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Count It All Dung

Have no confidence in the flesh. Our confidence is in Jesus. Our strength is in the Lord. I trade in the works of my flesh for the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Paul had everything but let it all go to hold onto Christ. He counted it all dung. So many people are focusing on their crap. Count it all dung once you go to the cross. Once you flush that toilet, the dung does not matter at all. Or you will become the enemy of the Cross. The Spirit of God is saying: there is freedom. 

When condemnation comes, here is the grace of God. 

 Condemnation is the very mark that we are stepping on some crap. We need to get ourselves washed by the blood of Christ as soon as possible. 

We don't have faith in our own flesh. We have faith in the flesh that was hung on the cross. Satan wants to smear crap on you. You can have a very good smell before God, but Satan will make us feel another way.

 Jesus was not beat up and put on the cross so we can continue to be beaten up by Satan. God is not expecting us to make ourselves perfect but to have His perfection being perfected in us. Follow after perfection. We have power to overcome. 

 Oops... I blew it again. Are you going to rub the crap on you or go to the Cross? God is not judging us by our mistakes but by our faith. The minute you thought on a lie, your mindset became contaminated. Pick up your cross. 

 Paul, with all his knowledge, made many mistakes, but he pressed towards the mark which was not being perfect. But Christ! He had to learn to forgive himself first! 

 Whatever is behind you is dung. Count it as dung! You should know better, but still you need to count it dung! If you get in the flesh, it does not mean that you are back to your old man. It means that you stepped in crap. Wash it off immediately, shut the door to the enemy.

 There is a difference from stepping in the flesh and walking after the flesh. The difference is that are you constantly deciding to walk after your own desires? To walk in the flesh is mistakes that we make because our heart is pure and after God, not after the flesh. Get right back in the Spirit. 

 Condemnation comes, but if we choose it or not, the cross is still there. 

It is not about many confessions but one: “God, I blew it forgive me." 

 Cross or crap... cross or crap... cross or crap... it’s all about my choice. 

 Going after the flesh and stepping in the flesh... there is a big difference! And God sees it! We need to see it, too. The blood is always there, always working, but you need to apply it by Faith. This is your armor. 

 You look crappy from the outside, but He sees you inwardly clean and washed! You need to see it! We started at the cross, live on the cross, died on the cross! We are seated with Him in heavenly places. 

 We should not let any thought take hold of us and meditate on things behind. If you step in crap, you don't have to smell like crap but can be a sweet fragrance of God unto His nostrils. Just go to the Cross! 

 Once you learn the power of Christ, there is no way for you to keep smelling that way. We are all going to fall. If you make a habit of it, God will deal with you. The cross is right in front of you! The kingdom of God is right in front of you. The mark is Christ! 

 Some people are constipated for weeks, and you need to let it go. After you do, flush the toilet and move on! We have the throne of grace, and don't stay in the toilet bowl! God is giving you a spiritual laxative so you can be free! You have to let the crap go. You don't need any counsel at the cross! Count it all dung! Spiritual constipation or Spiritual relaxation! Take it and be free! 

 If it comes in, let it out at the cross! Immediately! Because of Jesus, I no longer have to suffer. I no longer have to live in condemnation because I am walking in the Spirit without anything in me that is not of Christ. The glory of God rests in me! It is the Holy Spirit oil which is the laxative that cleans us from all unrighteousness! Not by works but by faith in Jesus. That is why we mortify the deeds of the flesh. We will not make provision for our flesh or anything that Jesus nailed on the cross! So be it! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. So let's count it all dung and move on by His grace. 

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