Shabbat Shalom

“Do you keep the Sabbath?” somebody asked me. I said: “Yes. I keep Yeshua. He is my Sabbath.” “Do you keep the Feast?” I said: “Yes. I eat Yeshua. He is my feast.”Why was it said so many times in the scriptures that Jesus did this and that ON THE SABBATH? Why is that? Because He was trying to break protocol, mindsets. Was Yeshua breaking the law, the rules? No. He was fulfilling it. What is higher? Love or law? In loving, you will fulfill the law!

Why are people so concerned about keeping what Jesus fulfilled? Because the religious spirit made them legalistic. Jesus is Lord even on the Sabbath! In the New Testament, the Sabbath was mentioned 55 times but never, EVER, was it said to keep it! Legalism will stop the kingdom of God from advancing. Jesus made a conscious effort to follow His Father, even on the Sabbath. Will you follow the Holy Spirit even on Sabbath or will you follow doctrines of man?

Religion makes you the judge! Jesus said: "Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath!" Make every day your Sabbath!That means find Christ in resting. God sent His son for us. Don’t put anybody under the yoke of legalism. Yeshua and His disciples, in the field, ON the SABBATH, picked corn and ate without washing their hands and did many more things like:

He cast an unclean spirit out of a man (Mark 1:21-28); healed Peter’s mother-in-law (Matthew 8:14-15); healed a man with the withered hand (Matthew 12:9-13); healed the man by the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-18); healed a crippled woman (Luke 13:10-17); healed a man with dropsy (Luke 14:1-6); healed the man born blind (John 9:1-7,14). The thing He did the most was explain to the religious hypocrites that He was the Sabbath, the completion of scriptures I had legalistic come sit among us we casting out devils preaching Kingdom they sitting there saying why don't you keep the Sabbath. Now we keep the Word and the Spirit. 

Ordinances of man have its eyes on keeping a day, when the revealing of the Word of God shows us that that day (Sabbath) is actually a person (Jesus)! There are consequences to not keeping Yeshua in our lives, because He is our Sabbath! He said, “Come to Me” all who are heavy laden (yoke of legalism). He said, “I have rest” because He is the rest! He said, “I have peace” because He is shalom! You put a burden on them that you can’t even fulfill! Nobody can! That is why Jesus broke the yoke of the law! Because NOBODY can fulfill it! That is why He gave us the power to become sons of God! 

Unto us a child is born, a son is given and HIS NAME is THE PRINCE OF PEACE! When we lose our peace, we lose our relationship with Him. When we are separated from the vine, there is no peace as a fruit! Our rest is not a day, it is a person: JESUS – the completion of salvation. In this message, line upon line, precept upon precept, is the simple doctrine of Christ, no ordinances of man! Let Yeshua set you free and give you rest.
Many seekers and lovers of the truth are being deceived as they search for Truth. Satan comes with legalism, and they take it in, and because they cannot tolerate false grace or hybrid Christians, they go to the other extreme. In a time when holiness and obedience are being rejected, legalism has found its place among Christians. This demand is getting legs because of that. Because it sounds like a higher level of obedience when, in essence, it is a stumbling block and pride, but the Holy Spirit is putting a nail in that coffin of legalism today, if you humble yourself. 
Enter into HIM. Enter into His rest. We that believe in Him shall enter into His rest. He is the source. If you don’t experience it, repent, and get back into His rest. How about resting all of the days of your life because of what He did? There is A REST, not a day of rest for the people of God. If you rest from your own works, you will enter into His rest! The kingdom of God is not by observation. It is within you! God will use those who see to expose and help those who are blind. Jesus said " I come to give peace not peace that the World gives." 

Do you want to keep the law? LOVE: FIRST, YOUR GOD will all your heart, soul and mind! OBEY THE FIRST COMMANDMENT. LOVE: SECOND, YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! DOING THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS YOU WILL FULFILL ALL THE LAW! Then be led by Yeshua, by the Holy Spirit, as a son – in righteousness and Truth.

