Spiritual Gates


          Disturbing dream from God but confirmation on what God has been showing us. In the dream, I was in this church and it had movie theatre seats. I walked in. It was like chaos. This was not freedom, just a bunch of people manifesting demonic activity, shaking, just doing awkward things, but you know in your spirit something isn’t right. In the dream, I was questioning my discernment and thinking, “God, what’s this?” We’ve been all over the world and seen so many manifestations of demonic agitation. This was America in the dream. Then I looked over and a black lady was screaming for help as seen trying to minister to this woman that was freaking out in the spirit. They all thought it was the Holy Spirit, so she was asking for help to hold this woman up. So in the dream, I started looking around and then I saw in front of the church on the right side facing the entrance on the opposite side of the stage were double doors. It was a liquor store in the church with doors wide open. Then in the dream I was thinking that I need to tell them and take authority over the atmosphere and rebuke this, but I hesitated. Then I looked on the ground. It was a snake and I was thinking, a snake in the church? I was questioning what I saw and then I looked really hard, and then the snake didn’t look like a snake any more, just like a rope or coil. 

           This is what God said after I woke up and the proceeding dream (this dream was right after a warning message two days before that night):

           “Yes, what you’re seeing and feeling is Me.” The liquor store represents spirits, and they are in the churches. What you’re seeing is because of the lack of apostolic oversight. The woman represents unclean, out of order churches that have open doors to spirits. People who are not protected and out of order will channel whatever spirits they are familiar with so when false teachers and preachers bring another word or gospel, this is a gate. False teachers and preachers are not speaking the oracles of God. When we put our trust in these vessels that are pouring out, we can receive if we are deceived. Paul speaks about how Satan can transform his ministers into a minister of righteousness when in fact they are not. They subvert whole houses. Why do you think this would not be worse now considering the doctrine we are being fed in this hour?

          “Shane, carry fire.” When fire comes the spirits will manifest. God is purging His house with fire. That was a snake you saw, but you did not want to see that so when you focus on what you don’t want to see, then you will lose confidence in what you are discerning. See, in the dream you did not want to go up front and expose what you were seeing. Because of that Satan will remain in there. God is purging His floor. Apostles are messengers and gate keepers. Yes, there are liquor stores set up in so many churches. These are places of bondage and places of spirits. Hurt people come in and find agreement in the pain. We only want Holy Spirit. Paul warned us about seducing spirits creeping in unawares! No longer hesitate, fear not, run the snakes out of my house. I have not called my house to be a house of free spirits but a house of truth, a house of prayer, a house of hosting my presence. Many are saying they are hosting my presence, but they are actually entertaining spirits, hosting mixture and counterfeit spirits.       I said, “God, we have the Holy Spirit in our meetings, and we see things. We feel your presence.” He said, “That is how you will discern between the counterfeit and the real.” “No longer do I want mixture. I’m moving the world out and all those that love it will be moved out with it,” says the Lord. “It’s a new day!” God said, “Shane, I have not called snake charmers to My house, but those who will tread on serpents!”

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