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You can do it

Jesus Himself put more expectations on everyone. He was rock of offense! The anointing is there to put expectations on us. The thing is, un-righteous expectations are not good. But Jesus puts them on us every time we pick up the Word. The minute we read it, God is expecting separation from the world and from sin. So, if expectation comes from man then it’s a stumbling block and can even become witchcraft. If it’s from Spirit and Truth and the Word and is the anointing then it’s Holy. How powerful is the Cross? How big is your cross? God will never expect us to do something that we or He will not enable us to do.

The biggest expectation is pick up your cross and follow Him. What we need to be able to filter is this: is the expectation coming from the anointing and the Word or the flesh of man and the world? Jesus says pick up your cross. How big is your cross? He would never expect us to do something we cannot do on our own. He is there to give us the power to pick up our cross. So, in all essence, what He said right before that was the most expectation ever given to man. It was this: DENY yourself, your will, your way your life, but the great thing is He is there to empower you to become Just like Him. It’s through the cross that we are empowered. To even walk on water...How big and heavy YOU make the cross that defines if you are able. Make the cross small and God big and you will overcome any and everything that the world throws your way. Shane Roessiger


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