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Deliver Me

If we get delivered, set free, and if we don’t get filled up like a lamp with oil, truth, and revelation, somebody or something will do it. If you fill your house with God, there will be no empty places at all, no places for seven more spirits. If you don’t do it, your last state will be worse than the first. People get delivered from religious demons and all of a sudden, they stop filling themselves with Truth and revelation. The strongman of religion comes back, and they end up more religious than before.

 Religious spirits are led by a lying spirit. Always denying the cross, they go to the cross, but they don’t pick it up. It is about all I can get! All I can become! They don’t deny themselves.

Some progress is better than none, but you better keep filling yourself with Truth and revelation!

 It is not about coming to church, or being isolated in your home which does not help. We need to come together. In that, there is a huge infilling with Truth. We are supposed to be eating from each other, submitting one to another, receiving from one another. When we come together, there is always a feast going on. A constant infilling! A constant oil being poured in and out!

 So demons come with more religion, more deception. That is Satan’s bread. God’s bread is the living bread that brings you life. But if you keep feeding yourself with darkness, the more in the dark you will live. You will be seven times worse than you were in the beginning.

Sometimes I don’t want to get in the Bible so much because it becomes just letter, but when He leads me, I will go there and there is revelation. Am I in the Bible – the written Word-  everyday? Only God knows, but for sure I am in fellowship with His Spirit – the living Word - every single day! It does not work to be infilled with knowledge, seven evil spirits will still come in, but if you eat His flesh and drink His blood, there will be no space, no open door for them!

 Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene – the one possessed by seven evil spirits and diseases – because she was still looking to be filled! She was still looking to minister to Him. She was seeking Him. Blessed are they that continuously keep filling themselves. Mary Magdalene was looking for the living God, going places, seeking, seeking, seeking. And she found Him again! And she was filled once again! She continuously got fed! She sought Jesus! She was the first and out ran the others. She was looking for Him, for whatever she could get. She loved Him so much! 

 Then Jesus said in Mark 16 to not only preach but to cast out demons! Some people don’t believe anymore so that’s why seven more evil spirits enter in people that are sitting there and nobody does anything! It is not even a matter of saying the name of Jesus all the time. It is about our authority that we have in Him. We have His name. Period! We are married to the lamb! We automatically have his last name! Unless you or they don’t know who you are! Then you have to use your credentials, but the authority you carry is not because you use the name of Jesus as a tool! Satan knows what you carry and who you are representing! Without a Word, demons should be manifested and cast out! Religion will always give you formulas, but sons and daughters walk in the Spirit and their presence makes hell shake without saying a word! 

 Mary Magdalene’s faith never died. She kept seeking for Him even when He was dead. Jesus made sure to appear to her first. Jesus cared about her because she cared about Him first. She anointed him with oil. Jesus was very concerned about filling her house with Himself! And then Jesus breathed on them! A very important infilling happened right there, and then the promise came in Acts 2! Two different times, two different experiences, and people have doctrines that are contrary. A constant infilling and a baptizing in the Holy Spirit! That is available for us. It is for now! It is for all the time! Be seeking infilling all the time until your house will be overflowed with Jesus Himself!

God will continuously feed us and give us bread if we keep seeking Him, even if He is not moving (or it looks like He is dead), no response, no answer, just like Mary Magdalene! You shall be fed and filled! And He will find you! 

Luke 11:15 - Luke 8- Mark 16 – John 20:11-18

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