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Stumbling Block

We have stumbling blocks before us: the religious people. They trip at the letter. People who claim to be believers, but they only have a relationship with the letter, Pharisees and Sadducees of the New Covenant, with no power and no anointing. 
Anyone can grab a book and try to lead people by the letter. One thing about the Kingdom: It’s alive! Our God is alive, and He speaks to us!! What starts with man will end with man! What starts with the Spirit will end with the Spirit. God says, "Thorns, thistles and briars." They are anti-Christ, anti-anointing, anti-Holy Spirit. They will pull people to them when a heart is offended, like what happened to Judas. Judas was with Jesus, but he had a better way, he thought.

Just as in the story, they brought this blind mind for Jesus to touch him. Religion and tradition want you to do it their way, but Jesus does everything according to His Father. When we do the same, the Father is glorified, but people ask, "Where is it in the Word?" Well, are people being saved, healed? Look at the results. That should matter the most. Because of their religiosity, it does not. Remember when witchcraft came on John when he was in the prison? Jesus said to him, "Go tell John that the deaf hear, the blind see. The Gospel is being preached to the poor." 

Maybe in the last meeting Jesus touched somebody with His hands, but they wanted him to do the same, to use His hands to touch people. Who cares how it happens? It just happens, but they still wanted an explanation or a how to. These are stumbling blocks. People who question what God is doing all the time! 

Jesus did not use His hands in Mark 8:22-29. He used His saliva. Men said, “Touch him.” He heard the Father saying, “Spit on him.” Then people asked, "Who do you say that I am?" People were saying and asking, “Is this God?” But Peter knew by revelation that He was the Christ. Why? Because He knew Him. When people keep focusing on what is not God then everything that they see is shady. Keep walking in the Spirit, and you will be able to tell the real from the fake! There is always counterfeit. So what? Don’t you use that as an excuse for not doing what He told us to do. Why do you think Satan brought the counterfeit? To do exactly this: to make you question the real. 

They put God in this box, and His people are not in freedom to move in their calling and gifts.

People who are getting all knowledge of the written word are being convinced that they know the Spirit. Deep only calls to deep!! All scripture is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and it is a discerner of the heart. It must have 3 witnesses: Father, Word, and the Spirit. They are fueled with pride, foolish false humility, trying to teach by the letter as scribes and Pharisees, not as one with authority. 

They will always say, "Where is that in the word?" They actually are resisters of the Truth. "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (2 Timothy 3:7) They became like Jannes and Jambres, the magicians that opposed Moses, because now they opposed the Spirit. So these people also resist the truth today just because their mind is full of carnality, men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

They read, read, read, the Word but never come to the knowledge of the Truth because there is no relationship with the Word, just head knowledge. The Word says, "But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was," 2 Timothy 23:7-8.

They may say, "Well, Jesus did do it this way concerning healing," but Holy Spirit says, "Hug that girl, and I will heal her.” Hugs as a tool of healing is not in the Word, is it? Jesus never told his disciples to hug a girl so she could be healed! So that’s not God? Look at the results. Is God glorified? Is someone healed? Are they believing Jesus? Come on! Let's move in the nine gifts of the Spirit, not in the letter! Be not bound by the written letter but by the letter written on your heart! No written letter is above the inspiration of the Spirit, even though He will always back it up with the LIVING Word. 

This is a big quote that a religious demon will say to you: "Well, that was Jesus!!!!!!" Yes, but now, we do greater things than He did because He tore the veil. So we have the same access! A religious spirit will always try to cut the Head off of the Body!!! Now modern religion admonishes Jesus, but you better move in Him, or you will become the enemy of the cross, hindering the Holy Spirit from moving among His people. 

“Where is it in the Word?” God said, “Go and hug someone and I will heal that person.” Now I can’t obey God’s voice because it is not in the Word? O ye stumbling block! God only backs what He tells you to do. Don’t call it of the devil when it is of the Spirit! When you quench the Holy Spirit, it is criminal in God’s kingdom. This is one area that God was very serious about: claiming His works as works of Satan. He called it, “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit!” Religious scribes and Pharisees have no fear of the Lord because of pride. 

People may say, “Well, that was Jesus.” Yes, but now we are supposed to do greater things. It says, “There are many books that can’t even contain everything that Jesus did and, we don’t even know.” Smash all these stumbling blocks and enter into the kingdom. You learn all about the Kingdom but never enter in it. 

The Word without the Spirit is a killer! He will back up His Word with signs and wonders. The religion spirit always wants to separate the head from the body. Who are the sons and daughters of God? – Those who are led by the Spirit, not by the letter. I’m not saying we don't obey the letter. God forbid! Of course, we do. We are led by the Spirit in boundaries of the letter and in righteousness. 

For example, word of knowledge…God tells you something about someone, a word of knowledge. That word of knowledge is not written in a book, but it has been written in the spirit of His messenger. Gift of healing, written in the Bible, but how He will do it is not. The Lord's ways are never the same all the time.

All the stuff Jesus did and how He did it was NOT in the Old Testament in detail. The detail came by the Spirit.

The Pharisees asked Jesus, “How did this blind man receive his sight? Where is he?” The blind guy received his sight and all they wanted to know is how, and then they talked badly about Jesus because it was done differently and on the Sabbath day? They said: “This man is not of God.” People with a religious spirit always resist the Holy Spirit which is an antichrist spirit. Anti-Christ! Your spirit man is what leads and guides you by the Holy Spirit. Flesh and carnality blind you. All they were concerned with was that Jesus did not keep the Sabbath. Good wants all concern to be about the results: lost souls, redemption, repentance! 

When you speak as one full of authority, they will say, “You think you know everything.” Yes! I know what I am talking about because I am as one that speaks not out of a book. I hear HIM. I see HIM. We are to be like Him and in full of authority saying what He is doing, the Holy Spirit. 

Religious spirit always causes division because of their carnality! They make people question Jesus and His methods and the Holy Spirit. People get confused because of that! There is so much false stuff, but also there is way more real stuff happening out there. The only way to know the fake is to know the real first! 

Religious people are like chickens. They don’t fly because they are not in the Spirit.

Instead of rejoicing, they keep asking foolish questions. They could not even see. They called Jesus a sinner and thought that the blind man was lying and they had to call his parents.
“Whether I am a sinner or not, once I was blind and now I see!” The results are what really matters. The Holy Spirit will do what and how He wants to do it. Pearls are not for swine. 

They become Moses’ disciples, not Jesus’ disciples. Disciples of the letter! No fruits. No power. They speak works, but they carry no life, becoming fault finders, accusing the brethren who lay it all down to see God’s kingdom. This “spots in our love feast” contention is not from unity. God loves when brethren dwell in unity, then the anointing flows the most!

I believe! We believe! We follow the Holy Spirit. He came unto the world that they which see may be blind, and those who are blind may see, and He will do that however He wants to. Some people say that they see, but they are blind. Because they don’t humble themselves, God resists them because they resist God. They don't even see their own folly. 

They even ask us when we tell them they are blind: “Are we blind, too?” Yes. You focus on everything, but you still can’t see. It does not matter how it is getting done, just get it done! Do you think that God will be merciful when we come against the lordship of the Holy Spirit? God is not dividing remnant. He is setting remnant apart!

People that are speaking badly about God’s elect will not end up in a good place because they are critical without the Spirit!! God is sending us all, being led by His Spirit and free to move in the Spirit of God, but He is not sending the ones that reject that stone – Christ! Christ became their own stumbling block!

Do you gather stones, thistles, briars, or do you gather fruits?

 Word: Mark 8:22-29, John 9, Matthew 23:24-39

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