God Or Man

God showed me in the context of the book of Malachi, you need to see who Elijah was and what his purpose was. He was sent to provoke and to confront all those who turned away from God to follow Jezebel and Baal. We have that in the church today. We have prophets of Baal and false teachers. His purpose was to tell the people of Israel to turn back to God. Today the Spirit of Elijah is on His end time messengers to turn the people back and the church back to God, to show them their crooked ways just as John the Baptist did. Man and religion are taking the book of Malachi and putting their religious twist on it. It’s all about man. When have a wrong revelation, and when you take the Word of God out context, you get man made religion. Elijah came then to restore Israel back to the fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so in other words, back to covenant of the people. So now we’re in the Spirit and God has been tearing down everything that man is trying to do. So the revelation about the spirit of Elijah is restoring the sons and daughters of God back to the fathers of the faith and the apostles’ and prophets’ foundation which is the Word of God again and the new covenant.

He is making every crooked way straight in our lives. Jesus is the narrow way. The spirit of religion is making everyone fall asleep, but Elijah will awaken the church and prepare the way. Man has been ordaining prophets, but they are not really prophets they just have a gift, and they have been soothsayers and man pleasers and offering hunters. Man can’t ordain a prophet. Man can’t ordain any five-fold ministry gift. It’s not biblical because they are called ascension gifts. That means they come from above and God sets them in the house not man. Take, for example, Apostle Paul, also the other 12. It was Jesus Himself calling and ordaining. This ministry is not a career or a job. It’s a call from heaven, and you do not get a seminary degree. You get God! He is tearing down the system of man and that is what Elijah will do. He restores the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob back to the fathers, restores those who have left first love, have become lukewarm, those that left the table of the Lord and are eating Jezebel’s delicacies. To us, those are the fathers of the faith. Now in the Spirit, we have only one father, and it’s God. Paul talked about few messengers; apostles (fathers) are few and far between. The Word stands today as always. He also said you will have many instructors (teachers). He said Jesus said call no man father, or rabbi. There is only one in Heaven. 
He was coming against that system of religion of his time, the falling away of covenant keeping. He was and is tearing down man’s Kingdom and also this false revelation of “I need a man to…” I need the living God. Pastors are trying to take God’s place. These doctrines have children of God looking to men and women in the flesh with a title. God is wanting hearts to be His so His can be ours. God is all about apostolic order,God is about spiritual authority totally against the independent spirit.He does have fathering hearts that do not want to be mega or large and fill up all the chairs in the house but families that send out sons these connection are divine and few far between.true father's are apostles and they will point straight to Abba father not themselves. He has said enough to the old wine pastoral 5013c Babylonian structure that has been producing after man not the Word of God. Now Elijah is coming against the system of religion in this time, so the bride must have the true revelation of the book of Malachi, and it can only be discerned by the Spirit. Those that have ears to hear will always hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. It’s our hearts to the father that Elijah carries. He carries the real fire of God, not strange fire! Elijah will not put up with Balaam nor will he bought or sold. It will change from the “Give me a word generation” to seeking the Word of the Lord.
Shane Roessiger 

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