Deep Calls

 Nobody is deeper than God. It is His spirit that calls us deep. His deep calling our deep. So many people are running after people. Then they can miss what He has: He has His glory! His glory will draw them. You filled with His glory will draw all men to Him. His spirit calling ours.

 Let us see what He wants. Ministries without brokenness are ministries without oil because brokenness is what produces oil. He is producing in us the hunger to go deep, to His deep. We need to learn how to seek His deep without music, without cheer leaders, just go into His river. Jump in and never get out. Stay in the river!

We have made a building a swimming pool. Then people come and swim and get out of the water, but the church of Christ has a living river always flowing. Wherever the river goes, it brings life to others.

 What He expects from us is brokenness! Our souls cast down within us because all we want is Him! David found a way to get hold of God, and we need to find our way to get hold of Him, and when we find Him, we won’t lose Him, and fight to keep Him because the enemy will send anything your way to distract you and remove you out of the way of your searching for Him.

 You must feel like a desert. When the enemy shows you a mirage, you go after that, but you are still thirsty and dry. No living water around you. If you live by sight, you may be following a mirage, but by Faith, He is always there! If you feel, or don’t. If you see, or don’t. You keep following the mirage, but everything that you really need is right there, next to you. You know where He is and where He has always been. Right there, but you run after what you think you see, what you think will fulfill you, but you never get it. It is a mirage in the desert.

Remember Him. Meditate on Him day and night. He is pressing you because He wants you broken for Him, because when you are broken for Him, you will be broken for them.

 Without brokenness, you will always be following misled compassion, but with brokenness and a contrite spirit, you only will do what you see the Father doing. Let all in you create in you brokenness. It is a necessity for more!

Preparation and pressure produces oil. Heat and pressure is what will keep your lamp full of oil. The alabaster jar was broken because she was broken. That was the oil that came out of brokenness in the spirit. You see the oil, but you will feel His healing oil.

 David always got his heart right before he offered a sacrifice to God. The condition of the heart is what God wants to see. Now all He wants is us. Be that deer that is running, running, running, until you can find Him. Don’t think God is pleased with you just because you do what you are commanded to do. He is pleased when you seek His deep. Seek like the deer. Seek Him like He is your breath.

 The wise virgins were watching and keeping their oil and fire going. They have their ears open to hear the steps of the bridegroom. As they were waiting, they were seeking, in fellowship with Him. They did not sell their oil. The shouts are still out that: “The bridegroom is coming! The bridegroom is coming!” When that door is shut, no man can open it! He is saying, “He is coming to get oil.” Keep seeking brokenness, a contrite and broken spirit. Be desperate for Him.

He is the river. You are the deer. How thirsty are you? How deep can we go? Ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, or do you want to swim in it? Man can never give you enough. You need to seek Him, after the living God!

 Help us to seek after You. Holy Spirit, press us, shake us, do whatever it takes to produce holiness, brokenness. Give us a broken and contrite spirit so you can pour us out! Jesus, you set yourself to die on the cross and rose again so you could have a body full of oil! Make us that open heaven! That ladder! We want that divine connection with you! We want to be broken! This cannot be fabricated in us, you have to do it! We beg you God! Do not shut that door in our faces!

 Words: Psalms 42, Psalms 63, Psalms 51, Matthews 25, Ezekiel 47

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