God is born of God. God is love. He perfected love on Earth through Jesus. Now Jesus is within you. Jesus brought even His feelings under the submission of the Word of God. We are supposed to do the same. Bring everything under submission so love can flow out of us.

If you don’t walk in love, you can’t access anything in heaven. When we go to the cross because of love, the love of God is perfected in us. If you don’t put His word above yourself, your feelings, or your right, His love is not in you. If you say you love God and don’t love your brother than the love of God is not in you. How can we say we love what we don’t see when we can’t even love our brother that we see? You are losing the God in you, because you are cutting off God in your brother.

Let love be perfected in you. If we can love our enemies first, everything else will be easier. Go for the hardest. First love your enemies and loving your brothers and sisters will be easier! In the book of Acts, look at Stephen. That kind of love was perfected. Let’s perfect this love with one another.

Love does work. Let it work in us every single day. Help us, Father, to love you and one another more than ever! For what is to come, we need to decide to love with God’s love more than ever! The love of God will pour out more than ever! See, the new covenant is the covenant of love and death to self. Covenant of a pure heart, a covenant of pure love. So let us fulfill all the commandments in obeying the first one first: love God and one another! Shane Roessiger

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