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First Love Is Love

 There is no true love like feeding God’s sheep.  So many sheep are scattered so they don’t have any shepherd. In Ezekiel 34, we see God prophesying against those who call themselves shepherds but who only feed themselves, eating the fat. They don’t strengthen the weak sheep, nor heal them, neither bind up those who are broken. They are all about themselves. They don’t go after the ones that were driven away, they don’t seek the lost. All they do is to rule over them using force! God is restoring the house of David. What is that? He was not perfect, but He was after God’s heart, He cared deeply for what God cared for and was obedient. The true shepherd of God will be seen in the land once again. If we love Him, we will feed His sheep.

 That’s proof of love. We are called to feed sheep, those who are hungry. The pulpit of God should not be used to feed people with old bread and lies and doctrines of humanism but to feed them God, God Himself - Truth. So many shepherds are strengthening in people what should be dying, like excess and covetousness. It is against the Word of God. It is the anointing or nothing. A Gospel without the cross and a Gospel without love is not the Gospel at all. Love is not a feeling, never was, never will be. His presence is not His love. His presence was His action. He proved His love not by His presence but through His death. Love is action. If you continue in His love, you will continue being changed. You will decrease and He will increase.

 In the Christian world their “better you” actually means “better for you.”  It is all about themselves. They preach a Gospel about “me, myself and I.” They teach you how to be successful. “Have your better life now.” Today, the true Gospel became a bad word. The Gospel is good news about God. Not you! Did you count the cost? The cost for them is to say a prayer. If you don’t sit under the anointing nothing breaks but God’s heart! It is time for God to go after those who have been stolen!

 It is all about love. Love is God. The One that is love – says: love is sacrifice (no greater love then this). Truth is love. Love is grace – obedience – boldness – humility.

 When we love God, we keep His commandments. Not when you get saved, you love Him. When you keep His commandments, you love in Truth.

 Anything you do without God is not love. People talk all about Jesus, God, but they take away the cross – that is not the Gospel. Because there is no Gospel without the cross. There is no power without the cross.

The only way for us to decrease is if He increases from the inside out. It does not come from the outside in. He wants to squeeze us and get the oil out of us!

 What would God be feeding us? With revelation from heaven! Heavenly breath not selfish manna, schemes, and deception.

 The whole thing about the cross is that it makes us come into submission with the Father! In the last days, the obedience of many will stop as well. The cross totally summarizes love: total love, grace, obedience, boldness, humility, truth! Some are stuck at the cross because they deny to pick it up! God will do anything we ask, only for those who love Him! If they love Him, they will keep His commandments, then anything you ask shall be done unto you! Why do you come together with the believers? Because you need something? But you won’t have it because all you need you will find in loving God. Peter, Peter, feed my sheep! Peter, Peter, be my shepherd and feed my sheep.  So what Jesus is saying is: “Peter, Peter, obey Me! It will be well for you!”

 Who will be His shepherd in these last hours? He has promised:  BEHOLD, I, EVEN I, WILL BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP AND SEEK THEM OUT.” He will deliver them out of all the places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. He will bring them out from the people (the World) and gather them from the countries, and He will feed them by the rivers of living waters and will feed them in a good pasture, in a fat pasture! He will bind them up, make them strong again. He will judge between the rams and the goats, and He will separate them!

 Right now, He is setting up true shepherds over them, and these are the people that will feed them, just like David did. His sheep shall not be any more consumed with hunger in the land! There shall be plenty for them to eat from the hands of His man and woman, people that truly love Him and his little ones.

 “And you my flock, the flock of My pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the Lord God.” If you love Me, feed them…

 Word: Ezekiel 34 - 1 John 3-9 - 1 John 1:5-8 - Matthews 22

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