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Fire By Night

Habakkuk 2:2 – Exodus 13 – Exodus 18

 The Holy Spirit is always there to guide us as fire by night (the light of the Word) and cloud by day (covering). What is our only job? To follow Him. Moses went up the mountain, but when they stopped moving that was when most of the problems happened. All of our little golden calves in our lives started showing up. They did not want to wait for Moses. They thought like this: “We should be going a little further.” Out of the rock for water, manna from heaven for bread, quails for meat, nothing satisfied them. God in His miraculous sovereignty was showing Himself time and time again. Godliness with contentment is great gain, says the Word. They stopped following the fire by night and the cloud by day in their hearts. If you see the same things, you struggle over and over, don’t stop following Him. Keep following Him no matter what! Even if it is the same problem over and over, He is the one who is leading you. Don’t go where He is not leading you. Keep following Him, and He will keep working in you! There was a corporate vision: the Promised Land. The Holy Spirit was manifesting Himself in a way they really needed throughout the journey, but they didn’t honor His leadership. They stopped reverencing God Himself. He was faithful, but the World (Egypt) was on their minds and hearts.

 Sometimes we are struggling just because we stopped following Him. You can be camping around Him but not really following Him! When we stop going, moving with the Holy Spirit, we start building idols in our lives. Even though the fire by night and the cloud by day are there, you don’t follow them. When you love God, you can’t love anything else more. You always will be connected to Him. You always will follow Him. He is always going to lead you. Even when our feet are moving around the mountain, stick with Him, don’t stop moving. Whatever He is doing in us, endure. Wherever He guides you to, go. Walk with Jesus and always follow the Holy Spirit! If it says, “Trust Me,” trust Him!

 The Holy Spirit is always leading. He has a vision: none shall perish but have everlasting life! Aim for the Promised Land and keep following Him, all the time. If man moves that way, and the Holy Spirit goes in another direction, follow Him!

 Don’t even put the things of God first, but God first. He is the fire. He is the cloud that covers us. Like Elijah, we call down rain quickly. The Holy Spirit is always there, but if you are in a different place than where the Holy Spirit is, nothing will happen. If you are under the cloud and follow the fire, it does not matter what we accomplished in this lifetime – little or much- you will live in the Promised Land forever, even after your last breath! Selah! 

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