How do you love Him? By obeying Him.

The scripture is clear. We need to be led by the Spirit and not the law! When you walk in the Spirit, you do NOT fulfill the lust of this World and flesh. Jesus could not please everybody. He was only doing what His father was doing. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God separate us from the World. We become circumcised in our hearts and minds and Holy. We are changed and come out from among them. We separate ourselves and become one with righteousness. Pick up your cross and follow Him. 

Make sure that no man put a stumbling block in your way. The Kingdom of God is joy, righteousness, and peace in the Holy Spirit, peace not only one day a week, but every day of your life! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, that is where we rest! Legalistic people were telling people, “Don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” Jesus is saying, “Eat me!” They are telling you what to do and when to do it! That is not freedom! You started free – in the Spirit - and you started hearing, “Taste not, touch not, eat not,” when the Holy Spirit said nothing. We need not to allow witchcraft, scripture out of context, manipulation, and pride to take us out of the Spirit. Don't let man's interpretation or their tradition to make you ineffective. 

The law was used to bring you unto Christ because He was the fulfillment of rightiousness! Put on Christ! And make no provision for the flesh and you will have joy! and peace! and rest! If we have Him on, we are living on everything He has. We are transformed into the image of Christ. We become living epistles, and the Word flows like rivers of living water. Yeshua is not the God of the dead but the living. 
Who is hindering you? Don’t let ANYBODY hinder you anymore with even a little leaven. If you are led by the Spirit, you will never be under the law! When you are in HIM, you always will fulfill the law. Walking in the Spirit is walking in Christ, in love, in peace, in obedience, in freedom!
Ordinances against me and you were nailed onto the cross! Let no man judge you about any of that! “Why don’t you keep the feast?” Jesus is my feast! He is the bread of life. He is the lamb of God. Drink His blood. Eat Him. Keep Him every day! 

All the seven feasts pointed to Jesus: Feast of the Passover (Jesus – his blood), Feast of Unleavened Bread (Jesus – living bread without sin), Feast of First fruits (first fruit among many brother), Feast of Pentecost (Holy Spirit outpouring), Feast of Trumpets (Announcing the coming of Jesus – be awake!), Feast of Atonement (by His blood we can enter in), Feast of Tabernacles (He is the tabernacle – the cleft of the rock – hide yourself in Him). Seven – number of completion – Jesus fulfills everything. In Him we move, live, and have our being! In Him we have shelter. 

Keep it simple. Keep Him. Come out from among them who try to entangle you. I feed myself with Him every day! Eat the lamb! Eat all of Him! All I want to know is the power of His resurrection! All I really want to know! The cross to them that are perishing is foolish but to us who believe it is the power of God. Not doctrines of man! If anyone tries to keep me in any doctrine of man, it is a doctrine of the Devil! In Him, we have peace. In Him, you will keep your Sabbath! In Him, Yeshua is scripture fulfilled. When you get the Spirit of revelation, you get Him, not just the letter. We will fulfill our Sabbath everyday of our lives! The kingdom of God is in me and in all of those who are hungry and thirsty!

“Come to Me” and I will give you rest because I am SHALOM! I don’t give you one day! I AM THAT DAY! I AM YOUR PEACE! I AM YOUR REST! I am the kingdom of God. Anyone in Me is a new creation. Abide in the vine and you are abiding in the Sabbath. I am the Seven (completion). Come and know rest!
He said: I AM YOUR REST. I AM YOUR PEACE. Break off legalism and deception! Let the power of God make you sons and daughters 24/7. Make this year the most fruitful year of your life. Let Him receive the reward of His suffering: YOU! He prepared for you many rooms. Enter in Him and find rest and peace! Shabbat shalom, everybody!


Word: Matthew 12:1-16, 2 Corinthians 16: 1 Mark 2:21-28, Acts 13:3, Mark 11, Hebrews 4, Matthew 22, Romans 14, Galatians 3, Galatians 5, Colossians 2

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