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Esau allowed his flesh to make a decision that forfeited his birthright. He despised his birthright. Esau’s heart did not think much about his birthright. Just as Cain did not feel much about his offering. Esau was deceived for a “NOW” satisfaction. 

 We are now representing Jacob. He will use us, the church, to provoke jealousy for the firstborn. Just as Jacob wrestled with an angel, we wrestle with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is running after us and saying, “You need to change your ways.” Jacob was eager to do great things. Once God marks you to do things for Him, you will walk differently, and you will walk with a limp so you won’t forget the encounter you had with Him. So when we are truly converted, we will be different than our old man was. God was able to use Jacob because he wanted it. Just desire Him and the blessings, and He will give you both. 

 Jacob used the “stone” and put oil on it and laid his head on it. God has anointed Jacob. God had an encounter with him. At that “Bethel” place, his life was changed. Our birthright is always there, but if we let our flesh take over, we are selling it for a quick pleasure. I see that rock is Christ, and when we finally give up and give our lives to Him, no matter how hard it is, there will always be a rest for the children of God. 

Walking in the Kingdom of God: that is our birthright. To rest in Christ. The rock was Christ, the chief cornerstone, the rock of our salvation. When you walk differently, people will see you had an encounter with Him. A cup of lentil soup will never satisfy you, only the deep yearning of God, only the power of God, only the cross will. Pick it up and walk differently. Let God be God, not our bellies. 

 There is an inheritance right here and now: TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT! If you endure and don’t despise the Word of God, you shall inherit it. The Word reminds us who we are. It pricks our heart when we are not walking the Spirit. God will never give you something better than HIMSELF to compete with.

If your behavior proves that you are a bastard then you are living for yourself. Jacob had wrong thoughts and ways to get hold of a birthright, but he wanted it; it meant something to him. God saw his heart, dealt with it and blessed Him – choosing him as the father of His people.  He loved Jacob and hated Esau (Romans 9:13). Now we are speaking of our heavenly Father. 

We need to partakers of His holiness. Endure the fire. Allow Him to do the work in you. Mortify the deeds of the flesh. In Jesus, there was nothing of the world when Satan came to tempt Him. He did not sell his birthright, even when the enemy used Jacob to tempt his brother and to deceive him. What manifested was what it really meant to him. How much does your birthright mean when the enemy comes to tempt you?

Esau did not think of God when he made his decision to sell it. He was fornicating with his own belly. The first born was supposed to obtain the promise, but his own desires overtook his promises and what was his by right. Let us die to all that is stealing our blessings. Surrender to the Holy Spirit. Stop rebelling and stop running after things.  

They that are in the flesh cannot please God. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of your own flesh. Esau gave in to his flesh. Your inheritance NOW is to walk in the Spirit! Joy, peace, righteousness in the Holy Spirit is your portion, not a bowl of lentil! Not a one night stand with the flesh, but what will keep you is the power of grace. When we give up, grace wins every time. 

Jesus is that Jacob ladder! Now we become one. You have free access to the Father and His blessings: your birthright. If you sell your birthright, Satan is the god of the flesh. If you live by your flesh, you will die. Through the Spirit, mortify your flesh. This takes faith and relationship in the Spirit. 

Abba Father is our Daddy. We are joint heirs with Christ. We should sup with Him. We should be partakers of His suffering. Fall into the hands of persecution. They will hate you because Satan hates you. 

Your real purpose is according to His purpose for your life, but when you walk in the flesh there is no way. What is your bowl of pleasure? We can say no to our bellies now! How much do you really want it? All you need to do is to give up. Your real fight is not giving in to your flesh, your ways, your desires. 

Jesus, the first born among many brothers, is giving to us His birthright. All He has is ours now. Flesh, Esau, does not have to “steal” or to buy it with a bowl of lentils. God is saying, “I will take that thing that causes you to give up your birthright. I will give you power to overtake it and to walk in the Spirit.”

Inherit the fear of the Lord, and you will be wiser than ever, and you won’t give up to your flesh. We all make mistakes, but don’t give up. You, just like Jacob, will begin to walk differently. He had a major transformation. “What happened to that Jacob?” people will ask about you. “He was a deceiver but look at him now!” Look at you now! Look what the cross and grace has done. Grace is not a one time thing. It is the power of God on a human vessel. Grace lives forever, three-part cord truth, grace and love. 

Inherit the kingdom because it is your birthright! 

Genesis 25:19-34 - Genesis 27, Philippians 3, Romans 8

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