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Born from Above

If you are born again, you need to come out of water and blood. There is only one true and billions of lies, but when you know the truth, you know every other lie. You can’t know the lie until you know the truth, and the truth sets you free. Jesus, Jesus sets you free.

 This is the good news: We can put on Christ and become bold as a lion because we become righteous. The job of the fivefold ministry is to equip you to walk in the same measure of Christ. But when you receive the seed of truth, you will start having problems around you. All my problems have to do with my idolatry, going to church once in a while, but the day that I called on Jesus, I knew that I could not make it without Jesus. It was not stable.

 I don’t care what your idol is: money, religion, lust. These are all tricks of Satan to keep you away from your birthright which is to become sons and daughters of God.

 This is what you need to expect when you become born again: a light of God inside of you. Jesus said: YOU are the light of the World! On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came and is still here! He said fill your lamp with oil because before Jesus comes back, 10 Christians, 5 wise, 5 foolish! Five always filling themselves with truth! Five rejecting it!

 Jesus was the first fruit of all of us! As a seed has to die and fall into the ground, so shall be the son of man. This is what we have to believe: This is the Truth!

 I am not waiting for healing revival, I am waiting for a revival when people come from every tribe, every tongue, throwing their witchcraft book away and all their idols. God came for the poor and hungry. If you are seeing yourself poor and if you are not hungry, God is not the god for you.

 If you are being persecuted for being the light in the World, you should rejoice. When you know the truth, you will be the only one that will stand! Enemies. Separate the person from the spirit that is using them because you hold the Truth that has everlasting life!

 Your cross! Pick up your cross! Jesus has his own cross! When we are crucified in Him, you have a new identity! Pick it up! They hate Jesus because of the words of life! They love the miracles! They hated His words. They saw marvelous things, but they hated his words! It is the words of life that they will hate. Our new identity is the cross! God wants to be equal with you in the sense of relationship. Two people partnering. We must have a born again experience or we will not enter into God's kingdom, which is Jesus Himself!

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