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Do Not Use Me, God

 John 5:1-20 – Romans 8 – Matthew 7:8-26 – Mark 16:20 -  Acts 13:1-4

 Was Jesus being used by God or was He working with Him? Jesus did not beg God to use Him. Just like Jesus, we have the same purpose: to reconcile man back to God. He knew His purpose and He did nothing without God. He was working with God. When you marry your wife, do you use her? Or do you have a covenant relationship?

 People who are being just “used” by God have a religious relationship. God used a horse to talk to Baal! Just because God uses you, does not mean that you are walking with Him. These are the sons of God! They don’t DO anything apart from God. They don’t want to just be used. It is the Holy Spirit working with them!

 God did not employ me, He made me one with Him. You don’t want Him to use you and put you away when He is done! You want that oneness with Him! Stop praying that “God, uses me.” In the World, people just want to use you, not covenant, no relationship, they don’t care about you. They just want what you can give to them. God is not like that!

 I don’t want to be used by God. I want a deep relationship with Him! God used a lot of people, doing healing, miracles, this and that, but He put them away because they did this and that but never had a relationship with Him. Many will say to Him, “Lord, Lord, have we not done this and that in Your name?” Do many things in His name and He will tell you, “I never knew You.” They knew His name but God never knew them because there was no connection!

 Many have faith in His name but never really knew Him, but I have faith in my relationship with Him! He can use you, but I want Him to be working with Me and me with Him! Jesus was one with God. Some were all over the place using His name, but they never even met Him. They misused His name. They kept going without relationship with Him!

 With the disciples, it was different. He said: “Because of the covenant I have with you, go and do all this things IN MY NAME.” In Mark 16 it says that “the Lord worked with them!” Jesus did not confirm the name, He confirmed the Word with signs and wonders!

 I want to do way less things and have these things be confirmed by Him. You can be addicted to being used by God, but you have for a long time lost your relationship with Him! A lot of people that are being “used” by God will never enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 7:21).

 Paul never met with Jesus but He had an encounter with Him. God backed Paul, Jesus, and He will back you, just don’t seek only to be used by Him, but become One with Him! We want to partner with Him, with the Holy Spirit on Earth, to bring the end time harvest, to bring souls in! It is not just “I want to be used by God” and then you become dry and have a job! The kingdom of God is not about having a job! It is about people being one with Him and operating with Him, working with Him, and Him and you!

This is a heavenly partnership! He can be a silent partner! A ghost writer! Nobody knows but you and Him because of your relationship with Him and His relationship with you, and people will see everything we do being confirmed by Him! We want to follow His voice and not the voice of the stranger or the voice of need or want! We are in this partnership with Him! The priesthood on Earth bringing people to Him! The funny thing about being “used,” it brings a false affirmation! Nobody can be saved by works, by what you do! Don’t be used by God! Be one with Him! Let Him work with you, and you work with Him! And you always will be known by Him!

 Don’t live on testimony, on how much God used you! Rely on your relationship with Him!

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