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Repairing the Altar

Just like the king married the daughter of Baal, today the modern day church is married to the world’s gods. Back then, there was altar for anything and any god. God was supposed to be the only God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The same today! He was to be the ONLY one. It must be ONE GOD of the altar! Man has once again polluted altars with man’s gods. With a bible full of Truth, you get little of it in a famine land.

 Elijah prophesied no rain. That means no livestock, no harvest. Without rain, nothing grows. Everything dies. Without the Holy Spirit, we die and we don’t grow.

 Jezebel likes to cut of the heads off God’s prophets. Jezebel likes to do things in worldly ways. Jezebel loves to feed you with all fleshy desires. Jezebel does not like to be told what to do. Jezebel makes herself a prophet.

 But God sends Elijah – a man possessed by God and by His Holy Spirit - to repair the altar! And ELIJAH IS HERE. The spirit of ELIJAH is here, to make every crooked way straight, and He is saying REPENT! You sing a song about Elijah, but you have no clue what he looks like. This spirit will be in anyone that is willing to die for the sake of Christ. Jesus had righteous anger, and He had a zeal for His house, just like Elijah. A man sent by God to show the house to the house!

 God will send servants that actually will hide (protect) God’s prophets in a cave. They will be fed with bread and water. In the system, God has people who are supporting the true prophets of God – the true apostles - of God because Jezebel has her Ahabs, leaders, and pastors. They are the people’s man not God’s man – they have been dancing with Jezebel, shooting down the voice of God, replacing it with the voice of compromise and idolatry, trading prophets of God for prophets of Baal, soothsayers and uncircumcised in their hearts and mind. 

 People today are seeing Elijah. They are just being quiet, and when they say something, they tell the little one “be careful with Elijah.” Actually, they are shaking in their boots. Because wherever Elijah is “trouble” happens. “Why can’t you just chill out, Elijah? Why do you have to expose crooked ways all the time? Why do you need to expose crooked preachers? Why Elijah? Come and eat at Jezebel’s table, and your gift will soar.”

 Elijah is not the one troubling the church. He is destroying all the altars of Baal and repairing the altar of God! Let the rest be, let the crowd be. Let the filthy still be filthy. Let the righteous still be righteous, let the holy still be holy. You be the shaker and the quaker! You be the one God will rest this apostolic and prophetic foundation upon. Holy Spirit is the rain. The hearts of man will turn back to God.

 The church is a holy thing. There should not be any tares among us. If Baal is your god, follow him. If God is your God, follow Him. The same way there was a silence then, there is a silence now. Elijah was waiting on the Lord, sitting by the brook, waiting on the Lord for the next order! Was Elijah a prideful man? No. He was obedient! Thank God that the system rejects you. Thank God for rejection! Or you would be right there with them! Thank God. He has saved many out of the system. Just as one man, Adam, sinned, many became sinners. Just because Jesus died, many became righteous.  Just like Jezebel made many deceived, Elijah will turn many back to the Truth. The Holy Spirit is coming to restore all things and to repair the altar.

 The Holy Spirit is coming to the church to restore all things.

 Elijah repaired the altar. The same thing Elijah did back then, the spirit of Elijah is doing right now. It will expose the false, mock the false, but also will repair the altar that is broken down. Twelve stones! - Twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles, twenty-four elders. Then God gave me a vision, and it turned into one stone, one rock and that rock is Christ – the chief cornerstone – God’s government; God’s ways and Word restoring the church back to its foundation (on the apostle and prophets), Jesus being the chief. The one they rejected will be the head of the church again! Man once again will be in order.

 Elijah brought the water, the Holy Spirit raining on our hearts. The living water does not put out our fire. Actually, it increases it. We become the living sacrifice. You fall upon the rock! You lay yourself on the altar (the rock) and become that sacrifice, living in Christ, dying to things of the flesh through the power of grace. 

 Let it be known this day: The Holy Spirit is in charge. Let it be known this day: There is, and is always going to be, a chief cornerstone. Let it be known this day: God is the only true living God. The hearts will always be turned back again to God when Elijah is present, when the Holy Spirit is leading, not man and not the world.

 God is going to use His prophets to kill what you don’t have the courage to kill! None of the Baal prophets escaped. There was no mercy with Elijah! Even God had to use Samuel and prophets to kill what Saul did not. God will get it done.

 The rain is coming. Keep looking for it until you believe. Keep looking seven times! If He has promised it will happen, God will complete it. Keep looking! Keep looking and eventually you will see it, even if it is a little cloud the size of a hand. It is coming.

 The Word of the Lord in your belly! Say it! The Word in your belly! Get your own Word out of your belly! Speak an oracle of the living God. Tear down altars of Jezebel.

 There are many other gods at the altar: gods of fame, gods of mammon, gods of vanity, gods of self, gods of materialism, gods of sports, gods of animals, gods of entertainment, gods of images, gods of humanism, gods of paganism, gods of the god of your making.

 Behold, He is sending the Spirit of Elijah to prepare the way of the Lord. That day can be the best day for some and the worse day for others. Who will serve Him today? If God be your God, serve Him.

 What does Elijah look like, what is he going to do? Expose false gods and false teachings. He calls fire down. He repairs the altar. He turns the heart of man back to ONE GOD. The real prophets of God are not for profit.  Actually, the only thing they profit are stones.

 The more you are in the world, the more the gods of the world are in you! The biggest miracle is to become sons and daughters of God.

 God is a God that answers by fire! Father, repair the altars in our hearts. Let my heart be the pulpit so you can come and talk to me. I want to hear your voice and the voice of the stranger do not let me hear or follow it! The fruit of our salvation is who will follow. If God be your God, follow, serve Him. One people under one God: Elijah is here!

1 Kings 16:31-33, 1 Kings 17, 1 Kings 18, 1 Kings 19

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