"Warning!" Brothers and sisters, please pray. So many are falling away to other gospels. They are turning the grace of God into lasciviousness, following Facebook preachers. I even saw this guy saying the f-word as he preached another word. Also, Satan has sent out an illusion and a counterfeit feeling of Holy Spirit intoxication. It's a lying spirit (the work of the Nicolaitans; in other words, it's strange fire that comes from false teachings, false prophecy, and new age mixture) that comes from the pit and the world. Everyone that doesn't agree with the lie will say you have a religious spirit or you are under the law.

It's pride and rebellion to God's authority and government. Test the spirits...These false teachers are out like a swarm...We know what time it is. The falling away is among us. Their eyes are dimming. Pray that Papa breaks in and invades this nasty demonic activity. Pray that sound doctrine will infiltrate churches and an authentic joy of the Lord. God says apostolic governing and overseeing is a must. We cannot run from the fire of God. The fire of God will burn away everything that can be shaken so we remain steadfast and unmovable.

Leaders are not called to be world informants. We are not of this world. Fill your lamp with holy oil. Take the time to know Him and the power of His resurrection. These false spirits are coming out because fire is being turned on. Prophets of Baal and Jezebel, look out! Here comes GOD! He loves all His children He is relentless to restore their hearts back to Him. We decide whose table we will be eating at. Come out from among the dead. God is a God of the living. If God is God, serve Him. If Baal be god, serve it. You cannot have two masters. Shane Roessiger




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